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  1. Why? It's just a discussion thread. It's just that we can talk about anything we want.
  2. Lot's of great things have certainly happened at Rexall
  3. OMG! I'm stuck here trying to listen to it. Thanks So much!
  4. Thanks, I honestly think that this is one of the better official NHL message boards. If not the best. The quality of the posters here is great! BTW, you are welcome into my house anytime as well
  5. I'm doing fine . I'm a direhard oiler fan and I have to say, I am impressed by the classieness of the fans here. You are much better than the canetrolls that we had down at the oilers forums
  6. How is everybody's Tuesday going?
  7. Maybe you can sign up and make some canes posts?
  8. There are plenty of new posts elsewhere. Thanks for the suggestion.
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