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  1. I met John, and we talked about the Red Sox. He was a good guy. We very rarely miss a game, and during the very lean years, John and Tripp provided a lot of entertainment. Nothing against Mike, but I'm really going to miss John. Not only one of the best, but a good guy, too.
  2. I always E Staal was the kind of player that benefitted from playing with good players. I didn't think he made the players around him better. Crosby could play with a fire hydrant and a washing machine, and they would both be 50 point scorers. E Staal also seemed to have a lot of quit in him. Still, when he wanted it, he could be an elite player.
  3. No offense to Willy, but when JW is your tough guy in the playoffs, that doesn't say much for the rest of the team. The teams currently left have a great combo of talent and physical play. The Canes don't need a goon, but having a few physical players would be a good thing. They don't need a dirty guy like Wilson, but I guarantee everybody knows when Wilson is on the ice, and that influences play. When he is playing clean, he's a pretty effective player. I'd just like a few guys that make the other teams a little more cautious when playing against the Canes.
  4. As a Red Sox fan, this is going to be like seeing Wade Boggs wearing a Yankees uniform.
  5. Doesn’t this happen every October?
  6. Just saw that Canes traded Edmundson to Montreal for a 5th rounder.
  7. Reorder always reminded me of Kevin from The Office.
  8. They were talking between periods tonight that the Pens might want to deal Murray. Is he worth bringing in to be #1 goalie?
  9. And, we are still getting the same production as when he was here.
  10. It's ok for him to retire here. too.
  11. I thought Dzingle and Trocheck were disappointing.
  12. I'm from Boston, so I will be now.
  13. There is no shame losing to a better team. That's pretty harsh.
  14. You can "want" all you want, but when the other team is better, it usually doesn't matter. The Canes have to be pretty much mistake free, and the Bruins do not. I'm not saying the Canes don't have a chance, but their margin of error is a lot smaller. The Bruins are a better team. I wrote in an earlier post, they are winning without their leading scorer, and #1 goalie.
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