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  1. Regardless of who my favorite team is (um, sabres all the way), my stomach still sank when i was watching this game with my boyfriend last night, you never like to see someone down like that on the ice, especially someone with a history of neck injuries. I'm just glad he's doing better and hope he'll be able to come back soon for you guys! Take care Cole!
  2. Uh...what are you talking about there are still tickets available. They sold out the entire playoff run before they even MADE it into the playoffs! From the Buffalo News: "As in the first round, the games of Round Two were sold out even before the Sabres took the ice to start their playoff run. While the team has no tickets to sell, Gilbert said, resourceful fans are finding ways to get their hands on the hottest tickets in town.
  3. ^^that is hilarious. i REALLY hope it's sarcasm.
  4. No, not start a riot, just let them know whose house they're in and who's boss. It's hockey, not a tea party. Retaliation is to be expected.
  5. My Two Cents: Last night was a perfect example of the way hockey used to be, and still should be in my opinion. Call me barbaric, but that's the game I grew up watching and miss! Lindy did the right thing as a coach, and any coach with half a brain would EXPECT him to put Peters and Mair in right after a hit like that, why the Sens coach left his skilled players in was a completely idiotic move. They stick up for eachother as a team, and you guys can call them "classless" all you want but I completely disagree. If you're willing to put yourself on the line to revenge one of your friends/teammates/players, I think that's pretty commendable. Peters, Mair and yes even Biron floored me last night, and I'm proud to say that THAT'S MY TEAM! I would love it we played you guys again in the playoffs!! PS: we tend to eat babies, so don't bring your children.
  6. Hey wins are wins in my book! We just work really well in the pressures of overtime/shootout situations. That's where our boys thrive. I'm not gonna lie, it's gonna be tough without Miller and Max, I'm a little nervous.
  7. I will indeed be there tonight, along w/ 5, actually 7 of my friends from Buffalo too. We promise to behave, but the first mutterance of "Scott Norwood" "Wide Right" or "Brett Hull" will be met with great distain and wrath. It should be a great game!! See you there!
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