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  1. Wow. I have to admit watching and wishing that Stillman was still with us each time he scored on us...but this is incredible. Does anyone else feel like the Hurricanes are on the same island as all the passengers on LOST? It's certainly starting to get interesting... ...just hope we don't see Anson Carter anytime soon.
  2. got a text from a friend last night and hauled butt to the Jackpot Bar on hillsborough street in raleigh. walked in, got a beer and saw josef melichar and frank kaberle playing pool in the other room. still can't figure out why they would be in the dirtiest bar in this part of north carolina, but i'm assuming they thought they'd not be recognized and could just hang out and drink and have a good time. problem is, the DJ that night is a goalie, both bartenders follow hockey and i am completely immersed in the world of hockey. none of us said anything, but there were some knowing glances.
  3. i worked for the CDC years ago when the initial flu-shot shortage was going on, and let me tell you...hell hath no fury like an 87-year-old from sacramento who cannot get a shot. i vowed then to never get a flu shot again. let the ones at risk of their lives get it. now that i'm getting over the flu, i say to those same people "tough! maybe it's your time!" holy cow. if the canes are going through anything like i just did...it's COMPLETELY dibilitating and horrendous. i'm a bartender, so you KNOW i'm in the best of physical shape (heh heh) and for me to be down with a fever of 104 for a week is a work of some higher power. maybe the canes should start trolling the clinic parking lots for a few extra shots? i dunno...but i will never smirk when i hear of one of our boys down with this bug. it really really sucks.
  4. it's true. he is a juggernaut AND a great ape (not grape ape) all at the same time. plus, after seeing him at the allstar weekend, he really impressed me with his sense of humor and ability to goof off. so if bombs and pucks to the mouth don't work...how about we sing him xmas carols a bit late? i think maybe baking him a nice carrot cake would unnerve him to the point of stumbling a wee bit. who knows? i'm just glad i get to watch this game. never been happier to have the flu and be stuck at home with cough syrup!
  5. anyone else see la rose skate up to vokoun in the 3rd period? there was a break for line change and a face off in the left circle...and rosey just lollygagged back by the goal chatting with the goalie. in my mind, he was saying nice things...but who knows? vokoun was pretty darned solid tonight, despite the defensive breakdown of the late-2nd and 3rd periods on the part of the panthers. gotta give the guy some credit for keeping those post shots out of the net. i love that sound...
  6. the beauty of rod's hat-trick for me: seeing the captain during his usual stoic performances; eyes like a hungry dog in the face-offs. he shows a visage of pure desire and tenacity. he epitomizes the ruler and the leader, but he can also follow when needed. tonight, though...in the highlights, i see him cracking a childish grin as if he can hardly believe what he's done. and that makes me happy. it makes me proud to have such an athlete in the ranks of one of the most well-balanced and powerful hockey teams in the world. watching that "LaRose" grin on brindy's face has made my entire evening.
  7. no insight into the actual game from me. i think that's been covered sufficiently and i tend to think that both teams played pretty darn well...we just didn't stack up last night. but i did notice that during the RDS feed, they did point to the N&O article titled "parlez-vous francais?" and i can't help but feel that it was a jab at us down here. anyone understand what they were saying? on a lighter note...the RDS logo. whoa. simple. plain and powerful...and wholly french. "Le Hockey" t-shirts coming soon! maybe with small type on the back reading "ohhh oui!"?
  8. well...please no flames for this question, as i've looked about as hard as i can for the info. how are the tickets distributed for the game on sunday the 16th? i've heard that showing up at the caniac carnival is a good bet of getting in to the game, but i want ALL my bases covered and WILL be at that game even if i have to hide in a vat of that amazing RBC barbecue to get inside. any hints greatly appreciated!
  9. either or. it doesn't matter to me. i think for the sake of old time hockey, i'd like to see the rangers win this series, but buffalo hasn't had the heat of a national title yet and i think maybe it's time. all hatred of that truck-stop predator looking coach of theirs and some of the inflated egos on the bench, i'd have to admit under duress that they are a very impressive team. i think the rangers have a good chance of cracking their D, but the offense is a scoring juggernaut and that's daunting at best. so go sabres! go rangers! let's just imagine how nice it must be to live in central upstate ny right now and be able to drive to all of the games in a matter of hours. lucky b*stards.
  10. tort is kind of a schmuck. and atlanta has the drive this year. they've been building the team very well indeed and i hope that this is the pay-off year for them. besides. if i have my way, we'll have a stanley cup final between nashville and atlanta, which will make it that much easier to drive between cities and be part of the excitement again. all in all, it looks like it's going to be a VERY spirited play-off season for those of us lucky enough to watch. i'm excited!
  11. alot of the arguments i hear are valid. i will be the last person to witch hunt when it comes to other's opinions... but! the point made that staal was at least shadowing hossa down ice is ridiculous. what did he expect hossa to do? launch it back down ice to the players on his end? he should have at least touched it up (if it was an icing situation) or battled for it. i just don't get it. i love this team and i will continue to love them, but for what it's worth, what i saw last night was staal being lazy. truth hurts. he could have and should have beaten that run and got the puck back into play down ice. and he didn't. ward got cosmically deked. that's acceptable. he read the movements and then as his periphery took over, turned his head. the shot went in. waah. staal should have made it an impossibility from the get go. off of soapbox.
  12. think of it this way, too. if you were a professional athlete, and a fan asked you if you were on myspace...would you say yes? i wouldn't. i figure it this way; there are probably several players that ARE, but use it for family and friends. i know, for example, that Stormy's page is legit. but he's a mascot and that's part of his job...getting people riled up and marketing the team. the players, on the other hand, would probably see that question as somewhat invasive. just my take...
  13. not that i'm educated at all in any of this, but this is my gut feeling. we lost to montreal because we let the pressure of facing huet get to us. we let his building momentum in net throw us into playoff panic again...and i bet that is a VERY real feeling for a team coming off of a Stanley Cup win. but let's keep in mind that we toyed with Gerber the other night. I love that man. he's solid and he knows what he's doing, but we pretty much batted him around from second period onward. it was our game. and isn't that what we do? we figure out a goalie and we work on the weaknesses... so i have a good feeling. we've had the rest and we've had that important season-capping battle against the goalie that brought us the rings and the cup. in their heads, they must be feeling some sort of "the past is over" catharsis after playing Gerbs. and i hope that means we start playing consistently and keeping the dream alive. my two to three cents. hebruiser
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