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  1. Oh come on Hillcat, that blarp bit was funny and all in fun!! You're just mad that I made fun of your precious NASCAR!!! You should know enough about me by now to know that it was not malicious at all. Innocent banter, though I apologize for bypassing the filter, I'm sure I could have came up with a cleaner acronym...

  2. wow never knew you got a warn status for standing up for your beliefs LAMER!

  3. I can't say enough how much I LOVE your avatar!! lolololol! Awesome!

  4. I can't say enough how much I LOVE your avatar!! lolololol! Awesome!

  5. thank you dog... Six, I don't know about the young part... I'm 46.. LOL. Doing a mid0life career change after getting laid-off from American Airlines. At least now that I have a nursing license, I don't have to worry about lay-offs!
  6. I follow the Oilers too. Fans there have been calling for MacT's scalps since about October. No real surprise it happened. They even had a "Fire MacT" thread with over 800 posts on it.
  7. Thank you.. Now I can put on my red cape and go save the world...right?
  8. If I remember correct, Marty McSorely broke his ankle once when he got out of a car and slipped on some ice... couldn't help but snicker a little at the irony... a pro hockey player slipping on ice getting out of a car and breaking his ankle...
  9. Can't believe they even tried to charge him for that... that really STINKS..
  10. What are the rules an catagories this year? I remember last year it got suspene part way through the season..
  11. I've always been a Yankees hater... but I still hate to see this piece of Americana go away. I agree though, would have been nice if the last game of the season had been Yankees-Red Sox
  12. Cool deal. I'm in Owasso, just north of Tulsa. Sooners off to a great start. Three games and put a half a hundred on each of them. Next up TCU, then start conference play with Baylor. Then the BIG ONE...TEXAS! Would love to see OU hang half a hundred on the horns...
  13. As for intro music with the black jerseys, this would be a natural... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXaZmY52gHM
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