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  1. Jokenin JokeninJokeninJokeninJokeninJokeninJokeninJokeninJokeninJokeninJokeninJokeninJokeninJokeninJokenin ^ Wishful thinkin'
  2. Whoot!! We're finally moving in the right direction
  3. [quote name='caniac-97 wrote: super-dave-1 wrote: caniac-97'] why? they would make great door stops!! The more I look at those, they really would make some nice bookends. I'll be stopping by the RBC ticket office in the morning to do some exchanges on my way to Tennessee. I hope the lines aren't too long with people buying those last minute tickets.they will have the sound of crickets tuned in on muzac. He'll have to avoid the tumbleweeds as they roll by as well
  4. @ least you gotz that goin' for ya which is nice
  5. [quote name='TSA wrote: caniac-97'] you are thinking '01-'02, I was referring to '02-'03. Nope, in 02 I remember playing the Red Wings in the finals. We played Detroit in the finals in '02 but it was the 01-02 season.... We did not make the playoffs in the 02-03 season Records for the 2 seasons - 01-02 -> 35-26-16-5 02-03 -> 22–43–11
  6. Ok panic button is officially vermillion
  7. My panic button just went from yellow to orange ^ Yes I know it's a repost
  8. I'm just kinda glancing over at it occasionally .... Hopefully after this road trip I won't have my hand raised
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