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  1. Make em use the public bathrooms.
  2. I would hope the visitors are as uncomfortable as possible when in Raleigh.
  3. Svech has woke up in a big way. Time to get Aho going a bit.
  4. I actually liked Briscoe better than Mongo.
  5. Great game, and the guys that needed to get going, got going!
  6. Our top guys need to start producing, or the fast start will be the highlight of the season. Aho, Svech, and others; Summer vacation is over!
  7. Fluery and Svech have the same amount of goals. I guess Svceh hasn’t told anyone he’s ready.
  8. A few guys that were highly counted on need to show up. A lot of guys not carrying their weight.
  9. Nice bounce back after a scruffy start.
  10. I know we have a few days off, and I was thinking about the Stanley Cup team. I realized, that with JW taking his break, only Eric Staal and Andrew Ladd are still playing. Boy, talk about feeling old!
  11. Very sad news. He seems to be a very upbeat guy, and that has to help. Hope he has a full, and complete recovery. He really adds a lot to the coverage, and as a young guy, hopefully he has a long life ahead.
  12. Out of town, so didn’t see the game. Keep it up!
  13. I.just thought they were making too many mistakes, and were going to run out of gas after two overtime games. I also thought there might be a letdown after winning a rivalry game last night.
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