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  1. Still available. cc already had a ticket.
  2. I am a season ticket holder sitting in 325. I bought a ticket in 325, c, 1 through Ticketmaster for a friend, who now cannot go. I am looking to sell. Please message me. Will consider offers.
  3. I am looking for Upper Deck tickets to the 3/18 game against the Islanders. I can buy or trade 3/26 Tampa Bay tickets.
  4. Still interested? I am in Raleigh, driving to Durham at 5:00.
  5. Willing to sell for $25 each.
  6. Well, whoever the coach, I will be behind the team and will go to the games. The games certainly have not been very exciting lately - could it be much worse? With my tickets this year, I am now 0-3 and have seen 5 losses in a row total. And some of that action was the most frustrating, boring hockey I have seen around here. I can perfectly well understand the need for a change at this point, although I am not sure it is all coaching and not a mix of older players slowing down, some younger players in slumps, injury problems (3 years straight now), and newer guys and older guys still trying to find the right chemistry together. It just doesn't look like this team has the ability to work the puck and get good enough (and simply enough) scoring chances. Could be coaching - could be other factors too. It seems different than the past two seasons to me though - different as in much worse on the offensive end. Most of the past two seasons, at least there seemed to be some hope the Canes could win even when down. You can't win many scoring 2 goals a game. I am not thrilled about Maurice coming back either and do wonder about changes in playing style. I am not sure it was a horrible "mid-season" move though, especially if it was for the interim (barring a major improvement in team performance).
  7. Brindy at Moe's was my best and most recent sighting.
  8. Certainly Corvo's hat trick is right up there near the top for me, and that was certainly the most fun game. My kids went on the ice afterwards, and they gave out the Cam figures that day. Another good one not mentioned was the OT win over the Sabres. I remember running out of that thrilling game right after the final score (along with many others) to catch the rest of the UNC win over Duke. Sweet night for me and my friend!!!
  9. As much as I hoped the Caps would lose tonight for the Canes' sake, I share your belief in the Canes winning tomorrow and in what a great matchup it would be to have the Pens and Caps meet in the 1st round. We have to have something to watch when the Canes are between games, right?
  10. I feel the same way. I had kind of hoped the Caps could get in too, but now I hope for nothing but death for their playoff hopes. That schedule really favors them though. They get 2 straight at home in back to backs for other teams that we play. Fate is not helping, but the Canes just have to win. I think the Tampa game is the big danger. Get past that, and no way will they lose Friday.
  11. I was a big Ovechkin fan too. I guess that hasn't changed completely tonight, but this is about as pathetic as it gets. We have a giant of a game with 2 teams playing hard, and we get some of the worst officiating possible. The Caps are playing well - they don't need the help. That call on Hedican was just nuts!! And the interference on Walker - more nuts!!
  12. Watch the auctions on NHL.com. You might find some Ladd stuff on there. The Canes sell a lot through that site.
  13. After games can work. The times I have been there after games I haven't seen many guys come out to sign, but you could get lucky. I have managed to get a few then, including visiting players. Practices are definitely great. At the Rec Zone in particular you can get as many as 20 in one day. It is definitely worth it if you ever have the time to get here for one. Actually RBC practices are good too, although a handful of guys will drive by without stopping, since they are in their cars when they leave those. There are weekend practices - more fans but still good. I have never failed to get autographs from at least 2-3 major stars at a practice on any day of the week. Of course, one of the downsides now is that Brind'Amour and Williams won't be available. If you make the trip, make sure to get some cool stuff to sign - like logo pucks (now available at the Eye) or a mini helmet or two.
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