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  1. Finally someone understands the real issue- we won a Cup. The dissapointment of failure from this year will fade in a short period of time thereafter but the Cup win will be ours forever- why not roll around in it for a while instead of whining about how this team hasn't been able to overachieve like last year's squad did. I'm off my soapbox...
  2. Curse? Uh, no... it's called free agency. To prove my point, I'd be willing to bet that if you took a cross-section of all major North American sports over the last ten to fifteen years (Football, Baseball, Basketball) your findings would be similar if not identical to what you've unearthed on the NHL. It sucks, but it's simple economics and we need to get used to the concept of "King for a Day" in pro sports because it's not going away. I suggest that instead of positing nutty theories or drawing conclusions from nonsensical superstitions, we just enjoy the fact that we're Cup champs for now and will be of 2006 for ever. I'm off my soapbox...
  3. Whoever started this thread must have slept through last season. Let me help to wake you up: WE WON THE STANLEY CUP! That means everything clicked perfectly and guess who was pulling the strings? You got it, JR. Also, bear this list in mind when you get upset with a few questionable moves that might have been made this season: St.Louis, Toronto, Chicago, Philly, Phoenix. You know what that is? It's a list of teams who've been in the NHL for 25+yrs (Wpg to Pho) and have not during that span of time won a Cup and the list might be longer- I'm just going off memory. What does this mean to us? Quite simply to be thankful for last year. Coming from someone who suffered through 20yrs of heartbreak and anguish from following the Whalers and Canes, last year's Cup win would get me through a solid 5 to 10 straight playoff-less seasons. I frankly wouldnt care if JR trotted out a VW bug full of circus clowns for the rest of the playoff stretch because frankly, without the work he's done for this franchise to date, Carolina wouldn't even have an NHL franchise, let alone a Cup ring. I'm off my soapbox...
  4. I can't speak for his level of intelligence, but one thing's lucid clear- the guy can't play a lick of hockey. Let's see how in love you are with him and his goonery when he's wearing someone else's sweater, which will happen by next season or the one after that, at latest before he's gone from the NHL for good.
  5. Every time? You sure about that? I think you forgot about Brendl, St.Jacque and likely a host of others I'm not able to recall right now... The Flyers have slop and I'll be thrilled if they don't send any of it here.
  6. If Nagy can get a 1st round pick and a prospect what do you think a guy like Forsberg is going to fetch? On every sane GM's radar across the board, Nagy's worth more than Forsberg for 4 reasons (and likely others that I'm missing): 1. Less costly 2. His best days are ahead, not a half decade in the rear-view mirror 3. He's less likely to be a rental signing 4. He can string together more than 10 consecutive healthy games at a time. In short, Dallas overpaid SLIGHTLY for Nagy (depending on who the draft pick winds up being) but paying a commensurate cost for Forsberg, given the current state of affairs, would be ludicrous.
  7. What exactly are you guys hearing in PA? I'm starting to get headaches from all the rumors. Not going to happen- Flyers are asking multi-high picks and a talented youngster. Forsberg stays put.
  8. No thanks- not worth the price tag and as much as I like Erik Cole's game, we don't need two of him.
  9. No excuse for this trade- it's garbage. I would have at least asked for a bag of pucks and few rolls of tape because they'd wind up seeing more ice time than Slow Joe.
  10. Here's the bottom line for why the WHA didnt work in the '70s and won't work now: hockey in the US is nearly unmarketable because it's not a home-grown US sport. Case in point- the NHL itself, the freaking Grand Daddy of all the world's pro hockey leagues is hardly a minnow in the North American ocean of sports. Granted part of that is due to marketing ineptitude but a far greater piece of the puzzle is, again, the fact that hockey will always be treated as the red-headed-stepchild of sports in the lower 48 because it wasn't born and raised here. Give up the dream- the WHA is dead and burried for 100's of reasons and will remain so.
  11. Hey, now! I'm no casual fan, but I really liked Vasicek. Then again, I could see why people didn't like him. I wouldn't want him back unless he improved greatly and we had a need for him, which we don't. Besides, a player doesn't have to be good for people to like him. I mean we saw that with the Rory/All-Star Game debaucle. Casual was poor word choice on my part- does misguided sound more accurate? :-D
  12. This entire thread gets a well-deserved "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!", IMHO. Vasicek never proved a single thing on the ice at any point in his career (with us or since in Nashville) and save for some strange, far-flung sentimental value placed on him on behalf of a handful of casual fans, I'd say bringing him back would easily make the list of top 10 worst things the franchise could possibly do. Go Canes
  13. This won't be our 3rd jersey anyway, but with that said, I don't like the Buffalo-esque player number on the chest/front deltoid area- it looks very hokey, dare I say soccer-like.
  14. This team is too young to have formed a REAL rivalry with any others yet. Back in Hartford, our biggest rivals were Montreal and Boston, with the latter getting the nod from most people due to Boston's relative close geographic proximity with Hartford (only about 2.5hrs drive from the Mall to the Garden, tops). However, we were always so bad a team that the opposition never really percieved us as a rival so that was a really subjective issue. In my mind, the Evil Empire was and will always be Montreal, so regardless of how our team was perceived by others, I always viewed Montreal as our prime rival. In regard to the NHL's greatest all-time rivalry: hands down, Mtl and Tor. There's just nowhere else in the hockey world where the dynamic that pits these teams against each other could possibly exist because their rivalry transcends geography, social demographics and every other possible logical factor in the stew of what makes a rivalry. As a matter of fact, most Canadiens will tell you that almost anywhere in Canada (with the possible exception of Quebec) in the average 6-person household, 3 of them might be Leafs fans while the other 3 pull for Montreal. I don't personally ever see this dynamic being cloned in any two other cities in the hockey world, American or Canadien. That's my 2 cents... Go Canes
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