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  1. From your web moderators: We make mistakes and we will correct them when they happen. But starting a dozen more threads to complain only makes us ignore you more. It does not make us do what you want. This response was removed from your message board but we copied and pasted it here for you. Do you think this is fan friendly? Will this type of response help more tickets to be sold? Do you stand behind what your moderators are saying? If yes, I'm concerned the Canes are missing out on crucial revenue to support operations and changes need to be made in your website/administrators. Actually, I find the web response shocking.
  2. Please provide support for your claims. Thanks.
  3. It seems a lot of informative topics are being closed down without reason. It seems as though something or someone has restricted posts from occuring. I received a response to one of my posts saying it was covered in another thread when it wasn't. If this board becomes a chronic misrepresentation of what fans think or want, or the truth- it will die. What's going on?changed?
  4. Thanks for the confirmation! Go Roddy!! I'm crushed you did not trust my post. I'll get over it in time.
  5. Well deserved IMHO. Better regular season production this year compared to last year's regular season. Of course his playoff achievements last year were remarkable. Congratulations Rod.
  6. Third Line Center thoughts. 1. Trade ~ $500K salary for Matt Cullen- brings him down to just over $2MM. 2. Sign UFA Center Radek Bonk. 3. Sign Jeff O'Neill- he made $1.5 MM last year. 4. Sell the farm and sign Scott Gomez. Defense 1. Trade ~$500K worth of salary for Aaron Ward. May have to add a mid level draft pick in Cullen and Ward deals- but, may not. Winger, assumming Scott Walker does not return- 1. Sign Bates. Signing Jeff and/or Bates would have to be contingent upon being convinced they are committed to doing what it takes to win a Stanley Cup.
  7. Yes, last year they reduced the benefits of Premeir parking (PP). From 1999 until last season, PP was limited, per documents they sent out. Last year they sold as many PP permits as requested, per parking management. Entering is just as fast if you are in a General lot. Exiting is faster from a General lot- there is no preferential treatment shown to PP exiting. Bottom line is why pay more for inferior service?
  8. XM has replayed a post season interview with JR quite a bit recently. He said the center position had to be strengthened. I'm paraphrasing, but he pretty much said centers whose names were not Brind' Amour or Staal did not get the job done. My sense is he will target one 3rd line center. Our other centers will not be resigned or will be expendable. Defence- now only my opinion. Waiting on a Hedican decision. If Wesley wants to come back he will and will be a top four. Tanabe will be resigned- he's understanding more and more what it takes to be an NHL defenseman. I think guys with expiring contracts who they don't want to re-sign and trading a couple of less than $1MM contract guys, will provide enough room to sign a top defenceman and a third line center. Please check my math.
  9. Yes, our work here (in this thread) is done.
  10. OK, the last two posters have brought this thread to where it was intended to go. My sense is there is a lack of marketing savvy which results in ticket price increases. Another data point: The jersey store in the north end had empty racks during December. December is the month Christmas occurs in at the end of the month. Perhaps jerseys could not have been obtained, I don't know and don't care. The point is you don't let the racks be empty. Go order sweatshirts and hang them on the racks. This is North Carolina, textile and apparell capital of the US. A lot of people have ticket reps from what I understand. I've had full season tickets since the team started in Raleigh and I still don't have a ticket rep that helps me out. When does the Marketing Executive start work?
  11. JR has said they were disappointed in the relatively low corporate sales. I don't see how you improve that situation by adjusting prices upwards. On a similar note, the 'Canes hired a new marketing person recently. Does anyone know when he starts work?
  12. Great thoughts! I looked at the sites of a few other teams and saw many of them were taking deposits or already offering for sale season tickets for next season. I didn't realize it might be too early for the Hurricanes to do the same for whatever reason. Thanks for the info.
  13. Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, you provided a link to purchase last season's tickets. They are "not hot." Do you have a link for purchasing next season's tickets? Thanks again.
  14. I think Ray and Scott both bring a lot to the team. Ray had great numbers this year playing with line he did- So did Scott. Scott should probably wear an A. But the $2.5 to $3.5 million numbers seem a little too high. As much as I like(d) Matt Cullen for our team, $3+ million was not realistic- and JR made a good decision. A-Ward may have been worth the $2.75. Perhaps we should pursue returning him to the red, black, silver, and white. I hope we can keep both Ray and Scott.
  15. uh, Glen leads the team in +/- at +12. Slow guys (physical or mental) don't have that stat. I've learned you want these guys in spite of what we perceive their baggage to be. Cases in point, Marek Malik and Sean Hill. Just an observation.
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