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  1. Ha, I was just about to post that. I guess some people are geographically challenged. I enjoyed John and Tripp's conversation about Polish food right in the middle of a flurry in front of the net a few games ago.
  2. Wow, this is great news. Our team definatley had a hole in it last year when Cullen left. Even though he didn't do too great with the Rangers last season, I think he can come in and have a huge impact on our team this season. Especially in the shootout. Welcome Back Matt!!!
  3. Wow, pretty nice. The Ballerina part was genius!!!
  4. Wow, I feel like such an idiot, sitting there and pressing the button for 10 minutes
  5. Looks like some sleet has started to fall in my area.
  6. :lol:WHAT??? You are so lucky. I don't have it anymore. Grrrrr......
  7. Yeah, when they told us we would get 3" at the most if anything, and we wake up with 2' on the ground.
  8. I just ran outside in bare feet. This is great. We haven't had that much snow down here in a while. The last time I saw snow was.... my last trip up to Buffalo. :mrgreen:
  9. Wow, like 4 days ago it was 72 degress. Wow.
  10. yep, its snowing and Wake County Schools are closed. Haha No school today. I also hope that everyone that has to drive on the roads is careful....be safe.
  11. Not sure what thats about, Babs is a big help to the team. He plays in all situations, powerplay, PK, and has a killer of a slapshot. Not to mention that he is only 22, and definatley responds well to instruction and has a desire to learn and to get better at the game. Hutchinson on the other hand is good on the powerplay, but can't do a darn thing when he is actually playing D. Personally Babchuck is one of my favorites, so I definatley don't want to see him go. Just IMO.
  12. Yeah, Im Ric Flair at the moment! WOOOOOOOOO!
  13. I'll be in my usual sec 324, assuming I don't die in a fiery crash involving a gas explosion. We should be able to take advantage of the Caps, but every time we meet a team on a losing streak, it seems like we lose, so lets hope that trend is changed.
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