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  1. Yeah just a depth signing, and you are correct, Ian White wore number 7, but Roy won't be a replacement for Rodney since he doesn't play for us anymore.
  2. Check out this article about Patrick O'Sullivan's life so far http://www.cbc.ca/fifth/whoselifeisit/story.html pretty heart wrenching stuff. I hope he turns into an awesome player for us
  3. I soooo called this waaaay back during the summer. I knew sooner or later he'd be a Hurricane. Now whether it's good or not remains to be seen but I'm not surprised at all about this signing.
  4. I like it, I guess our guys will be wearing this on their jersey's all season Kind of a side question, if we were to make it to the Stanley Cup finals would we replace the All-Star patch with the Stanley Cup patch, or wear them both? Kind of a question with no real importance just curious.
  5. I remember when I was in school at App, driving 3 hours to go to a "free" pre-season game and once I got there couldn't get in because they had given out all of the tickets. The arena ended up being only a fraction full but they still wouldn't let me in because they had given out like 10 tickets to each person that came up to get one. Man that day sucked. On the plus side I ended up going to a bar and watching the Carolina Panthers beat the New England Patriots.
  6. Hey is there any way you can post your wall paper so that we can compare it? I'm just curious to see how blatant it is
  7. I was thinking something similar. He'll probably be the back up, but this is just a way of protecting the team and our budget just in case he's not quiet up to the task of being in the NHL full time. Although if/when he does do really well, we've got a good bargain in him.
  8. Well if you believe what you read only about 5-6 more million, or some where around 43-45 mil for this season. Right up against the Cap floor
  9. Almost reminds me of the 1994 New York Oilers team, without the skill. Anyway you look at it, I think Atlanta is going to be a pretty good team this year.
  10. This indeed a sad day if what well think is about to happen, happens. I only hope everyone's speculation is correct and we'll see Roddy still with the organization like Ronnie Franchise.
  11. This stings as much as any thing possibly can. Brind'Amour has had a great career over all, not just here in Carolina. But the above post is right. In a season where we're trying to cut costs significantly we can't be paying a guy 3 million dollars to score 5 goals. I love Roddy and will always cherish the memory of seeing him hoist the Stanley Cup at the RBC Center, but unfortunately it's time for both parties to move on. I hate that Ruddy has to have the crap end of the stick, but it's really not his fault. He's unfortunately just a victim of time and Jim Rutherford’s terrible contract negotiating with older players.
  12. Kind of a change of subject away from Brindy, but I see that Edmonton put Patrick O'Sullivan on waivers. I see he kind of under-produced this season but what about bringing the first and only Tar Heel to play in the NHL back to the old north state? I know about the issues with him and his dad buuuut, I don't know maybe we could get his game turned around.
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