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  1. Yeah, me too...although I won't be watching the Oil on t.v. much this year. *$#@ Sportsnet! Although I had to endure Macguire saying something mind-numbingly stupid every 10 minutes or so during the TSN games, at least they were televised...

  2. grinding the summer away, wishing hockey would start! I guess I should enjoy the freedom before I get enslaved by the season!

  3. What's new Adrian?

  4. Joe Louis Arena = retirement home

  5. Joe Louis Arena = retirement home

  6. Joe Louis Arena = retirement home

  7. Joe Louis Arena = retirement home

  8. I knowww. I just wish that September would come faster...and I wish we would just hurry up and sign Gagner so I can stop worrying we're gonna lose him.

  9. poke

    This offseason is slowwww!

  10. thanks! you're is great too! So happy they won!

  11. If Halak = '06 Roli, he'd better watch out for Bergeron.

  12. So right about the Sharks diving. That was the worst officiated game I had ever seen.

  13. yeah, it's different! I dunno how much I'll use it lol I already have facebook and twitter for updates :P But it's cool to have the option!

  14. Likely true. I guess we'll see what deals come via the draft. One of those three is going to go if we can convice Boston it's worth it.

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