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  1. thank you dog... Six, I don't know about the young part... I'm 46.. LOL. Doing a mid0life career change after getting laid-off from American Airlines. At least now that I have a nursing license, I don't have to worry about lay-offs!
  2. I follow the Oilers too. Fans there have been calling for MacT's scalps since about October. No real surprise it happened. They even had a "Fire MacT" thread with over 800 posts on it.
  3. Thank you.. Now I can put on my red cape and go save the world...right?
  4. If I remember correct, Marty McSorely broke his ankle once when he got out of a car and slipped on some ice... couldn't help but snicker a little at the irony... a pro hockey player slipping on ice getting out of a car and breaking his ankle...
  5. Can't believe they even tried to charge him for that... that really STINKS..
  6. What are the rules an catagories this year? I remember last year it got suspene part way through the season..
  7. I've always been a Yankees hater... but I still hate to see this piece of Americana go away. I agree though, would have been nice if the last game of the season had been Yankees-Red Sox
  8. Cool deal. I'm in Owasso, just north of Tulsa. Sooners off to a great start. Three games and put a half a hundred on each of them. Next up TCU, then start conference play with Baylor. Then the BIG ONE...TEXAS! Would love to see OU hang half a hundred on the horns...
  9. As for intro music with the black jerseys, this would be a natural... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXaZmY52gHM
  10. My prediction- My beloved Oklahoma Sooners will go undefeated and win the championship this year. Stoops is tired of losing in the big one and is doing some new things this year. We put half a hundred on the first 3 teams we played (granted the first two were pretty weak, and Washington is not on top right now). We have some tough games ahead, but I think we'll continue to roll.
  11. Just to set it all straight, I'm a Canes fan, not a hater. I just happened to notice the one flag and thought it odd. Being from Oklahoma, we don't get many Hurricanes here. I didn't mean to insult anyone or the team. it was just something I noticed.
  12. my wife came in and peered over my shoulder at this, then said "Only you would sit there and pick the fly *edit* out of the pepper like that".
  13. no worries Tang... Here is Tulsa we have the Golden Hurricanes of Univ. of Tulsa (how a school 600 miles inland adopted Hurricanes for a logo I'll never know). But they always run the field with the two flag configuration after a touchdown. Plus I remembered reading it in a book about signal flags.. maybe at the beach whoever is in charge of the flags has already left before putting up the second one.. LOL
  14. Here's what I found on it: source- http://flagspot.net/flags/us-storm.html''>http://flagspot.net/flags/us-storm.html' target="_blank">http://flagspot.net/flags/us-storm.html[/post]
  15. I just noticed something. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. But isn't a hurricane warning flag supposed to be TWO red and black pannants? A single red and black pennant is for a tropical storm.. I went and looked at my canes jersey and it's the same way there, just one flag.. Maybe that's why we didn't make the playoffs- we got downgraded to a tropical storm... LOL
  16. A belated Happy New Year to you all.
  17. For me, probably Hilly, or just Cat
  18. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukah! And a wonderful new year to all my new friends.. May the Cane's have a need to make space for a 2nd cup
  19. Thanks for the props folks. I had fun working on it. I can't post mine on here, a little too risque'. I have several designs in drawn up, just got to pick one.
  20. whoops! ok.. fixed it on the pic.. was an easy fix. thanks for the heads up.
  21. I heard they were moving to Moose Jaw Saskatchewon. New team name to be the Bones. So they'll be the Moose Jaw Bones. I read it on the internet so it has to be true right? /sarcasm alert/
  22. hillcat


    Good info to know.. Customer service has gotten beyond bad anymore. I've spent the past 3 days argueing with Hewlett-Packard tech support over my laptop. Each time, I talk to someone in India that I can barely understand. FInally today I had enough and turned it up about 5 notches. Ended up talking to a case manager in Oregon that I could actually understand and didn't have to spend half the time saying "huh? press what?". Within 20 minutes the problem was resolved. I always try to be polite when dealing with customer service people, but sometimes you just have to turn it up a few notches to make yourself heard.
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