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  1. We've made the playoffs once since we won the cup. We've givien multiple coaches (Laviolette, Maurice, and Muller) a chance and the same non-playoff result occurs. At this point, I think it comes down to the players. Ronnie said yesterday "I like players who absolutely love to compete." I don't believe our captain consistenlty "competes" to take this team back to the top. I would start with unloading Ward and trying to replace Eric with players who are willing to compete every night. We may have won with our core players in the past, but we have lost lots more with them than we have won.................And I agree with the last poster. Give Muller until at least December of 2014 with or without Staal and Ward.
  2. I would give it to Gleason and Cole. I think we need Cole to have a good year in order for us to be in the playoff picture and giving him the "A" might motivate him to pick us his game!
  3. http://www.hersheyjrbears.org/inhsesquirt.shtml
  4. Hey remkin, As the originator of this thread way back in January, I want to apologize to you for creating the "Average at Best" line that seems to irk you to no end. So sorry! Who knows, maybe it was this thread that caused Cam to get extra motivated and play like an elite goaltender down the stretch last year. It was a fun ride! This year, our whole team has been lousy. Would it make you feel better if I started a new thread "A. Ward is average at best"?
  5. It certainly seems that this would be one part of a trade that is in the works. Getting rid of one of your penalty kill players when you stink at the penalty kill makes me believe that we have to be getting someone that can help us there.
  6. If Stillman is only out one week, then that will be a great Christmas present. I thought he might be done for the year!
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