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  1. Keepers:Staal, Ward, Pitkenen, Corvo, Jokinen, Cullen. Sign:Babchuk, Seidinberg, Larose, all 3 year, 7 million a piece. Ruutu at 3 years, 10 mill. By the way all trades for players are assuming they are either signed or resigned like a sign and trade. Trade 1:Leighton, 4th to florida for Craig Anderson. Trade 2:Cole, Samsonov, 1st to Atlanta for Kovalchuk. Trade 3:Brindamour, Gleason to Dallas for Trevor Daly and a 2nd. Sign Mike Komiserik for 3 years, 13.5 million. Trade 4:Pat Eaves, Matt Walker, 5th to Ottawa for Mike Comrie, 4th Trade 5:Boychuk, Boyer, 2nd to Columbu for Huselius, 1st. Kovy-Staal-Ruutu Huselius-Comrie-Whitney Jokinen-Cullen-Larose Dwyer-Helminen-Ryan/Bowman Pitkenen-Komiserik Corvo-Seidenberg Daly-Babchuk Cam Ward Craig Anderson. Thoughts?
  2. Oh you mean like leighton is a good goalie? wow, I didnt think anyone agreed with mee. Geez you people are harsh
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