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  1. you're an AWESOME artist... I can't draw a straight line with a ruler... these are really good..
  2. I don't mind the goal horn too much, I kind of like it actually. What I hate is those stupid plastic horns they sell that kids blow whenever they just want to make some noise. Last year here in Tulsa, some kid behind me had one and blew the damn thing every couple of minutes. The final straw came when, after my son fell asleep in his seat toward the end of the game, the brat behind me put the horn about 6 in. from my son's ear and blew it, scaring the crap out of Daniel. The brats parents just sat there and smiled. I told them they needed to do something about their kid. They got the message and moved a few rows back... I love to yell and scream as much as any fun, but I try not to be obnoxious about it either.
  3. I wonder if back when when Macon had their team if the fans chanted Let Make Whoopee!!
  4. I lived in Dallas during the early 80's and went to alot of the Mavericks basketball games. The fans there were known as the Reunion Rowdies (the games were played in Reunion Arena). During the playoffs, they brought in sound testing equipment. The Rowdies got the decibel level up to around 170 at times.. It was incredible... And really sent a message.. WE LOVE OUR TEAM!!! They would play We Will Rock You and 17,000+ people would be stomping their feet.. Now if basketball fans can make noise like that.. I KNOW hockey fans can do it!!
  5. hillcat

    Official NFL Thread

    I guess you found the game unBEARable....
  6. I've got it if you ever change your mind and want it.. along with about 400+ others.
  7. How about Stranglehold or Free for All by Ted Nugent, For Those About to Rock by AC/DC, Heavy Metal by Sammy Hagar, or Crazy Train by Ozzy? If one of those can't get your heart beating fast, it's time for the embalming fluid
  8. yeah, I bet the Canucks players would love to remove that hat.. and perhaps his head along with it..Nobody likes a child molester
  9. hillcat

    Official NFL Thread

    He's supposed to start today. Has practiced all week and says he's feeling better. His line got tore up early and left him feeling like a fuzzy bunny in the middle of the interstate during rush hour
  10. hillcat

    Official NFL Thread

    thanks. I took Adrian as my #1 pick. I watched him play here in Okla. He got me 40 points alone last week. Dude is awesome. Marc Bulger is my 2nd cousin... had to go with family on that one.. Hopefully his ribs are better so he can make a difference today.
  11. hillcat

    Official NFL Thread

    I also have Terrell Owens, Marion Barber, Adrian Peterson, Patrick Clayton, Nick Folk, and Marc Bulger... explains the rest of it.. LOL
  12. maybe if the fans along the glass held up cards and gave scores for diving, the refs would get the message.
  13. we wanted to sacrafice a virgin, but couldn't find any in Atlanta
  14. hillcat

    Official NFL Thread

    I got the pats defense and randy moss on my fantasy team... partly explains why I'm in first place in my league...
  15. Gonna bring the Big 12 to the board.. GO SOONERS!!! we still got a shot at the BCS championship game, especially after South Florida got knocked off. I was praying Auburn would take out LSU tonight, but didn't happen..
  16. Hope you have a great birthday. Michael
  17. That's why friends shouldn't let friends play soccer seriously, I hope it's nothing too serious and he is able to get back soon.
  18. Had to settle for listening to the game on radio (through NHL.com) so I didn't get to see any of the (non) calls. Wondering too if the offense was just out of gas by the 3rd period after two back to back road games and only having 3 lines. I didn't catch the number of shots in the 3rd, but I know it was low. Bottom line if you don't shoot, you don't score. Once they get back home and get some rest, they'll be ready to give a good whipping. And 1 point is still better than 0.
  19. Hi all, glad to see Scotty ok and out of the hospital. could be a laundry list of things that could have made him dizzy. the important thing is he walked off on his own and walked out of the hospital. I hate seeing anyone get hurt, regardless of what jersey he's wearing.
  20. ought to be a good game.. would like to see canes score 5 or more and get a shut out... nothing like a skunk to build self-confidence.
  21. when I get ready to move next summer, I may get up with you and find out a little more about the area. I'm planning to work at Duke or UNC med. center but can commute so long as it's not too far. thanks for the welcome.
  22. I sort of became a Canes fan by virtue of advance planning. I'm surrently in nursing school at Rogers State Univ. After I grad, I plan to transfer to Duke to work on my Masters. I've followed the Tulsa Oilers of the CHL for years, so I'm excited about getting out there and seeing some NHL games. I started playing amateur hockey this fall. I'm still learning, but my 3 yr. old son is my biggest fan. He thinks I'm the greatest hockey player in the world (which makes it worth all the bumps and bruises). I get to listen to the Canes radio through NHL.com so I've started following them when I get the chance. Here's a picture of my #1 fan.... by the way, to avoid any confusion.. yes I'm in nursing school and yes I'm a man (a fact my wife will gladly attest to-LOL)
  23. Watch the shipping rates. SOme of the powersellers (some-not all) jack up their shipping cost to cover something sold low. Have seen as much as $15 to ship a DVD within the US. the DVD was only $5 but gouged on the shipping, so be careful about that. Michael
  24. Hi all, just wanted to say hello. I'm new to the boards here. I get to listen to the Canes on nhl.com when I get the chance. I live in Owasso, Ok. right now. I'm probably going to be moving to Durham or Chapel Hill next summer after I grad from nursing school. I play amatuer hockey here in Tulsa so will likely try to play some there once I move. Locally, we have the Tulsa Oilers in the CHL. They were cellat dwellers last year, but have some good talent this year. Anyway, thats about it. Looking forward to taking part in some of the discussions. Michael
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