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  1. DAVID!!!!!! You're back! We've missed you lots and lots and lots and lots!!! I've lost your email address when I got the new computer, you have to mail me with it!

  2. hey hey! how've you been david? still in training or have you graduated already? i forgot to tell you that in february i went skydiving! it was such an amazing experience.. i can see why you enjoy it so much now!

  3. Hey!!! Long time no talk! How have you been?

  4. Hey! Im so happy with the new boards! the other one was very annoying to use! And of course having the "old" names again works better! I have been following Roli quite a bit! Its so awesome to see how good he still is! Im happy for him, with his biggest threat now gone to the Rangers! Ive followed Jussi too btw he really is sensational in the Swiss league! and im happy to have Jim VdM on the team!

  5. Hey, glad to see many people have their old usernames back so it's easier to find people again! :) How have you been? Have you still been following Roli this past year? I definitely have, and have been so happy for him. Hope he's making the Oil (and fans!) miss him! :P

  6. Hi! Im doing great, im super excited to see the new boards! how are you doing yourself?

  7. hey man how have you been? =]

  8. Hiya!

    Just sent you a PM about it, but i just read in a comment you're having difficulties with the pm, so ill post a comment too: my postcount is really low due to the change, it was around 5500 i believe...could you change that?

    Great work on the new boards, im back for sure now!

  9. Yeah, im really hoping to see the "old" crew return! you can count me in for sure!

  10. Good to see you David. I'm hoping a few of us regulars come back here now that it's decent to use.

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