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  1. What I fear is the back injury is rearing its head again. I can tell you first hand as someone who suffers from chronic back issues is when you tweak it you never know when it goes from a tweak to "I cant get up on my skates". Way too early to tell but I was watching Cam intently after a save and he wasn't moving the same and I thought he had injured the groin again but this may be much worse long term. Time will tell what the issue is...
  2. Looks like Cam is out again with a Lower Body Injury after last nights game. He did not travel with the team for the two away games. Looks like we will see who wants to be the Man in net now... This should prove interesting with a new JM Liles, no Gleason and a healthy Khudobin in net.
  3. McBain is the obvious choice for me and after all the screaming I did last week watching him make mistake after mistake I will be happy to see it happen. I was discussing Joni last night at the game just before he went down team is 1-8 since he came back in the lineup and he might have been another good trade to get a more Physical Dman that actually moves people and the puck out of the Red Zone. I guess that's out the window now! This team has more issues than Defense like a lack of scoring from the 2nd and 3rd lines. I think that starting with getting someone physical on the Blue line to replace Bryan Allen that's not named Corvo...
  4. Good Luck Big Mike... Having several friends that have gone through it there are no regrets but lots of "after" work. My only question is why couldn't you have this done during the offseason so as not to impact all the rookies on the team? They are going to miss your horn leadership while you're out but maybe Eric can pick up your slack
  5. Uhhh Yeah... I don't know about you but I have never had a job whereby my poor production still keeps me in a job for two years and poor leadership had my boss asking me if I wanted to hand the mantle off to my assistant while assuming less responsibility for the same paycheck. He wasn't obligated to agree with JR but rather I believe he did so out of respect for Eric and his team mates. Sure he had a choice! My thought is that because of this choice that Rod will hang them up at the end of the year and take whatever buyout he has in his contract.As for your other comment... do a little research before you jump to a conclusion after one fricking game. Eric is on pace for a pt per game or more barring his injury. The guy with the C isn't always (and rarely is) the consistent leading scorer for any NHL team. That being said he has a lot of work to do to lead by example on D, lazing back into the neutral zone and hustling.
  6. I just spit Coffee all over myself at your sigline of the ship is sinking and Picture of Capt Jack Staal... Thanks so much for that!
  7. [quote name='super-dave-1 wrote: bag12day']...and yes I do live under a rock and no i have no idea what this festivus is. Is that like the mexican fair?in Raleigh this week? ?? If the moderators will allow this digression, I feel it necessary to?ensure that our members are properly educated. ?? Having significantly derailed this thread already I am not sure if I feel mo educated ( get it?) or much stupider for having spent 3 minutes of my life watching that!
  8. [quote name='super-dave-1 wrote: bag12day'] Did the turtle strategy cause the team to allow back to back goals God knows how many times this year within 2 minutes? That can not be attributed to the coach(s) at this level. In Pee Wee you may have to rally your kids and tell them not to let that one goal cause them to let down their guard but not a pro hockey player. That lies clearly on the shoulders of the guys on the ice. Now back to your previously scheduled Mo must go talk... Then what is the coach's responsibility? If all the blame for the "turtle strategy" falls on the players, why have a coach at all? This isn't a Mo must go thread. Somebody started it looking for suggestions for the new coach which is a little premature at this point. It has morphed into what the present coach is doing wrong. There's plenty of blame to go around. J.R. for putting this mess together. Players for under performing. Mo for his coaching errors for which I perceive several (turtle strategy, over using Brindy, under using Sutter, etc.). These issues I have with Mo definitely fall under the control of the coach. Back to my question; if strategy isn't the coach's responsibility, who's is it? What is the coach's responsibility? Does he make out the lineup and throw pucks on the ice? In the spirit of Festivus, it's time for airing of grievances. Next comes the feats of strength. OK I'll stand corrected... But the opening statement form the post creator was" Since we all agree Mo must go..." My Bad Now strategy... It is the coaches responsibility to have a strategy and communicate what that is to the players and it is up to them to implement it to the extent they understand what and how the strategy will work. My point is the back to back goals that have plagued us this year have nothing to do with strategy, turtle or otherwise, but rather a lack of execution of anything resembling "get back to work after we make a stupid mistake or have a bad break". I don't think that Mo or Ronnie or fricking Scottie Bowman could do anything to change that... That comes from your veteran leaders or not in our case. I most certainly agree there is much more than enough blame to go around to everyone for the lack of Stellar performance this year...and yes I do live under a rock and no i have no idea what this festivus is. Is that like the mexican fair in Raleigh this week?
