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  1. Definitey a better showing in game #1 this time around. Serious concerns about Cole and Rutuu. I would prefer no injuries at all, but if they have to happen, it would be nice to see it bite them for a change. So sick and tired of seeing the good guys get hurt at Mellon. The announcers were absolutely horrible. Terrible. Atrocious. They've GOT to get Emrick or Forslund involved. I think we win game #2 and both games at home. We'll fail to close them out in game 5 and wrap it up at the RBC in game 6. Canes in 6.
  2. They got what they "deserved." A ticket to the playoffs and home-ice advantage as a 3 seed. It is their fault they squandered it. And we know what might be coming our way... another summer with the cup. Not scared of Boston... to be the best you have to beat the best.
  3. Charlotte based Caniac here... We always attend at least one game per round and hoping to make 4 games again this time around like we did in 2006. Only thing that stinks about getting tickets in advance is we have no idea what night of the week the games will be and since I work in the school system, we can only come to games on the weekend. Looks like I'll be ebaying again.
  4. He may be in a slump, but Tampa is having a horrible season. From the youtubes I saw a guy with a great shot. Hopefully he finds that again here. We'd have a Finnish that can finish, and that's no Joke. (sorry, couldn't resist)
  5. If I heard Trip/Forslund correctly, inclement weather made it logistically impossible to bring anyone from Albany. Seids last minute setback really hurt.
  6. One other great Forslund-ism - "Thanks for watching and keep America in your hearts and prayers - good night." Nice signature way to end the broadcast.
  7. Thanks skunk!!! I have one other person trying to score a pair for me as well. I won't need four tickets, but I also don't want to turn down anyone's offer to help! I'd say only get an extra pair if you feel like you won't be stuck with them if the other person is able to hook me up too. I'll be able to post here tomorrow whether or not I am still in need. Thanks again!
  8. bump Tickets go on sale tomorrow. If any season ticket holders could pick up an extra pair I would most appreciate it! A little worried about my chances if I have to wait until Wednesday. Many thanks!!!
  9. My husband and I will be there for the pregame skate on the 6th at the RBC center. Can you get autographs? I'd love to add more to my jersey. Has anybody gone to a pregame skate that can give me some info? Thanks! :-)
  10. Tanabe had an off night but that doesn't mean he has returned to old form. Let's not be so quick to condemn him. It definitely didn't help he got beat in the fight and inadvertently caused the game winning goal for TB, but this is one game out of many. I used to not have respect for him and called him Avi Tanabe (no D). He has made a lot of progress. I feel better about him and feel that he is going to continue to grow into the position.
  11. This isn't the first time this topic has come up and there are other threads addressing it. I for one like Tripp. You can always count on him to say "having played the position" at least once every game. He makes some interesting and funny comments. I think he adds flavor to John's play by play and even John joins in on some of Tripp's funny/odd comments. I've heard other commentators from other broadcasts (e.g. NBC) and I think we are pretty lucky to have such a good combination of John and Tripp.
  12. You've made this exact same post 3 times. Do you really have anything constructive to say?
  13. The Canes had some great chances. Holmqvist just had some amazing saves. I can't believe how many times we were offsides. Talking about breaking up the momentum. It's hard to create offense if you keep having to take faceoffs outside the zone.
  14. I started as an adult in inline hockey with some guys in the neighborhood in spring of 2001; moved to Baltimore and played on a womens ice hockey team and co-ed inline team; then moved back to nc and play co-ed ice now. inline 2 years ice hockey 2003 - present wish I could have started as a kid, but better late than never....
  15. The person who started this thread was disappointed like me that we lost to PHILLI and at such a crucial time. It wasn't even a close game. We got beat by a team with 31 points less than us. I get tired of people saying we can't vent our frustrations without being taken for anything less than a fan. We shouldn't have to keep defending ourselves. The fact that we need to is silly.
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