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  1. I saw that earlier. pretty cool artwork. I wondered why a couple of them were wearing I-tech mask. I've heard goalies refer to those as "the widowmaker".
  2. My son and I went out as hockey players (complete with matching Canes home jerseys). My daughter was a cat. No pics though, not since my son decided to take pictures of the fish in the aquarium from INSIDE the tank. (Water is very bad on digital cameras!)
  3. Sounds like the author's idiot filter got clogged up when he was finishing the article. I love college sports (GO SOONERS!), NASCAR, AND NHL.. nothing says a person has to have only 1 sports interest.
  4. getting my directv installed Monday.. I can't wait. Now I can watch some games!
  5. I voted yes. The fans need to know the leadue is being proactive about officiating. After all, the fans are the ones paying the bills.
  6. Reminds me of John Brophy when he coached the Hampton Roads Admirals in the ECHL
  7. I wonder if we could work out a trade.. send Bettman to the NBA.. what could we get in return??
  8. No kidding.. I have enough trouble with the POWER button...
  9. If anyone gets any extras of these or just doesn't want theirs, I'd like to get a set for my son. Let me know, thanks, Michael
  10. when the kitties come to town next, the fans near the glass need to bring signs with numbers and give scores to the kitties everytime they hit the ice like they do in competition diving... 9.8, 9.7, 9.7, 9.8 and 9.1 from the judge from Chapel Hill
  11. I think it's ok if you have a previous allegiance to a former team that visits. I'm planning to move to Durham next summer to attend Duke. But rest assured, if my beloved Oklahoma Sooners ever come to town, I'll be wearing the crimson and cream.. It still says Oklahoma on my birth certificate.
  12. thanks for the updates. This will make doing the predictions a little easier!
  13. Wasn't it Marty McSorely a few years back that slipped on some ice on a sidewalk getting out of a car and broke his ankle? I could be wrong on the player, but I remember the incident. Thought how ironic it was a hockey player slipping on the ice like that.
  14. I think the 1st one to say "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing." was Vince Lombardi back in the '60s. I know he once said "Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser."
  15. canes 3-0 Staal 1st and game winner canes outshoot. no goals for the kitties most individual shots- Brindy PP- canes- 9 kitties 5 2 goals for Staal, 1 for Brindy I think that covers all the topics.
  16. Gonna stick my neck out here 5-1 in favor of the Canes... I think tonight gave them a reality check and they're gonna take revenge tomorrow. Go Sooners! Beat A&M!
  17. And regardless of whether you choose to sit or stand at that time, you don't snap at a young kid... tap the parent on the shoulder and ask them to sit.. my daughter is autistic. If someone yells, she starts to cry (along with numerous other loud noises- which is shy she's never been to a game).. and if you make my little girl cry, I just might have to make you cry..
  18. cool.. if you know anyone in the canes organization, maybe suggest it to them. I'd love to have that when I move there next year. Like I said, when it's just me and my buddies, I'm not opposed to having a beer and getting loud (not instigating, but not Sunday School either), but when I take my 3 year old son to a game, I don't like him picking up that language. I bet a lot of other families in the area feel the same.. Maybe the Canes management reads these boards now and then???
  19. all depends on how you promote it.. make a family package.. 4 watered down sodas, 4 stale hotdogs (some things are consistant among ALL arenas), and 4 tickets for like $40 or something.. might get enough families to fill a section, ya never know.. I see some guys with just their wives in the Family section cause the wives don't want to hear it either.. anythings workable if you market it right... Of course, having not been to RBC yet, it's somewhat specualtion on my part. But I bet it would go pretty good.
  20. Did he get a warning first or just banned? If he had been warned and continued, then maybe enforce it. If not, maybe cut the guy a break and let him know one more time and he's out for good.
  21. unfortunately it's the bad ones that attract all the attention. Few people notice the ones sitting there, enjoying the game and being polite about it. I haven't had a chance to go to RBC center yet, looking forward to it when I move next year. Do they have police at all the entrances to the arena or just ushers? Here in Tulsa, there's a police officer at every entrance, and if things start getting rowdy, you can count of 4-5 more showing up in under 30 seconds.. I've never seen a fight in the stands, even when we play Okal. City (our most hated rival from 100 miles down the turnpike). Also, they have 1 section (usually in the upper level corner) designated as family section. No alcohol allowed and no profanity. Using profanity will get you 1 warning, second offense you get tossed. When I take my son, I get seats up there. When I go with my buddies, we're down by the glass. Maybe the Canes might want to look at doing something like that.
  22. There's always a few obnoxious fans that give the others, the ones that just want to enjoy the game, a bad name. I doubt ANYTHING will ever top what happened to a University of Texas fan who went into a bar in Norman, Ok. (home of the Oklahoma Sooners) and started bad mouthing OU. Not only did someone in the bar drag him into the parking lot and stomp a mudhole in him, but then the UT fan had one of his testicles literally ripped off...
  23. hmmm...so abnormal lines= abnormal people... got it.. LOL seriously, you have some enormous talent. My hat is off to you.
  24. THe guys did a great job tonight. 6-2. A convincing, beating. Even with the double penalty in the 2nd that resulted in a PP goal. The guys never quit and charged forward. Good job dumping salt on the slugs and watching them squirm.
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