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  1. We are going. We saw Dane Cook back in March in Vegas and couldn't resist seeing him again. This tour material isn't his best work but still pretty entertaining.
  2. My Canes tat is on the top of my left foot. I have a bunch and it was by far the most painful.
  3. I don't know the name of the song, but it sounds like band The Darkness to me. I could be totally wrong.
  4. My husband and I got to ride them in one of the pre-season games. Two guys from the promotions department approached us before the game. I figured it was just a pre-season opportunity so we jumped at the chance.
  5. I just took a look at the new flag vs. the original and the only difference I can see if the name of the radio station on them. They feel the same and they seem to be mechanically put together the same. I won't bother putting these on the car.
  6. That high stick was a follow through and was hardly the reason they got the win.
  7. bought an authentic 3rd jersey last night. Has real patches on the shoulders which was enough of a difference for me to pay the extra money. Also, no tag on the outside of the bottom of the jersey, that really irritates me on the new replica jerseys. was painful paying that much, but had planned on it, so it was not a spur of the moment decision.
  8. I think Mr. Berger is on crack. White stars and a white triangle? I seriously doubt that and if it happens to end up true, then whoever designed and approved the jersey deserves to be shot.
  9. No FSBO-ing. The house finally appeared on MLS a few days ago.
  10. I noticed John Grahame listed his house right after his recall from Albany. In the MLS pictures there are a couple that are riddled with liquor bottles. Justin William's old house is also listed since he and his wife had another house built.
  11. The whole gas price thing is very depressing to me. I commute from Clayton to Goldsboro for work everyday. When I first got that job the price of gas was about $1.60. For me the monthly cost of just going to work has steadily risen. To combat that I bought a Prius. I know that car can create a whole other topic, but for me it had to be done. There will be no vacation this year. I am fearful to even book a flight because of the possibility of a cancellation by one of the airlines. I am also trying to find a job closer to home, even if it is Raleigh it will be almost half of the commute I am currently making every day. Since the cost of gas has forced grocery prices to increase I have had to watch every dime I spend and everything I buy. I have switched to generic on every day items and use coupons whenever possible. What baffles me is how people continue to speed and still complain about gas prices.
  12. Oh T, How will 'Canes games ever be the same without you? You brought such life to our row. Ry and I miss you already.
  13. I have seen a plate around that says 47INGOAL.
  14. I read this about 10 times before I finally got it...NICE. I have probably mentioned it on a plate thread before, but my husband and I have SC06 and 06SC. When we retire them I am going to send them in to Little Earth and have them recreated into a purse.
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