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  1. if tripp said he heard it, then he probably heard it. I strongly doubt he just made something up. I didn't see the pregame, but from what it sounds like, I think he's telling the truth.
  2. Wooo... goal. 6-3 I'm not much excited anymore... however I know we have the capability of scoring spurts. Not tonight though..
  3. I'm starting to dislike the habs more than the slugs now... And thats a big statement for me.
  4. This is REDICULOUS. Good gosh. I've changed into my canes jersey [with canes shirt], black pants under jeans, my red and white jewelry, and a hat.. trying to turn the luck around.. I feel so bad for Cam! Seeing him sit on the bench all depressed looking.. Well.. lets turn this around NOW.
  5. One of my teachers is a slug fan. 4th period gets pretty interesting... Sorry to hear about your morning.. just remember opening night during the slideshow. "Then the hurricanes advanced to play the Buffalo Sabres" ..."BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" "And prevailed in 7 games!" "YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!"
  6. Me and my dad gave him high fives pre-game if you were listening to 99.9 at the time. He was broadcasting in the middle of the concourse, we couldn't resist!
  7. Okiedokie! I seriously hope this works.. I love my canes jersey to death! Thanks again. EDIT- Okay.. If an admin could move it that'll be great.
  8. Especially arguments about canteloupe
  9. Come on give Carter a break. We have to at least give him a game or two to see if he fits in. He could be like.. a decent player. You never know until you play him.
  10. Umm.. I don't think it's possible for them to take away an already awarded Jack Adams. I wish they could, but doubt it. This is Lindy Ruff this year.. not last year.
  11. Thank you WTP! I found out how to do this line-arty thingy.. its cool. Thats what I did to the net =D
  12. If the puck touches the goalie, and is in possession of the goalies (ie. in his gloves, covered up) then it is a save. If it goes in the net, it's a goal.
  13. Well.. not quite. Here are the NHL Official tie-breaking rules. Tampa Bay has played 60 games, Atlanta and Carolina have played 61. Therefore, Tampa Bay is already ahead of us. After the ATL-CAR game, Tampa Bay will have played 61 games and Atlanta and Carolina will be at 62 games. Here are the possible outcomes after February 20th (not including possible OT or SO): Tampa Bay loses to Florida, Carolina beats Atlanta: 1. Tampa Bay (61 games played, 33-24-3, 69 pts) 2. Carolina (62 games played, 31-24-7, 69 pts) 3. Atlanta (62 games played, 30-23-9, 69 pts) ^ That is our best case scenario, which is 2nd place. Tampa Bay beats Florida, Carolina beats Atlanta: 1. Tampa Bay (61 games played, 34-23-3, 71 pts) 2. Carolina (62 games played, 31-24-7, 69 pts) 3. Atlanta (62 games played, 30-23-9, 69 pts) ^ 2nd best case scenario... Now here comes our worst case scenarios... Tampa Bay loses to Florida, Carolina loses to Atlanta: 1. Atlanta (62 games played, 31-22-9, 71 pts) 2. Tampa Bay (61 games played, 33-24-3, 69 pts) 3. Carolina (62 games played, 30-25-7, 69 pts) ^ Thats pretty bad.. but not as bad as this... Tampa Bay beats Florida, Carolina loses to Atlanta 1. Tampa Bay (61 games played, 34-23-3, 71 pts) 2. Atlanta (62 games played, 31-22-9, 71 pts) 3. Carolina (62 games played, 30-25-7, 69 pts) ^ VERY bad. Better not happen. There you have it. No overtime please.
  14. Rawr. Toronto wins and Tampa Bay gets at least one point. But- Atlanta lost earlier today
  15. YESS!! I can't express how happy I am that we won tonight... THANK YOU HURRICANES!!
  16. I LOVE THIS ONE!!!! Another french canadien thing.. (different from the taxi driver)
  17. What about this thread? http://forums.carolinahurricanes.com/jforu.../list/6080.page "Who's your favorite cane?"
  18. Okay good. I thought they would be down all day! Seriously.. what would I do? This is my life.. haha.
  19. 2.10.07 VERY important games tonight.. sorry I haven't been on top of this latley.. But I'd like to give an honorable game from last night: Tampa Bay Lightning: 0 FINAL New York Rangers: 5 Good Job Rangers! Keep us Canes in 7th/2nd place!! Tonights games: 3:30PM EST Anahiem Ducks: Dallas Stars: : 7:00PM EST New York Islanders: Boston Bruins: 7:00PM EST Calgary Flames: Buffalo Sabres: 7:00PM EST Pittsburg Penguins: Toronto Maple Leafs: 7:00PM EST Ottawa Senators: Montreal Canadiens: 7:00PM EST St Louis Blues: Philadelphia Flyers: 7:00PM EST New York Rangers: Washington Capitals: 7:30PM EST Pheonix Coyotes: Florida Panthers: 8:00PM EST Los Angeles Kings: Nashville Predators: 8:00PM EST Carolina Hurricanes: Minnesota Wild: 10:00PM EST Atlanta Thrashers: Vancouver Canucks:
  20. GOOD. I was soooo nervous yesterday hoping Tampa Bay would lose... THANK YOU NEW YORK RANGERS!!!
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