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  1. Looking at some numbers...Ruslan Fedotenko and Maxim Afinogenov are going to be free agents this offseason...just saying. We might be able to bring them both in for about 7 mil total. And I misspoke about Cole being trade bait, as he's a UFA now. His contract with Edmonton was 4 mil a year, so we should just let him go unless he's not getting high offers from other teams, we could use that money to go after one of the aforementioned wingers.
  2. Ruutu, LaRose, Jokinen, and Seidenberg are the four guys I would re-sign no question. Jokinen maybe to a shorter-term deal, the rest of the guys multi-year. It's time for Brind'Amour to retire, I think. He's set to make 6 million over the next two years...I want to see him retire as a 'Cane. I wouldn't be unhappy with us restructuring his contract. But paying him the same amount is not really sustainable. I think we should also bring back Babchuk for a year or two...he finally started playing up to his potential this year. Pitkanen and Cole both have trade bait written ALL over them. Cole was a total non-factor during the playoffs. I don't want to say Pitkanen was a total bust, but he's not far from it. Yes, we all like the assist on Jokinen's goal in Game 7 of the NJ series, but looking at the body of work, he's not worth nearly the amount we're paying for him and made a constant habit of doing stupid things with the puck in all three zones. Still, we could easily get something good for BOTH of those guys, and I want to see at least Pitkanen gone by the start of next season. Cole is extremely fast and MAYBE could get one more year here, but he seriously needs to start producing like he once did - I think trading him for Pitkanen in the first place was a poor move, but hindsight is 20/20, right? If you look at his numbers before he was traded, he was a very productive player, but something seems different now. Kaberle is over the hill as well...he has one more year left on his contract at 2.2 million. He hasn't been awful, but hasn't really impressed me, either. I don't really care if he stays or goes as long as he doesn't take away from us signing someone else who could be a boon for us. As we always seem to be saying at the end of the season, DEFENSE needs to be our top priority this offseason. We have WAY too many offensive-minded defensemen on the team and we need to bring in some guys who can clog up the middle of the ice and just play good positional hockey. We only have two guys who fit this description - Wallin and Gleason. I think Seids has done a great job as well but I see him as more of a two-way defenseman. Let's see if JR does anything about it, though. Maybe with Maurice as head coach, we'll put more emphasis on it. We need a little more punch at wing, as well. Guys like Walker, Eaves, and Bayda are all good players, but a little more offensive firepower could put us over the top come next year. We probably need to go after two solid wingers and two physical defensemen to become a real Cup contender next season. Everyone else (minor leaguers aside) has, I think, earned their spots on this team. I could pick on Eaves but he's still developing, so I won't. Goaltending is fine. Ward is consistent and often spectacular, and Leighton has shown himself to be a solid, serviceable backup. I think most of the pieces are there for this team to get back to the Finals. We're just missing a few cogs. If our defense can get just incrementally better and we get one, maybe two more guys with a scoring touch, I think we're on our way. We have to get bigger and more strategically sound on defense, though, that's priority one.
  3. OMG I saw one of those at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. One of the most useless inventions I've ever come across.
  4. What a *edit*. Typical Steeler. I never liked Harrison, anyway. Hey, Harrison - Obama's not even a Steelers fan. He likes the Bears. On a side note, if I were President, I wouldn't invite the Steelers - I'd invite some Cardinals fans who were at the Super Bowl and honor them for putting up with the yellow-hankie waving mob.
  5. I agree with this, I remember when we did this against the Devils back in 2001 after losing Game 6 and the series. If we do it tomorrow and we're not about to lose, it's as if we're already conceding defeat. Remember, a win tomorrow changes the series COMPLETELY. It won't be, "Oh, we won one but we'll still lose." It's going to be, "Hey, we really have a shot at this thing." Remember the Caps came back from being down 3-1 to beat the Rangers, and the Caps looked about as listless in that series as we do now. Or that we were up 3-1 and in total control of that Boston series, and they were a bounce away from coming back to beat us. As Rambo said, "NOTHING IS OVER!"
  6. Hey, we agree on something! BTW - the Pirates would be the EXACT same way, except they perpetually suck, but of course we all knew that.
  7. In all seriousness, what's really revolting is how much they show the woman. I was just teasing about her looks but the fact they keep cutting to her is annoying as hell. As soon as Malkin picks up a point, it's OMFG WE HAVE TO SHOW HIS MOM. I turned on the TV to watch the game, period.
  8. Exactly why I can't stand those people, they have this HUGE superiority complex because they're Pittsburgh fans...
  9. A New Yorker moving to Florida?! Has that EVER happened in history?! Maybe he vented his frustration with the taxes by chucking beer glasses at people as he drove through North Carolina.
  10. This team has already played past its potential. I said at the beginning of the playoffs, if we win one round, we'll have reached where we should be for this season, and everything after is a bonus. Here we are in the last week of May, and we're still playing. All we can do now is take it a game at a time and hope for the best. If any team could pull off a comeback from an 0-3 hole, it would be this year's 'Canes. What I'm afraid of more than anything is, if we win Game 4 and it goes back to Pittsburgh, how many times they'll show Malkin's mom. That woman's revolting.
  11. Why is this even an issue? Guys, it's PITTSBURGH. PITTSBURGH. Have any of you ever watched an NFL game featuring the Steelers at another team's stadium? I don't care where in the league you go, you'll always see plenty of those chuckleheads swinging around those stupid yellow hankies. The steel mills shut down, and those people scattered around the country. Even though the city is on the rebound, the ex-Pittsburghers are raising their spawn to be Pittsburgh fans (both Steelers and Pens) and there are also plenty of idiots who are stupidly enamored with the B.S. legend of Pittsburgh as a "blue collar" city. I wish they would all move back to Pennsylvania instead of coming here, stealing our air, and yammering on about how wonderful Pittsburgh is. They do this to everyone, not just the 'Canes. Until we get to the point where we have a Buffalo-esque situation (with Maple Leaf fans at HSBC Arena), it's not an issue. I hate seeing those yellow-and-black pukes more than anyone in our stands, but this is not an indicator as to how good our fanbase is. Finally, Ben Brainlessberger is a Flyers fan. Ha. And Malkin's mom looks like a beached whale. I had to buy another TV after mine cracked during Game 2 because they showed her ugly mug so often.
  12. Nearly all the media I've seen is picking the Pens, which is beyond belief...I'm not trying to be a homer but it's a little ridiculous when it seems EVERYONE is picking the Pens (minus your SI guy above), even though the two teams aren't too far off from each other talent-wise.
  13. Well, as the 'Canes don't have a cut-and-dry rival, I can break it into several categories: 1. Obnoxious fan category: Buffalo 2. We play them so much in crucial situations category: New Jersey 3. Annoying divisional rival category: Pretty much everyone in the division except Tampa, especially Florida, with their, as iceboy said, incessant diving accusations
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