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  1. Malkin out indefinitely with the Pens. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/27792484/penguins-evegni-malkin-indefinitely-coach-mike-sullivan-says
  2. Excellent move. Low risk, high reward. If he doesn't pan out, the contract doesn't handcuff the org.
  3. He should get his jersey in the rafters. Without him, we don't win the cup in 2006, much less make it past the 1st round and he is the 1st to win a Conn Smythe as a Hurricane. Maybe he'll get a chance in some other position with the org???
  4. Stelio Mattheos to miss 2019 Training Camp to undergo cancer treatment. http://gocheckers.com/articles/features/stelio-mattheos-undergoing-cancer-treatment
  5. Phil Kessel is now a Coyote!!! Side note, the Pens got Galchenyuk and a d-man prospect.
  6. So another whiff who doesn't score, or plays hard.
  7. Two Foote (Feet) in Tampa!
  8. Arthur Kaliyev??
  9. Looks like we may lose both Raz and Mac. Hurricanes not optimistic about signing Mrazek, McElhinney, says GM https://www.nhl.com/news/petr-mrazek-curtis-mcelhinney-will-likely-become-free-agents/c-307903352
  10. Not sure, but might know what he is referring to. Watching the Calder Cup Finals (Wolves broadcast) there was a lot of complaints by the commentators about the Checkers high hits and cross-checks to the head/neck area. One of their broadcasters made the comment (don't remember which game) that he'd be pointing that out to the refs at every stoppage if he were the Wolves coach. I really didn't see that many high hits; sticks came up. I just think the Checkers out-worked the Wolves. Their fore-check was pretty relentless and they played pretty much on the tips of their skates.
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