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  1. Just thought i'd make a rare appearance to let you all know that i feel for your team, but Washington deserved it with the run they had. I personally can't wait to see what Ovechkin can do in the playoffs. They have a very solid goaltender and young team with no pressure. anyways, must really suck to know that Florida pretty much ended your season.
  2. Yeah, Yeah...we know..."O'byrne stole my sign"...I got another one too: "O'byrne, pass me your lipstick!" pretty hilarious story, though. i bet somewhere in the season, the boys'll have some fun with this one...maybe leave a purse with a $20 bill in his locker. PS: it had nothing to do with stealing a purse...he was just drunk and wanted to use a cell phone...who among us hasn't played with the idea in our moments of inebriated desperation?
  3. Not because of the high stick....in spite of it.
  4. cousin-jeffrey

    Guns 2.0

    I got a love gun. It shoots love. that's the only gun i'll ever hold or need. there's no safety switch. no long assembly. zero recoil. Only drawback is that it reloads about once every 45 minutes or so.
  5. Well, I guess we'll agree to disagree on a fundemental issue. We are not all one as nice as it might be to think so. I think you're getting a little too philisophical for reality. That bee analogy fails to point out one thing. there is only a small circle that feels the effects of an event, and as you get further and further away from the key people, the effect is diminished. Maybe a bomb analogy is in order. The most affected are the ones who are closest...and as you get further away, the impact is diminished until it is completely gone. In this case, the people most affected are the families of the victims, the student body, the local residents, and then maybe the people across the continent who have been following the story through the media (and they are already starting to move on). So we are not ALL affected and none of us are affected in the same way, so we are NOT all one. Note that every point I make from this point is based on my opinion that we are all individuals, not one...so I get the feeling you might not agree with anything here. I didn't mean to imply that these guys were mentally ill from birth and that they were like that their entire life. I've been told from psychiatrists that often (not always), mentall illness is part of someone's genetic makeup but that doesn't necessarily mean that they will suffer from it. Usually, it takes a series of events that will trigger the changes in the person's brain. So, yes, their environment does determine whether mental illness will take over to a certain extent. but it is too much to ask for people to somehow help someone they don't even know who might be dangerous. I like to think i'm a caring individual, but I put my interests and my families interest before any one else's. I can completely understand why someone would rather try to avoid dangerous people than try to help them. Of course you take a gamble hoping that this person doesn't end up following through. And as bad as this tragedy was, let's not forget how rare these occurences are. I think people trained in this matter are doing the best that they can, and I put my trust in these people to do their job...but nothing is 100% perfect. And like I said before, you can only do what the law allows. dylan's writings might have been redflags, but the law doesn't say that stories translates into "direct threats". so the authorities have their hands tied. And that law will never change because it will open a whole new can of worms involving the 1st ammendment. As for violent movies, it comes down to parenting and education. But i agree with you on this: I don't think violence will ever disappear.
  6. to caneshockeyguy, your ideas are very noble, and I appreciate your desire to stop this type of violence, but... your idea of "society" failing the shooter is a little over the top for me. people are so quick to talk about the effects that "society" has on individuals, but nobody can tell me how society makes conscious decisions. It doesn't. society is made up of individuals, and it is waaaay too much to ask individuals to take it upon themselves to help save potentially dangerous strangers unless it happens to be their job (like police, or hospital personnel). also, I think you are underestimating the affect that mental illness has on a person. People like that are in a completely altered state. Merely talking to them doesn't do all that much until you stabilize the chemical imbalances in their body. My mother suffered from depression and psychosis, and believe me, trying to "talk" them out of their illness is futile. I would talk to her, and she'd be gazing blankly across the room. So I'm not sure how much talking would help these kinds of people. people who are that far into mental illness need medication to get their body back to normal. And also, can you imagine if a "disturbing" essay was enough to predict that someone was going to go on a murderous rampage? Half of hollywood would be institutionalized. As easy as it is now to say it was a clue, there is ABSOLUTELY no way to justify reporting someone like that based solely on his version of creative writing. just thinking of the lawsuits makes me cringe. I'm no law expert but i could go out on a limb and say that you cannot force anyone to get help based on something they wrote. that is why it is "impossible" to prevent these things, because your 1st ammendment upholds freedom of speech, and you cannot detain anyone, for writing a disturbing story. you can "talk" to these people all you want though...i just personally don't think "talking" means much to someone who is mentally ill. I don't think it's about shifting blame. If you feel that you are able to distinguish between who's a potential murderer and who isn't, well you should let everyone know your secret. Because i've encountered countless other people who probably said and wrote even worse things than he did.
  7. With all due respect, this is the Off Topic forum. So he can discuss this here if he wants to....had he posted this in any of the other hockey forums, you'd have a point.
  8. i'm happy for lindy. the dude deserves to hoist the cup. at this point, buffalo's the team i wouldn't mind see winning the cup. I just love there style of play. and lindy's hilarious....that a JOKE!! The definition of a JOKE!!! A JOKE!!!
  9. Of course, there's no way to tell what religion is preventing from happening. Who's to say that religion isn't preventing more wars than it's creating? Even if religion was abolished, humanity would find something else to disagree and fight over. And the best new religion belongs to this one, sorry to tell you http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pastafarianism' target="_blank">Church of the Flying Spagetti Monster[/post] I would never ask to abolish religion, that would obviously not be respecting one's autonomy, i mean i don't want to sound like Saddam. It's just my opinion that organized religion is all very childish. That's why I enjoy watching shows like Hour of Power and such. it's fun watching those freaks get all wide eyed and red in the face! PS: it's amazing, the church of the flying spagetti monster and cousin jeffreyism have a lot in common!
  10. It's funny how religion breeds the most war/fights/hate/division, etc. than any other thing in the world. that's why I have the best new religion: cousin jeffreyism
  11. A little under a year ago, a shooter came into Dawson College, my old college, and injured 19 people and killed 1. I knew one person who got shot in the leg and another that got shot in the head and survived. First off, the only reason more people didn't die was because, luckily, some cops were across the street investigating a drug deal when they heard shots. They rushed right in and cornered the guy, which is actually a new tactic. (in 1980, another shooter went to Montreal Polytechnic, and the police strategy was to establish a perimeter and then wait outside before entering). That new strategy of going right in instead of waiting for backup saved a whole lot of lives. The polytechnic shooting resulted in 14 dead compared to 1 dead at Dawson. I don't know which strategy was used in VT, but it may be something that was again unavoidable since entry into the building was locked from the inside and that obviously delayed any possible surge by the police. As for locking down the school, that is an EXTREMELY tough subject, because in hindsight, it's very easy to suggest what should have been done. From a completely objective point of view (this is just me), from what they tell me, two people were shot in a dormatory. When you look at how many murders/double murders occur in the US, I don't think it is unreasonable to look at this as an isolated incident. I would never in a million years think that this was the beginning of the worst school shooting in US history. as for the media coverage, i've already discussed that to great length in another thread. Also, let me point out that if you want to discuss the situation, i'll be glad to discuss it with you. you don't have to leave it alone if you don't want to.
  12. no need to get all dramatic. this was not "society's" fault. this was just a sick person. the bullying card is used way too much anytime something like this happens.
  13. But that's the thing, even if the public is intrigued by the video and even if there is a demand for the product, that doesn't mean it's a necessarily the right thing to do. we don't just give crack addicts all the crack they want... but yes, you do have a good point about copycats, there are more serious issues at work, especially when they actually carry out these massive attacks.
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