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  1. No player will wear #3 during a regular season or playoff game for the Carolina Hurricanes.
  2. In this profession, taking a year off is typically disastrous. But if they want to give him a tryout, I have no problem with that. Jeff O'Neill was once my favorite player... still makes me sad. Agreed. Seems like a very solid hiring. Reports are focusing on his work with Kiprusoff in Calgary. I think Francis has been very meticulous in putting the coaching staff together. I'm excited to see some hockey soon. On the dim side of things, it's becoming more and more apparent that the Free Agent signings are done for Carolina. Little hard to swallow knowing he didn't fill at least ONE more need on offense. But I expected this.. I think PK is pulling purse strings here. Also, I think some of the cheap one-year signings are a matter of circumstance. The team in Nashville is obviously being built to make a run. I think veteran players will take less money if they know they're going to contender. There are too many question marks around this team, and the management of this team to get veteran players to take a discount to come here.
  3. Agreed. There are a lot of players who never make it out of the AHL for more than a couple game call up. Holmstrom is basically a replacement for Sutter.
  4. From Gleason: "I know some people probably will look at me and say I'm over the hill or almost there, but I'm just 31. I want to prove to everybody that I can still do it and do it for a long time. I know I’ve got it in me." Weird... it feels like he's talking to me.... Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/2014/07/03/3982440/carolina-hurricanes-bring-back.html?sp=/99/103/400/120/#storylink=cpy
  5. I think Murphy will be a good NHL player, but I don't think they should just throw him into the fire. Gleason better than Harrison? Last year I would have said "not for the money they're paying Gleason." But the contract isn't bloated anymore. It's hard for me to criticize Francis for this move. I'm on record as saying Gleason is old now, but for one more year at this low salary, I'm willing to see if he has anything left in the tank. I also think this is a statement that Gleason wants to retire a Cane and retire in Raleigh. I believe in Francis' mind, he believes he just got a second pairing defenseman for depth defenseman money.
  6. I agree with this. I admit that when I heard Francis was talking to Gleason, I wasn't excited about it. However, at 1.2 million dollars, it's hard to say he went wrong.
  7. I read some posts about McClement leaving Toronto and signing with Carolina. Granted... these are Leafs fans, but the overwhelming majority felt like this: "This is an inexcusable mistake unless a serious replacement is brought in this offseason. I am sitting here in complete confusion as to how $1 million a year for the top faceoff man and goto penalty killer on a team struggling with defense and filling the Center spot would be ignored. To top that off this is one of their team leaders. I would be on the brink of being sick right now if I wasn't so used to this kind of shoddy General management under the Nonis regime." Sounds like Ronnie could have also signed a guy for more than what he can do on the ice.
  8. Francis is putting together his team. Some people are bound not to like it. I believe he's signing free agents, with a very low budget (apparently) methodically. In my opinion, this is where a GM really makes his mark. I love big fish free agent signings as much as anyone, but it seems pretty upfront and easy to do if you throw out the cash. Did Francis sign the two best players available? No. But he may have picked up the best players available at the price he was willing to pay and whom he felt would fit best. Francis IS addressing needs, but maybe not the most glaring ones. He's added some size to the 4th line, and picked up a great faceoff guy with basically the same point production as Manny had. OBXer: I'm assuming your calculations are correct because I'm too lazy to check myself, it looks like around 3 more $1mil or less signing ahead, unless we start counting prospects as on the team already. I think Francis will try to stay a couple of million dollars under the cap. I hope the rumor about The Canes talking with Tim Gleason aren't true. At his age, we're not going to see THE old Tim Gleason. We'll just see an old Tim Gleason.
  9. Agreed. Especially Orpik.. 33 and gets 5 years at 5.5 per? Desperate much, Washington?
  10. I totally agree with that feeling. I think Francis did fill a small hole at 4th line center by adding Malone. Far from a "quality" signing, but it does add some size down the middle. I do believe Francis will add a depth defenseman AND forward, but looking at the size of these contracts, it seems unlikely that Francis could add even a top 9 forward for less than $3 mill a season, and we still don't know how much money he has to work with. So, Francis will probably let teams overpay until the FA pool is filled with underachievers and/or players that are still Free Agents because teams have spent to the cap. Because of this, I happen to think that Francis' best chance to add a quality player is to pull a trade with a cap strapped team.
  11. Penner won't be cheap. Francis just spent nearly $3mil on a player that has only scored 20 goals ONCE in his career, and his best season was a whopping 38 points. Penner will probably get the same money as Tlusty, and while Penner hasn't been great in recent seasons, his career numbers are better than Tlusty's. I guess maybe the fact that so many teams are overpaying for their Free Agents, the Tlusty signing isn't THAT bad. As to our "Grossly" overpaid players: Eric got a massive contract after putting up 100 points in a season. Ward got his massive contract after putting up great numbers and winning The Conn Smythe. At the time I thought the contract J. Staal got was reasonable. My point is, most of the Canes' huge contracts were based on performances that could warrant the kind of money they're making. Unfortunately almost none of them are earning them NOW. But was Tlusty's contract based on past performance, or the possibility of losing him for nothing?
  12. Listened to the interview with Ronnie on The FAN. Nothing to be excited about regarding trades or Free Agent signings. He tested the market for Ward. Said he didn't receive an offer that would make the team better, that right now, the team is better with Ward than without him. Wants to add depth, therefore no major signings. The reality is: PK is not likely to spend to the cap this year. So I would guess that any signings that Francis makes will be $1mil or less. And Francis isn't actively looking to trade anyone, but said that if another team made an offer that makes the team better he would take it. He basically said that Boychuk and Terry would be on the squad. So, fill two holes in your wish list with them, like it or not. I know a lot of us aren't happy about it, but this is the way it is. The Canes will be a "budget" team until they SUSTAIN a certain level of success. One Cup and a Conference Finals run followed by 5 years of no playoffs isn't sustained success. Francis believes he can make this work with the core we have. I certainly believe the core of this team is good enough to be a playoff caliber team. Only time will tell.
  13. If they BOTH have a really good season, The Canes are in the Playoffs and neither is traded...
  14. Unlike most of you... I wouldn't slot Tlusty in the top 6... the only reason I'd ever consider him a top 6 player, is if the Canes' top six is thin... like...now. In my opinion, the best 6 forwards on the team (not in order) are the Staals, Semin, Skinner, Tlusty, Gerbe. That's pretty thin. I like both of these players, but I think having to slot both of them in the top 6 is a statement to how thin the Canes are up front. I understand the need for a center if Eric plays wing.. but I'm of the opinion the Canes need to sign a right winger.
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