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  1. Tanabe - just hope he gets healthy for his sake. I think we hang on if he gets healthy, still pretty young and thought he showed potential this year. Cullen - he will be back and healthy. Sammie - really need to sign him. Aucoin - tough one here, probably goes down or trade Bayda - same as Aucoin Conboy - probably on his way back down Brookbank - would like to see him for toughness, but does down Hedican - I think he stays Wesley - I am leaning towards retirement but with another new defenseman, hard to say Grahame - gone, but I am not sure he has been given a fair shake Letowsky - 4th line center, I think he's earned it LaRose - stays Ruutu - stays Eaves - stays Gleason - stays Corvo - stays Walker - stays Kaberle - stays, could miss out in training camp though Seidenberg - stays, he is healthy I hope Wallin - stays Cole - stays Staal - duh Whitney - stays Cam - stays, would say duh but some of you are too stupid to admit it. Rod - duh Lavi - see Cam Trade rumors still abound, maybe Cole but doubt it. How do we pick up a solid defenseman and backup goalie? Is the backup goalie Leights? Don't want to see any big trades. If Hedican and/or Wesley retire then we need to shop around. Those are my opinions.
  2. I would much rather collapse like this than be Bills in the 90's. Four superbowls and no ring. Wings in 06, presidents cup, lost in first round. Can't think of any others but there must be much worse. Not over yet, nothing is over until tonight. Doubt Cats can pull out another, but it would be awesome.
  3. What's giant to me? God, family and the hope that we see an end to the "What's giant to me?" thing.
  4. Definitely an area of improvement.
  5. Not my point. Not saying not to congratulate. I don't cheer a rival team when it has no effect on my team. Until they win tonight that have not done anything. If Canes had won last night the regular season would have been forgotten. Unfortunately, last night only put the exclamation point on the season, or some other appropriate punctuation.
  6. Can't be too depressed because of one game. Middle of the season was the depressing time.
  7. Bite your tongue. No way (in you know where) I am cheering for the Caps. SE needs another cup but not Caps. I can wait for next year. But, Caps are not in yet......
  8. Even great goalies have off nights, you just hope it is not game 7 situation. I think Cam had an off night but the situation of the goals were not his fault. He did not give up a bunch of rebounds. I would not classify any of the goals as soft. Did Cam have a monster night, no. Which, thanks to the D, was what was needed to get the win. Hopefully this will be a learning experience for all and they can use it to come out on fire next year. As for the topic, Lavi did so much with what he had. The injuries were not used as an excuse but certainly you have to respect that. I think once everyone steps away from the final painful loss they will realize the success of the year. I am so psyched for next year. I hope we can keep Sammie. With Eaves and Ruutu back I think we will have 3 hot lines. Hopefully we shore up the D and then get it done next year. Do I still have hope on this year, absolutely, but can Florida really play spoiler 2 nights in a row?
  9. I like your optimism. I hope that the Cats win but I don't think I can stand to watch it. Based on the lopsided nature of last night's game, except for the score, I just don't think Florida is good enough to beat the Caps. One can only hope for a complete meltdown by the Caps. Just like last night, Florida cannot win the game, Caps have to lose it, if you know what I mean. I hate this year more than years past because I find myself needing to root for other teams to win.
  10. Waiting for the wife to get dressed, as always.....
  11. It would be very difficult to have a factual response for officiating. Number of calls was even, who cares. Number of missed calls was not, of course missed calls are only an opinion, so there you go. Also, you have to look at when calls are made and not made. Momentum is true for many sports. (Can't think of one that is not but to cover my behind I will just say many). Too many times, in my opinion, (of course there's that word again), calls are made or not made when one team is apparently reversing the momentum of a particular game. We all would like to say, oh well, bad call. But you cannot know the full outcome of the call being made or not made, momentum changed or not changed. I don't think there was anything ignorant about the response, simple, maybe.
  12. Since you need help making sense of my statement I will clarify. Washington player checks Bolt player into the goalie. The check itself was interference as neither the Caps or Bolts player had the puck, nor was the puck nearby. The fact that the Bolts player fell into Ramo was the incidental contact that was called. If they called interference, Caps are on a PK and goal still waived off. Instead they call the incidental with only the goal being waived off and no penalty. Caps outplayed the Bolts but the Refs assisted in another Caps win. Torts is a jackbutt and I was agreeing with your point.
  13. The first question, call should have been interference for the check on the player without the puck. Waiving off the goal helped the Caps because they should have been on a PK. Secondly, Tampa lost their cool in the end. Take out a team's best player and see how they react, just like that.
  14. Tell me how that hit on Vinnie was legal. He didn't have the puck, is that or is that not interference. The fact that he got hurt only emphasized the play. Refs suck.
  15. Quick answer. Season ticket holders, weekday game. Yes, that many no shows. Not surprising.
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