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  1. The one thing the Hurricanes have been consistent with is firing head coaches in December. December is just right around the corner. Merry Christmas!
  2. OK folks, need some help here. Hubbie bought is an Epic 4G phone for Christmas and we have some time to play around with them before we make our final decision. Thing is, we would be switching over to Sprint from Verizon. Any thoughts???? This will be our first ""smart" phone.
  3. I finally got in, but took a while. Might just be a slow server night?
  4. I heard it was something like Aug 30th
  5. I am from Wisconsin so you know who I will be rooting for tonight!
  6. I will be searching the paper for that!
  8. I live within walking distance from where you used to live here. I would agree....a very nice area to live in. Have many things right here at your fingertips!!!!
  9. Mine has an underscore in it. If it can be changed to caniac80 that would be great. Thanks!
  10. We ended up getting seats in 306 Row B this year because our mezz seats were not available from last year and there were also no other decent ones left that justified the price. We too have been looking in the obituaries for next season. They should include in the obits if they were STH's so we know which seats we can scope of for next year. Maybe voodoo will work?
  11. I have tried to email you, but it has comeback twice. I also sent you a pm.
  12. Whaler, you made me laugh at loud with your comment. I just got finished readng the Pens boards and I was thinking the same thing!
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