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  1. I see what you guys mean...

  2. How is the Canes/Oilers game not on TV where you guys are?

    1. captain_jack88


      don't know, but it good be a good thing for us since our last 2 weren't televised either. BTW, nice to see you around here again. Cheers.

    2. TSA


      Welcome to Fox Sports :(

  3. can't wait for the Triforce to do their thing.

  4. can't wait for the Triforce to do their thing.

  5. can't wait for the Triforce to do their thing.

  6. can't wait for the Triforce to do their thing.

  7. [quote name='TSA wrote: JLP']I would guess the TV schedule won't be out until September. The only thing I'm hoping is that Versus and NBC (as if) completely disregard and overlook the Canes. Whenever they've had the rights to our broadcast, they drop us for a better market and FSN isn't allowed to air the broadcast. I'd much rather have FSN pick up more games this season. Keith: Good luck to you guys at the draft, sounds pretty exciting up there in your neck of the woods. Yeah, but there's a lot of tension too. Most parties are leaning towards Hall but you never know with this management. Figures the one year we get the 1st overall pick and there isn't a clearcut choice for 1st overall unlike previous years.
  8. See you guys on November 9th. Hope I won't have to hear that horn too many times, still gives me nightmares...
  9. Hey, at least if you win the lottery now, you won't break our hearts again!
  10. The issue I've had with the Oilers for years is they were never good enough to make the playoffs (or make any noise save for 2006) and never bad enough to get a reasonable draft pick. For years now we've been mediocre and kept the same overpaid players without really ever doing anything. This year forced the change that we've been wanting for years. Finally we're dumping some of the overpaid players and stockpiling draft picks. We've never been good enough to make the playoffs but management always went after the home run instead of playing it safe. They finally woke up and are taking steps to sweep out the old and bring in the new. THis summer I'm expecting more trades (and less of the '06 crew) and so far management has done a decent job of cleaning out Kevin Lowe's garbage. This probably also means we'll suck for a few more years, but it's not usually a quick fix. I'm willing to be patient if we get good again down the road.
  11. Well at least we can't pick any worse than No. 2.... Still, can't help but feel like Bettman is going to fleece us.
  12. If you're going to finish out of the playoffs, you might as well aim for the top.... er, bottom.
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