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  1. Anyone hear news about Eric Staal? He's taking a leave of absence from the Wild for a family death. https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1959601
  2. Well, after thinking about this, I am on the fence on this move. I just hope this doesn't mess anything up with the team and really don't see where he fits as all our lines have really good chemistry and knows their roles. If we were missing a forward due to injuries, JW could be slotted anywhere. If you sit McGinn, who is one of our top PKers, does that mean JW is gonna kill penalties? If you sit Nino, who is struggling with confidence and had his best month in December, how does that affect his play? If you sit Gardiner, could he play on our bottom D-pair?
  3. Justin Faulk struggling in St. Louis. 23gms 0g 6a 6pts -5
  4. Maybe he'll coach the expansion team in Seattle. Wouldn't it be funny year one they duplicate what the Knights did and give a huge middle finger to Toronto?
  5. Can't win if your defense is a wet paper bag.
  6. Save of the Year???? Gotta love how the scorekeeper gave the Leafs 2 goals initially on the shot....
  7. Malkin out indefinitely with the Pens. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/27792484/penguins-evegni-malkin-indefinitely-coach-mike-sullivan-says
  8. Excellent move. Low risk, high reward. If he doesn't pan out, the contract doesn't handcuff the org.
  9. He should get his jersey in the rafters. Without him, we don't win the cup in 2006, much less make it past the 1st round and he is the 1st to win a Conn Smythe as a Hurricane. Maybe he'll get a chance in some other position with the org???
  10. Stelio Mattheos to miss 2019 Training Camp to undergo cancer treatment. http://gocheckers.com/articles/features/stelio-mattheos-undergoing-cancer-treatment
  11. Phil Kessel is now a Coyote!!! Side note, the Pens got Galchenyuk and a d-man prospect.
  12. So another whiff who doesn't score, or plays hard.
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