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  1. caniac6

    GDT: Canes @ Rags, 15 Jan 19

    Bad night, on to college basketball.
  2. caniac6

    In-Season 2018-2019

    Spend money on players. Who cares about DJs, projectors, scoreboards,ect.
  3. caniac6

    GDT: Preds @ Canes; 12:30 pm EST; 13 Jan, 19

    What the heck Hamilton? Thank you, Aho!
  4. caniac6

    In-season trades and player moves

    He makes the team better. We need to get to the point where we start paying the going rate for good players. Ever since they won the Cup, they have either traded guys for low return, or let them walk rather than pay them. They have made the playoffs once since then, and most fans have been frustrated by the fact that very little money has been spent. If this team wants to attract better players, they need to show that they will spend the money to keep the players that make the team better.
  5. caniac6

    In-Season 2018-2019

    If we get a first round pick for Ferland, it will be a contender's first round pick, and will be deep in the first round. It might be years before that pick has any impact in Raleigh. Also, if Ferland is traded to a contender, and he has success there, who's to say that he would even consider returning to the Canes. I say sign him. He's going to get paid somewhere, it might as well be here.
  6. Mabye you should change you name to Canesfansometimes.
  7. caniac6

    In-season trades and player moves

    The other teams might not be too impressed, either.
  8. caniac6

    In-season trades and player moves

    Shoot, pay em to take Mongo!
  9. caniac6

    New Head Coach?

    I do believe they missed the playoffs in 06-07, after winning the Cup in 05-06.
  10. caniac6

    Closing out 2018 with a whimper...GDT: Flyers @ Canes

    Might be the only game in the shootout era to end in a 0-0 tie.
  11. That has been the pattern for the last 10 years. You'd think we would get some talent by accident. This organization has shown zero commitment to the fans for a long time. I feel bad for the STH that continue to pour money down this rat hole. This almost looks like a minor league team trying to compete with big leaguers.
  12. Ran off a coach that is having success elsewhere. Traded Lindy and Hanifin for two guys that can't even match Lindy's points. Gave away our leading goal scorer, that is lighting it up, for nothing. Got rid of a GM that drafted our young talent. If their goal was to gut the organization, they have done a great job. I just wonder if Raleigh is in TD's future, and he's laying the ground work for a move. I know that is not a popular observation, but it seems that everything they have done, from the game experience to the product on the ice, has not been done with the fans in mind.
  13. caniac6

    GDT: Canes @ Debbils...29 Dec...1300 EST

    Missed the game due to a big family get together. I consider myself a lucky man.
  14. caniac6

    GDT: Hurricanes @ Capitals; Thurs, Dec 27, 7PM

    I'm just about ready to bag this season. Already looking forward to spring training.