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  1. I am not sure we are quite the level of the 74-75 Caps or the 92-93 Sharks, but I do think we can come close to cracking the top 5 on that list - under 35 points feels like a real possibility.
  2. I don't know - the more you read it is pretty clear that most scouts had Lindholm ranked higher than Nichuskin. He is probably just as clear at the top of the second three forwards as McKinnon is the top of the first three. The fact that not only the Canes passed but that he slipped to 10 with Monahan and the Dmen ahead of him might mean there is more that we do not know.
  3. The nice thing is that we currently hold a 3 game edge in ROW over each them if it comes down to a tie breaker.
  4. Season Ticket Holder looking to buy 2 more to the Saturday April 9th game. It is my daughter's (huge Canes fan) 17th birthday and we are letting her invite 3 friends to sit in our seats in 320. We need 2 more for my wife and I to sit in. I am school teacher and cannot really afford stub hub prices. Looking to buy either near our seats in the Upper level or Lower Levels at STH cost. Thanks CG
  5. Do you think the canes have been better or worse than you expected? Canes are about where I expected. I fully expected them to be a playoff team and most likely a division winner with the J. and Semin acquisitions. Who has been your MVP? Co -MVP's for E. and Semin - their success this year has been interdependent. Honorable Mention for Justin Faulk - he is truly the unsung hero on this team, what he does night in and night out to solidify a really weak group of defenseman has been remarkable Who has been your Surprise player to the upside? and why Corvo - outside of the first week, he has not been much of a liability. He wore the "A" in Gleason's absence and has shown some maturity and veteran presence for a young group. I wanted to say Tlusty but I honestly believed all along he was top 6 forward material. Who has been your Dissapointment and why? Jussi - I thought the decision to put him as the 3rd line center was a good one and that he would be able handle that role, obviously not the case Where do you think the Canes will end year? Position and points 1st in SE, 3rd in Conference, 5th overall in points with 64
  6. I agree - but the players must be enjoying this 1 game in 6 days ( a rarity in a season like this) and if Joni and Glee are truly day to day then it could be a hidden blessing, to get them healed with only missing 2 games.
  7. I think a healthy Ruutu ends up centering the third with Jussi on the wing, he would make the difference on that line to score points and give the Canes 3 real scoring threat lines and they seem to play well together with anybody. When it was Finns and Skins, Tuomo played center more than Jussi anyway Yeah it is a lot of salary on the third line, but it would not technically be a "third" line. You can think of the 2 Staal lines as a 1a and 1b, or the E Staal line as 1, and the J Staal and Jussi lines as 2a and 2b. I thought Dalpe played well and got a raw deal but either him or Dwyer can hold down the spot with Skinner and J Staal, well enough to strengthen our third. Just a gut feeling but I do not see Ruutu or Jussi going anywhere and will be on the team next season. Larose, on the other hand is as good as gone.
  8. I hadn't seen much of Chantel as I go to all the home games, and do not pay much attention between periods when watching at home but I did the last couple of games and she really is brutal to listen to. The thing that gets me is she really is not all that much to look at either. I am shocked at all those who talk about her like she is just a pretty face, because in reality she is not even that.
  9. Coastal said Directv charges to get Fox Sports not Dish, Dish does not.
  10. I had Direct from 1998 to about 2 years ago when I switched to Dish. Unless you want the Sunday Ticket for Football - Dish network blows Direct TV out of the water. Much better pricing, I have found better quality and less loss of service during storms and the biggest differece is by far in customer service. Directv customer service just plain sucks.
  11. Stubhub is the most reliable secondary market place to buy tickets and the only one I would use. I have sold many tickets and purchased many on the site. They guarantee your tickets.
  12. We in Carolina are accustomed to the "#1 goalie" idea that translates into that goalie getting 80% of the starts. While it works in some cases (Broduer, Luongo (not this year)) it is not always the case. A goal tending tandem that is closer to a 50/50 split can work - you do not need a so called named #1. I grew up in the late 70's early 80's watching the Islanders win 4 straight cups with Billy Smith and Chico Resch then Rollie Melanson split games close to 50/50 in the regular season. Smith got the hot hand in their first cup run and then was the main goalie in the playoffs during the stretch but it did not really affect the regular season rotation. According to NHL stats - Smith's games played (not all seasons but I stretched out around the cup years and really the whole career is similar) ** playoff series were not all 7 games back then** 77-78 38 games (All Star) 78-79 40 games 79-80 38 games (Stanley Cup winner- 20 games) 80-81 41 games (Stanley Cup winner - 17 games) 81-82 46 games (All Star, Vezina, Stanley Cup winner -18 games) 82-83 41 games (Conn Smythe, Stanley Cup winner - 17 games) 83-84 42 games (Stanley Cup Finals - 21 games) 84-85 37 games Even after carrying the load in the playoffs, winning the Vezina,and winning the Con Smyth it still didn't change in splitting time with the team's other goalie. I don't want Ellis names as the #1. I want both Ellis and Cam to get 2 between 20-28 starts depending on who is rolling better affecting the final number.
  13. Just as you want to discount Cam's GAA because of the shots and scoring chances he faces then you also need to discount the # of wins per season because he starts 10 - 20 more games than most starting goalies - winning % would be a better stat. And let's be honest the only reason Cam was named an All Star is because the game was in Raleigh. In 6 years as a starter how many other All star games has he been selected to. Ellis needs to get some time and I agree with your analysis of how to mix the two and reevaluate in 10 games or so. We cannot blindly follow Cam just because he has always been #1 with no competition. Cam is not "elite" but he is a top goalie in the next tier below elite status. I am a huge supporter of his but he is very overrated by many Canes fans.
  14. Part 1 Copy and paste the following: 1) Who scores the first goal of the season? J Staal 2) Who scores the first assist (primary assist only if there are 2)?Skinner 3) Who takes the first penalty of the season? Harrison 4) What will that penalty be for?Hooking 5) Who scores the first PP goal?Faulk 6) Who has the first fighting major of the season?Harrison Part 2 Copy and paste the following: 1) What will the Canes record be on and including Feb 12th?(after the first 12 games)6-4-2 2) How many games will our back up goalie have played by and including Feb 12th?2
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