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  1. Okay, we will ask them to reschedule the start time for 2AM Finnish time so that it can be cool.
  2. [quote name='GhoulieGirl wrote: TSA'] Good write up in the N & O with some nice quotes from Whtney, Staal, Brind'Amour, Maurice and JR: Canes change captains RALEIGH On the day Eric Staal was made captain of the Carolina Hurricanes, it also seemed fitting that he reclaimed his position as the team's top-line center. Full article Wasn't he pulled from the center position due to his frustration of not being able to win a face-off? Why do this? As much as I don't agree with him being named the next captain due to his lack of consistent effort on the ice, putting him back into a position that caused him much frustration makes absolutely no sense to me at all. Look at the face-off percentages with him back at center, and they will drop. I noticed the first game he was pulled and our face-off wins went way up. I remember Maurice (or was it Francis?) saying in an interview that the faceoffs were aggravating his injury after his return. Perhaps it has healed sufficiently to allow him to take faceoffs again and return to his natural position.
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