  9. [quote name='super-dave-1 wrote: cc'] I always find it interesting when a teams "strategy" on the ice is always attributed to the coach. Is it remotely possible the players on the ice are doing this? i.e Taking their foot off the gas, getting tentative, battling a little less. Mo is no idiot and "playing turtle" in consecutive games that is not working would be ludicrous for him to continue. I therefore place the onus on thos on the ice. I know there are Mo haters out there that never wanted him back and were just wating to pile on. For you I say "have a happy friggin day". I for one sit in the most negative section I can think of. They constantly get down on players, coaches etc. When they wanted to "Mo Must GO chant" my response was "he ain't on the ice". Just an opinion like any one elses. As I have stated before the b*t*hing and moanin don't help a thing. Get behind the team and cheer them back to health. Positive attitude goes a long way and is more valuable the darker things get. I will continue to shout down those downer people around me and enjoy any part or whole game I can. OK have at it. Isn't strategy what the coach is there for? I wasn't a Mo hater when he came back and I thought the teams performance down the stretch last year earned him a contract. I do blame the "turtling" strategy on the coach. I may be wrong and it is all the players. If that's the case, then Mo can stay and the players can go. I don't think I'm a downer on the team and I enjoy my time at the game, but I saw the "turtle strategy" on the ice Saturday and it almost cost the team the game. If it's the coach, change the strategy. If it's the players, the coach has to coach. Either way, it comes down to the coach in this case. Did the turtle strategy cause the team to allow back to back goals God knows how many times this year within 2 minutes? That can not be attributed to the coach(s) at this level. In Pee Wee you may have to rally your kids and tell them not to let that one goal cause them to let down their guard but not a pro hockey player. That lies clearly on the shoulders of the guys on the ice. Now back to your previously scheduled Mo must go talk...
  10. Old School hit the nail on the head... Kindof bad marketing idea to show the Captain Commercials while he is a healthy scratch, it really puzzles me. Is he on the way to Philly? Does anyone know for sure if he travelled with the team?
  11. QFT>> and I would add: While staying under the self imposed salary cap of a small market team, and who is A PART OWNER of the franchise.Drafting is largely in the hands of scouts particularly when you are talking about rds 3-199 and motivation and cohesiveness of players is largely the responsibility of the coaching staff. JR certainly has made his share of mistakes and he usually rectifies them. My question is this to the JR haters; If not him, who is the proven GM you are going to bring in that has a better resum'e??? This franchise can not/ will not be around for 5 years of rebuilding like Toronto or Vancouver... Who?
  12. [quote name='super-dave-1 wrote: remkin']This is great news. Maybe now we can all agree to a moratorium on any use of the phrase "average at best" in any post from here forward. Just wait until he drops a couple in a row and the natives will get restless. "Cam can't handle the pressure of the big contract" "What was J.R. thinking signing him to that big contract" "It's time to see what Murphy can do" "Since Cam signed the big contract he is coasting" and our all time favorite "Cam's average at best" I can hear it now. Well in the words of my son; Wow, Just wow That was the kiss of death.
  13. [quote name='sixnitepkg wrote: bag12day']It would be a great idea and I certainly would be in for the fun of it but my thought is if Ronnie didn't play his last game as Cane after all he did for the the HW and CH franchises then Bret will not get that shot. A little different with Ron with the year of and all but if we couldnt find a way to cheat the system in 2006 to make it happen then I dont think it's possible. why would Bret not get the chance because Francis accepted a trade to a playoff team for one more shot at the cup vs. "retiring as a 'Cane" - to my mind the situations and circumstances were different for each player. Plus, everybody knew that Ron would get his number in the rafters. And Bret basically did the same thing by not re-signing with us (and no there was no public offer on the table but at the closeout interviews in 2007 me thinks Bret asked for that) to enable him to move back to Cali with Christy and kids. Ron never said anything publically but I can not believe that it wasn't discussed. And remember that no one thought we would not be playing hockey in 2005 after he was "traded" in 2004 and when the new CBA was doone in 2006. Dont get me wrong he deserves the opportunity but I just dont think its feasible with the new CBA.
  14. Sigh after a very lengthy repsonse to Ice Frog and Remkin I have lost the post... I would blame the new site but me thinks operator error is to blame.... Cliff notes version 1)JR usually fairly values players as is evidenced by never having been taken to arbitraion by a RFA player. 2)If AB had done his time in the barrel ( and had decent agent) he would be eligible to challege the offer he was tendered this year. Tough doodoo 3)GMs know and deal with each other every day... You don't lie about a player or his "lockeroom demeanor" unless you dont want to ever deal with another GM again. There are only 30 of them and honor among thieves is a cornerstone. 4) If you allow one player to call your bluff you will be doing it the rest of your career. Anton has blinked now twice. 5) You dont sign an on and off again player to more than he is worth to your team in the hopes you can trade him... Its not good business especially in this uncertain economy and salary adjustments. No mistake by JR in my opinion just a great call of not allowing the prisoners to run the prison. There is one boss (who is thought highly of by the number of players that want to come/ come back here) and he is in charge. If you don't like it please go back to the KHL.
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