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  1. That was a big hit, but that, along with the fight kind of woke up the Bruins.
  2. Ferland is playing like he forgot his cup.
  3. I think the celebrations are extremely unprofessional. That being said, I am enjoying watching them. It's been a long time since there has been a good atmosphere in Raleigh.
  4. This seems like the 60s when the Kansas City Athletics seemed to be the minor league team for the Yankees. We are not Toronto's minor league team!
  5. Watching the AT&T ProAm from Pebble Beach, and TD is playing, wearing a Hurricanes cap.
  6. I'll just listen to Chuck. Oh, wait a minute, he was a victim of cost cutting, too!
  7. So, Lindy acts like a jerk, so we should too. The best revenge is winning.
  8. How about another gritty player with a bit of skill?
  9. I don't think this team is deep enough to let him walk for nothing.
  10. Someone brought up injuries caused by physical play, and this worries me, long term. Lucic was a game changer with the Bruins, but he has fallen off the planet.
  11. Bad night, on to college basketball.
  12. Spend money on players. Who cares about DJs, projectors, scoreboards,ect.
  13. What the heck Hamilton? Thank you, Aho!
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