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  1. I have a chocolate lab named Stormy, she is turning 11 this year
  2. You already talking about the game on Friday? I will be at the game tonight!
  3. Yay for Francis but Im not happy about this Maurice situation....
  4. Im still in the state of shock, please let this not be true.
  5. That's ridiculous. They fire the guy who brought us the cup and replace him with Mr Mediocre.
  6. http://forums.sabres.com/''>http://forums.sabres.com/' target="_blank">http://forums.sabres.com/[/post] That was a great game! I dont know what would be better though; Ottawa sweeping Buffalo or Buffalo getting knocked out at home at game 5. I would kind of prefer game 5 knockout in Buffalo so when the camera spans the fans I can see the pain, lol. Lets Go Ottawa!
  7. I'm pulling for ABB (Any But Buffalo)
  8. Here is the video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkGeBqWWXQQ
  9. According to the devils feed, it was a lens cap from a camera that fell in through the hole in the glass. Never heard of a puck breaking, that would have to be a hard shot! lol
  10. That is horrible to hear!!! I wish you the best in getting it back!
  11. I was wondering why he left the game. I went on a beer run at msg and came back and grahame was in goal. Hope he is ok!
  12. Just getting back from the game... I thought we were going to pull it out in the third but we failed. Still had a great time though. I met a few canes fans at the game. I saw MeanGene who I haven't seen in many years so I am content. It was nice to hear a few "lets go canes" chants. Im pretty hammered so Im off to bed, goodnight y'all
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