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  1. Granlund is this drafts best playmaker and the smartest player.
  2. I think he will be a amazing second round pick, he was a year ago in second overall rank in 2010 draft but dropped in ranking due the injury he had on his wrist, but now he is at full health.
  3. Teemu Pulkkinen is a really talented player, he will be a big name in the near future. 6 games and 10 goals and 5 assists total of 15 points in U-18 World junior championships this year, hattrick at bronze medal game against Russia.
  4. I think that without Whitney, Staal, Pitkanen and maybe Ruutu, Jussi would not be such good goal scorer like now. Glad that he is doing well after ruff time in Tampa bay etc..
  5. Granlund playing with Pitkanen and Jokinen, i could see them doing some damage to other teams ^^
  6. Osala is a good player and skilled, Carolina made a good deal. When he played in Finland he was one of the best young players then, but i dont know what he is now, lets wait and see. He has won the Calder Cup, thats a plus. Bad thing is that he gets into fights some times.. and loses
  7. [quote name='romansperson wrote: Mygy']Hi guys! I'm from Finland and i'm so excited about this, i gotta get tickets to both games as soon as they're available. I can also help you with some questions if you have any, about Finland? Helsinki(i live here)? Hartwall arena? anything at all? So many questions! What will the weather be like in October? If you were showing someone around Helsinki, what would you show them? Where would you take them to eat? What hotel would you stay in there? Would people appreciate it if you tried to learn a little Finnish, or would they laugh at you for being bad at speaking it? How far outside the city center is Hartwall Arena? I assume you can get public transportation to it, right? I'm excited too of the CAR - MIN match-up. Too bad that i cant go to see it because im going to army service on summer (Unless i have a holiday from there at that weekend) but i can help you with some of the questions. Weather at october can be pretty cold, there is no snow (Usually) but it is cold. There is alot of art statues around the city and lot of sophisticated restaurants, the statues are boring so you could go see the city and its shops. Someone else could help you with the hotels because i dont know many hotels actually i know 2 hotels in Finland ^^ Dont worry theres lot more hotels. If you try to learn little Finnish go for it, people dont mind. Hartwall arena isnt far from the center of the city, you can get there easily by train or bus I'm sorry for the bad english writing but atleast i tried to help ^^ Näkemiin! (And that means good bye in finnish)
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