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  1. Based on his numbers he has a long way to go. I hope he makes it to the NHL level someday but chances are he doesn't. Still a good move. Plenty of upside. Maybe he can train with Eric during the offseason and he'll learn what it takes to make it to the NHL. He can always change his game and focus on defense. He has the potential to be a good third or fourth liner IMO.
  2. Wow. Just wow. Look at our lineup! It's fantastic! I can't wait til the season starts!!!
  3. I know it's the a team job to control guys like Malkin but Seids had a much harder time keeping up and limiting his chances than any of our other D-man. You said he has a very good shot that is accurate and used the .2 seconds left goal as an example. But that goal was tipped in by Jokinen in front. I don't know how you can call a shot accurate that was tipped in so I don't get the logic there. As far as positioning Seids is strong when guys are entering the zone. He's usually able to keep them to the outside. However, when it comes to handling a strong forecheck Dennis just gets caught behind the net too often and doesn't always position himself in order to prevent passes especially those from behind the net to the crease. About Alberts, we've only seen him play for other teams. He may fit in well with our system and he may not. I don't know whether he'll be a top four guy but I do know that Seids definitely shouldn't be put into that role.
  4. Little more money than I was expecting but he'll be worth is if he can stay healthy and maintain or improve his production from last season.
  5. I for one hope that JR doesn't sign Seidenberg if he's asking for more than what he made last season. He is good at blocking shots but he is below average in everything else. His defensive awareness at times is terrible. Look at the Pitt series. He got exploited by better faster players so many times and his -5 rating for that series shows that he can't skate with skilled players. And don't just say that the entire team was overwhelmed because that simply wasn't the case. Malkin made Dberg look stupid over and over again and he stuck out like a sore thumb out there. Regular season he was off and on, but more off than on as evidenced by his -9. His shot is not particularly hard or accurate, he's strong on the puck and passes well but doesn't hit hard, he's not a great skater, and his defensive awareness is atrocious at times. Sometimes I wonder where his head is at some games. No other teams are signing him for what he's asking because on most other teams he'd be a depth defenseman with his skill level. I hope JR goes in a new direction and signs another dman or promotes one from the AHL because Seidenberg is not a good fit for any more money than he made last season.
  6. I can't find any video on this guy. Anyone seen him in action?
  7. We really need to prioritize Larose IMO. Maybe not ahead of Babs but at least ahead of Jokinen or the other 3rd-4th line players. The reasoning behind this has nothing to do with point totals but its the intangibles that he brings. As Tripp pointed out in the NJ game, Larose won't receive credit but he is an unsung hero in a lot of games. He got a stick on two big Devils scoring chances and probably saved us the game just in the first period. He broke up quite a few plays with his defensive awareness and tenacity. He's like mighty mouse on red bull out there. He forechecks very well and wears guys out. I'd offer him a 2-3 year contract in the 1-1.5 million per year range. You won't get a better player than Larose on the market for that kind of money and he'd probably take it.
  8. I'd say it's going to take at least 3 mil per season. But I'd sign him for that if I was JR. He's playing like an all-star quality defenseman.
  9. He's played a lot better out there. I hope he continues improving because he was really stinking it up before...
  10. lol. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that...
  11. He should have been in the AHL for development all year IMO. He's good for a 20 year old but he would have benefited more from playing big minutes in the minors than playing 5 minutes a night in the NHL.
  12. ncz82


    I'm in Raleigh not too far from the RBC Center and I measured 6 and a half inches.
  13. And who knew that Ryan Whitney played for the Canes.... http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=263873&amp...os=secStory_nhl
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