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  1. Santa's presents were always unwrapped when I was a kid and they are still unwrapped for my son. His name goes on a chair and Santa puts all the gifts there with the stocking in front. He did the same for me when I was a kid. Santa pretty much sticks to tradition at my house.
  2. afan4ever

    And now...

    Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite all time ever comic....I can't wait until my four year old likes them as much as I.
  3. I went to McDonalds one night - it was a Friday - and they were out of fries!!!! I called the manager - on Monday - because it seemed to weird for McDonalds to run out of all things fries and he said that their order was shorted and none of the other McDonalds in a two hour drive had any to spare!
  4. The one cent tip is a sign of really good service for the french ) At least up here anyway.
  5. The only thing about not reporting your experience to management is that they may never find out. The waiter/waitress could either void the bill themselves or make up a story about why it has to be voided. What you could have done is call the next day and speak to a manager and tell them your experience. I am surprised that you walked right by your waiter and it never clued with him that you did not pay.
  6. No, but he came out between the two benches and exchanged words with Janssen.
  7. Coach Maurice told the guys on the bench after the hit that they couldn't loose Thomas and the game as well....and they didn't!! Tucker was a little p***** as well... and he wasn't even playing. The two teams meet next March 20th. Should be interesting.
  8. The waiting list in Edmonton for season tickets is 3-5 years....yup, the market is definitely exhausted out there. :roll:
  9. If she is over doing it, she could be retaining fluid. Are her ankles swollen? I was the same when I was pregnant, especially that late in the pregnancy. Makes sure she rests with her feet up a bit more....I know with a little one at home that would be next to impossible but she should really try.
  10. You can not have him...as much as I like the Canes you can not have one of my Oilers!!!! He has to stay in Edmonton...he just has to. To quote 300 "because I said so"
  11. Ok...here goes: Brindy/Brindy/Brindy/Jwillie/Brindy/Grahamn/Brindy.
  12. Gretzky didn't need size...he had Dave Semenko and later Marty McSorley to kick anyone's a** that messed with him.
  13. Hmmm...maybe...hmmmm...could it be....hmmmmm...the Oilers???? :wink:
  14. afan4ever

    Q & A with 107

    What are the reasons for throwing a player out of the face-off?
  15. Chocolate...definitely chocolate.....in anything - squares/cookies/cakes. I f I could find a way to put it in a salad I would.
  16. I believe that if you read the rules you, as a man do not have that right. :wink:
  17. ^^But oh so true....and very accurate :thumbup:
  18. Ah, no, Edmonton does not want the loser back...Anaheim can keep him!!!
  19. I think I read on the Oilers board that MacTavish is one of the coaches but I am not sure if the person was kidding or not.
  20. afan4ever


    Well, he has definitely gotten better with age!!!
  21. http://www.cbc.ca/news/story/2006/04/27/br...our_060427.html An interesting article about Brindy from CBC this fall, I think.
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