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  1. I really would like to see E Staal come back. Come back for one day to retire like Cam did.
  2. I kind of hate to say it, but after that hit on TT, and the cross check to Pesce, I wish we had at least one guy that could keep the other team in line. I don't think we are a soft team, but I hate to see guys do that to our better players. I almost forgot about the hit on Nino. Tripp said he turned, but it looked like a hit from behind to me.
  3. I think we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg of Necas’s skill. He’s going to be a very special player as he matures.
  4. Sometimes, the goalie just needs to make a big save. Their’s did,our’s didn’t.
  5. He has some big time skills, and he's only going to get better.
  6. I think they were lucky last night. They looked tired from the night before, and were outplayed. Reimer stole one for them. Sometimes the guys need to pick up a goalie, and sometimes a goalie needs to pick up the guys. Good win!
  7. That was some kind of skill! Just behind the Svech, but not by much. Wow!
  8. I really don't like to call guys out, so I won't use any names, but #51 is a complete waste of a roster spot. I'd rather see a young guy that makes a mistake, but gains experience. #51 has been bad at full strength, and bad on the PP. Lavi used to go 4 forwards, and 1 D on a lot of PPs. I'd rather see the Canes do that on all his shifts.
  9. You shouldn't be driving, and watching tv.
  10. Can we just play 4 forwards rather than him on his next shift. He's brutal.
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