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  1. Winner: Canes Game winner: Cole Most shots: Canes First goal scorers: Canes: Staal Capitals: ovechkin Score: Canes: 3 Capitals: 1 Goal Scorers: Canes: Whitney, Cole, Staal Capitals: Ovechkin, Number of Powerplays: Canes: 7 Capitals: 5 Powerplay Goal Scorers: Canes: Cole Capitals: None
  2. Winner: Canes Game winner: Cole Most shots: philthy First goal scorers: Canes: Staal Flyers: Briere Score: Canes: 4 Flyers: 2 Goal Scorers: Canes: Staal (2), Walker, Cole Flyers: Briere, Upshall Number of Powerplays: Canes: 8 Flyers: 7 Powerplay Goal Scorers: Canes: cole Flyers: none
  3. cool deal caniac! I live in Owasso, just north of Tulsa. The Sooners are beating Ok. State 42-17 with 9 minutes left in the game. Too bad we lost to Texas Tech last week, we'd be a contender for the championship.
  4. I need one of those milk cartons for the Tulsa Oilers. We're 3-9 so far this season. Doing our best impression of being fuzzy bunnys (road kill) everytime we hit the ice. Last nights game went like this. 1st period- 0 shots on goal 2nd period 4 shots 3rd period 9 shots score- rocky mount 4 tulsa 0. here's a clue guys, you don't shoot, you don't score
  5. I said yeah. let him play.. He did his suspension, time to move on.
  6. Looks like I'm the lone voice of disention today.. and I really hope I'm wrong, at least on my pick of the winner!
  7. Calgary- I have an EX girlfriend from Calgary... she's enough reason to hate the whole damn city for having produced her! Plus I like Edmonton for my west team...
  8. Winner: CAPS (5-3) I hate to go against my team, but i got a gut feeling about it. Caps have a new coach. Watched them in Philly today, they looked really good. Game winner: Ovechkin Most shots: Caps First goal scorers: Canes: Staal Capitals: Ovechkin Score: Canes: 3 Caps 5 Goal Scorers: Canes: Staal, Cole, Stillman Capitals: Backstrom, Nylander, Ovechkin (2), Kozlov Number of Powerplays: Canes: 7 Capitals: 5 Powerplay Goal Scorers: Canes: Staal Capitals: Ovechkin
  9. Canes win 4-2 first goal Brindy. game winner Staal. other scores. Whitney. 2 for Staal TB goals lecalvier, richards PP for canes 8 pp for TB 6 most shots canes no power play goals
  10. NO WAY!! I avoid shopping MAULS (not mispelled) like the clap the day after Thanksgiving. It's like "I can lay in a nice warm bed snuggled up with my wife, or I can stand out in sub-freezing temperatures with a hundred or so other people, any of whom would try and beat the hell out of me if I tried to get something they wanted" ... Ummm. I choose option A, stay in bed!
  11. canes win 2-1 brindy, staal score canes get 6 PP
  12. Winner: Canes Game winner: Staal Most shots: Canes First goal scorers: Canes: Staal Lightning: Lecavlier Score: Canes: 4 Lightning: 3 Goal Scorers: Canes: Staal, Whitney, Brindy, Cole Lightning: Lecavlier Number of Powerplays: Canes: 8 Lightning: 5 Powerplay Goal Scorers: Canes: Cole
  13. My Oklahoma Sooners put a serious beating on Texas A&M saturday night, 42-14.. Gotta love that Sooner Magic
  14. hillcat

    Official NFL Thread

    WOW.. just checked my fantasy football team.. the only player I had active early was Adrian Peterson, my other 8 players are later today or tonight. Peterson got me 46 points alone! my opponent this week got 67 TOTAL for all 9 players in the early games. I think this one will go as a win. No wonder I'm in first place in my league!!
  15. Canes win 3-0 1st goal Staal. goals by Staal, Brindy, and Cole goal scorers for washington- none canes get 6 PP. brindy PP goal caps get 5 PP, no goals canes outshoot stickin my neck WAY out here on this one!
  16. yeah.. kind of makes all of us look bad
  17. the boat from Columbia must have docked recently down there... these guys are whack jobs!
  18. no kidding, all the tact of a rattlesnake
  19. Hmmm.. maybe we could send him to Arena Football.. through in some cash and they might go for it.. I'll kick in $5 to get it started!
  20. Canes to win Staal first goal, most goals. brindy game winner. Canes outshoot side prediction of my own. Tulsa Oilers vs. Oklahoma City Blazers tonight. Oilers win. Christiansen 1st goal. 3 fights. I know no points for it, but will be fun to see if I get it right.. UPDATED 11:54 pm CDT.. I hit 2 of 3. Oilers won 3-2, Christian first goal, no fights though.
  21. that would have been a good time to give a demonstration on how one gets instigator and fighting penalties. LOL
  22. Hmmmm... and they play again Saturday night... anyone ever heard the saying "Payback is a Medi-vac?"
  23. the camera gave up the ghost.. DOA.. lost all the pics I had on it too..
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