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  1. Although I am mainly a Badger fan......

    Boomer Sooner!!!!! I lived in Tulsa for 7 years!!

    Cool deal. I'm in Owasso, just north of Tulsa.

    Sooners off to a great start. Three games and put a half a hundred on each of them.

    Next up TCU, then start conference play with Baylor. Then the BIG ONE...TEXAS! Would love to see OU hang half a hundred on the horns...

  2. My prediction- My beloved Oklahoma Sooners will go undefeated and win the championship this year. Stoops is tired of losing in the big one and is doing some new things this year. We put half a hundred on the first 3 teams we played (granted the first two were pretty weak, and Washington is not on top right now). We have some tough games ahead, but I think we'll continue to roll.

  3. I just knew that it would keep being brought up, too, which is why I posted the answer provided by the team officials during the press conference and confirmed by Wikipedia all the way back on page 11 before anyone even said anything.

    It's not much different than the stuff being spread by those wanting to insult the SE Division that keep saying that only one team ever makes the playoffs, and only makes it in because they won the division. History proves that there is usually two teams in more often than one, and no team has ever been in the playoffs that wouldn't have made it in with their record. Yet it's been repeated so often that even many of us fans from the division believe it to be true if we don't know any better.

    Let's stop this false rumor by the 'haters'! The one flag is a hurricane flag. Heck, we've dealt with enough hurricanes here in NC to know better ourselves.

    And not saying anyone posting here is a 'hater' - just that this rumor was started by those who want to do nothing more than put down our team, and we should squash this rumor with the truth any time we see it.

    Just to set it all straight, I'm a Canes fan, not a hater. I just happened to notice the one flag and thought it odd. Being from Oklahoma, we don't get many Hurricanes here. I didn't mean to insult anyone or the team. it was just something I noticed.

  4. I'm just going with what I've seen on the beach before hurricanes. :)

    no worries Tang...

    Here is Tulsa we have the Golden Hurricanes of Univ. of Tulsa (how a school 600 miles inland adopted Hurricanes for a logo I'll never know). But they always run the field with the two flag configuration after a touchdown. Plus I remembered reading it in a book about signal flags..

    maybe at the beach whoever is in charge of the flags has already left before putting up the second one.. LOL

  5. Any flag with the black square in the middle is a hurricane flag. Tropical storm is just the red. At least that's what I've seen when I lived on the outer banks

    Here's what I found on it:


    Each U.S. Storm Signal Set consists of 2 Hurricane Flags and 2 Gale Pennants. They are used as follows:

    Type Wind Speed

    1 pennant small craft

    warning up to 38 mph

    2 pennants gale

    warning 39-54 mph

    1 flag storm/whole gale

    warning 55-73 mph

    2 flags hurricane

    warning 74+ mph

    source- http://flagspot.net/flags/us-storm.html''>http://flagspot.net/flags/us-storm.html' target="_blank">http://flagspot.net/flags/us-storm.html[/post]

  6. Good info to know.. Customer service has gotten beyond bad anymore. I've spent the past 3 days argueing with Hewlett-Packard tech support over my laptop. Each time, I talk to someone in India that I can barely understand. FInally today I had enough and turned it up about 5 notches. Ended up talking to a case manager in Oregon that I could actually understand and didn't have to spend half the time saying "huh? press what?". Within 20 minutes the problem was resolved. I always try to be polite when dealing with customer service people, but sometimes you just have to turn it up a few notches to make yourself heard.

  7. Where did you get those anyway?

    That's classified.. I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you....

    Seriously, it's here: http://www.goaliestore.com/board/equipment-forum/''>http://www.goaliestore.com/board/equipment-forum/' target="_blank">http://www.goaliestore.com/board/equipment-forum/[/post]

    the goalie store has a forum for goalies. I have a post on there getting votes for my new mask under pick my paint job. check it out.

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