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  1. The day before the ECF started we had a Moderate Earthquake (4.7) here in Southern California and my Signed Rod Brindamour Lithiograph that I won from this website during the 05-06 season fell off the wall and shattered. I knew that couldn't be a good sign.
  2. Id keep Jussi because he will come with a huge discount. Larose is a goner as he will sign for the money and he deserves it he just won't get it here. I see detroit in his future because A) hes from there and they will pay 2.5 for a third liner who can kill penaltys. Cole should sign with the first team that offers him 2 mil+ a season, JR TAKE NOTE! Do not sign Cole for more than 2 mil a season. I see Cole with the Habs or Toronto, Habs cause he kills there and both teams because they overpay for guys whoes best years are behind them
  3. we'll get them next time. Our team doesn't know how to play if the odds aren't stacked totally against them. Now that the mainstream media will be saying how this is a new series and the Bruins have new life the canes will be in thier comfort zone as the underdogs.
  4. Aparently no one noticed that they failed to finish the game last night. They treated the last goal like it was sudden death OT but since it was a goal in regulation there should at least have been a puck drop.
  5. Unlike Sidney Crosby, I think Jokinen plays for the name on the back, not the logo in the front
  6. I say we pick up the girl "The Bachelor" put on waivers the other day
  7. They do know they have some games left to play this season right?
  8. well we can scratch leopold off the list but then again we didnt need another underperforming defensman
  9. While I think Mo has exceeded expectations, I still hope that he is just here for the rest of the season. Mo should only be taken in small doses and I think he might have found a niche for himself as a Interim coach. Plenty of teams can their coaches during the season and Maurice could be the guy to bridge the gap to a real coach. Im still concerned that we will start to see the perfect shot rear its ugly head if the team falls back into another funk. On the flip side, Staal, Ruutu, Samsonov, Babchuck, and Larose have all stepped up their game, (Babchuck and Larose via getting actual playing time) and that can be traced back to about when Maurice came in. did someone light a fire under them or did Maurice's coaching skills get them to produce who knows? On a related side note Kudos to Justin Williams Rehab people, he hasnt lost a step
  10. Here's how that conversation went, Maurice: Larose! your moving down to the fourth line Larose: What? well was it because I wasnt scoring enough? Maurice: No, your actually scoring more than we could hope for Larose: Well is it my work ethic? Maurice: No, you give it all every shift? Larose: Was it the Chad? (see Tom Green in charlies angles)
  11. All of you who are galloping around on your High Horses calling us Fair weather fans need to look at what we are really saying. We are not mad a Lavi being let go it is that a proven failure has been given the coaching job of our team. There is no logical reason for why JR did this.
  12. This Just in I found JR's short list for coach John Tortarella Sarah Palin Stormy Tripp Tracy Paul Maurice
  13. I bet he could still play, he did the olympics what two years ago
  14. Hey we also need a goalie since ward is out, whats Irbe doin?
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