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  1. Why is it that we are only playing four exhibition games, two of which are against a team I think we play more than enough times as it is? Pittsburgh and Columbus, for example, have 7 or 8 games a piece, and their schedules are varied. I mean, come on, the Trashers and the Preds? That's IT?
  2. I think it's interesting that Chad's listed here, as if he's a semi unknown in the sense that he's not one of the "big names" come July 1 such as Jay Bowmeester. The thing is, I think Chad's an even BIGGER name on the market because of how many teams want his grit, and he's more affordable. Few will be able to offer JayBo what he is looking for and can get, which is the $7mil range last I heard. On the other hand, how many teams can afford $2-2.5 mil? For all who say Chad isn't worth that, I say look beyond the point totals. Look at the energy he brings to whatever line he plays on. He played on every line this season, and was productive on all of them. He scored shorties, and the difference making goals and assists during the season AND the playoffs. Columbus is said to have him on their radar, and like others, Pittsburgh as well. His style of play would fit in GREAT with both of those organizations, but I'm not sure Pittsburgh has the money. Columbus probably does though, and I'd guess a guy like Commodore would be a strong supporter of him coming there. As for Detroit? I hope he doesn't go there. I don't see Detroit offering him 2.5 mil, but I could be wrong. He might be from there, but there is no love for the hometown team, and he's been quoted in interviews as such. I recall an interview during a game (possibly Edmonton last fall?) where he said he hated the Wings. Money heals some old wounds, but not all. As for me, I'm anxiously awaiting July 1.
  3. Thanks! Not my best work, but being in a new arena always has challenges.
  4. I'm glad you enjoyed them. Their arena had weird lighting I never got a handle on.
  5. If anyone wants to buy just ONE ticket, make me your best offer by PM. I just hate for a ticket like this to go to waste!
  6. Channel 40 I think... but they barely show half the games it seems. Center Ice is the way to go, despite the high cost. I'd be lost without it! (Then again, I follow a Western Conference team as much if not more than the Canes) I've always wanted to find a hockey-friendly bar in Charlotte to watch games, but no luck so far.
  7. Actually, I doubt that the Panthers are advertising on the beer... it's the other way around. Miller Lite is paying to be a sponsor of the Panthers, and in turn getting the rights to use their image on their product. They theoretically sell more product with the special branding. So if the Canes have an official partnership with a beer company, maybe it will happen.
  8. I'm a STH, thankyouverymuch. The NHL as a whole needs to figure out how to make money other than by ticket sales. The best way? A TV deal that isn't a JOKE.
  9. My point exactly. And honestly? I don't think 1 million is too much. That's not even 2% of JR's alleged budget, and only 1.8% of the actual Cap. He's totally worth that much in contributions to the team. I realize he's usually a fourth line player, but he's ENERGY and he gives so much to the team.
  10. First of all, let me preface this with a comment that I love Seidenberg, and think he has a lot to offer. But the bottom line is he was a guy who only played what, 50 games or so last year and garnered a handful of assists? He played through a lot of injuries, but he was ALSO a healthy scratch a lot of the time (although, I truly believe Kaberle should have been the healthy scratch, not Seidenberg, but that's neither here nor there) We are throwing 1.2 million at the guy, an RFA, for one year. That's a 50% raise over his salary last season. LaRose on the other hand, was given a minimum 10% increase from what I've heard via different blogs, etc. So he's going to arbitration. I firmly support this. I think he showed grit and had a decent number of points and even a hat trick in one of his last games, despite missing a chunk of games with a broken leg (which IMO is less risky than an injury like a shoulder or knee. Bones heal and rarely come back as a reoccuring injury) I think it's horrible we won't spend the $$ on LaRose, but will offer Seidenberg this kind of money. But the REAL beef I have with the Canes right now is this "budget" that JR has, which is $9 mil below the actual cap. When you look at our salaries, we arent paying anyone teams like Chicago or Pittsburgh are, and we're freaking out over being 7 million BELOW the actual cap? You can't win if you don't spend. I'm sorry. I'm sick and tired of hearing baout JR's budget. If we want to contend, we've got to pay the guys we have what they are worth to keep them. LaRose doesn't deserve a multi million contract, but a fair raise that shows his contributions to the team is certainly in order. He played on the first two lines when our "stars" were hurt. He has grit and is pesky in that great way that makes me love him more. Just my $0.02
  11. Im a diehard Oilers fan (and Canes STH), and I think the Oilers got the better end of the deal, but I've never really been a fan of Pitkanen. He wanted more than the Oilers wanted to pay, and didn't have the numbers to back up that figure. He was supposed to be this incredible puck moving D-man, and he was kind of worthless last year as an Oiler. Maybe he'll do better in Raleigh, but the Oilers with Cole... that is going to be awesome.
  12. I was just thinking that. I think 2.25 is fair in today's market, and this might solidify him getting traded to a place like Vancouver like everyone keeps talking about.
  13. I'm not going to comment on the blog, other than interesting... As to the $200K savings, sure, in the whole scheme of things it's not a lot of cash being saved, but it IS two contract spots on the limited roster the Canes are allowed to have. I have no idea how many they can have signed, and how many they do, but two spots is significant.
  14. I can't find the link, just the comment in Luke's blog saying they could get a bit more $$ if they did take the team there... I can't find where I read it though. Bah. I suck.
  15. I heard he was taking the team to salary arbitration... while in theory I understand that process, I'm not sure who his "peers" will be when the arbitration committee evaluates him among his peers. I have no clue who would be listed as someone with comprable experience with a similar draft position, which in his case as we all know, was he wasn't drafted.
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