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  1. I really hope that Eric Cole will bring your team up and you make the playoffs. He is a classy guy along with being one good hockey player. He had more hits than anyone else on the Oilers this year, so he was a good dimensional player. He was a very fast skater also. I really hope he does well for all you guys there, and maybe you can go a good distance in the playoffs. I really hope he does well for your team as he deserves some success. All the best to all you Carolina fans.
  2. Cole wasn't great here because of the coaching here. MacT is a bone head and has siderailed other players also. We liked Cole here, but MacT did everything that went against Cole in how he played. This is why Cole dropped in his output. I was glad to see Cole get traded out of here so he could get on track the way he can play. He was unable to do that here with the coach, and managment here is terrible. MacT has had some very good players come here and he can't coach anyone above a defensive game. He doesn't know how to deal with skilled players, and there has been quite a few go through here. They would let good players sign with other teams that really wanted to stay here and they would just let them go. If they didn't they got treated very unfairly by MacT. Lowe has made some of the worst moves in NHL history since he has been managing this team. We want to trade Lowe and MacT for another coach and manager.lolol I hope the Oilers don't make the playoffs, and if they don't maybe a coaching change will happen along with a manager.
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