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  1. Unless the Canes win.
  2. Watching the game. The picture is awful, and the sound is worse.
  3. Glad he came back for a bit. Just a real good player, and leader. I hope he has a place, if he wants one, with this team in the future.
  4. I am not a very good guitar player, but I have a very nice guitar. The back and sides are ovangkol, and it really has nice patterns in the wood.
  5. I wonder how the season ending as it has will affect contracts and free agents? The teams might look quite a bit different when play resumes.
  6. Forget this season. No playoffs, just start up from scratch.
  7. My hands have never been as clean in the 65 years of my life than they have been lately.
  8. My golf buddie's brother is the coach of the Toronto Raptors. The team and staff is in self imposed isolation. So far, his brother, and the rest of the team is well.
  9. Can we send Trocheck back for Wallmark?
  10. Transplant Willy's brain into a younger body. Not sure if any of those guy listed have the experience or fire to be captains.
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