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  1. 1st rd pick probably Hall - Staal - Ruutu Boychuk - Sutter - Cole I see the first two lines pretty clear cut , and the 4th line will probably have Kosto on it but we are loaded with players who I think have enough skill to play on the 3rd line but there are only 3 spots. I'm calling Tlusty - Jokinen - Samsonov. Samson/Bowman could get a spot here if Samsonov is moved. Kosto - Call up/cheap FA - LaRose Gleason - Pitkanen Alberts - IDK yet, someone we get in a trade for whitney/cullen/corvo Carson - Rodney Ward Peters?
  2. I disagree caniac97, tlusty is already a PPG player in the AHL and paradis can't manage PPG in the Q. Tlusty was also a former 13th overall pick, and while Paradis was 27th he was wayyy off the board there. He could develop into a decent 2nd/3rd liner some day far down the road, but to me it looks less and less likely every day. Tlusty is still developing and could be somewhat decent, and a lot sooner.
  3. As evidenced by the last two third period collapses I would say a big problem is playing "not to lose" as opposed to playing to win. The team seems comfortable with playing 40 minutes of surprisingly good hockey and then watching the other team do whatever they want in the final 20 minutes.
  4. Hey, this is an 8 team league I am in with some friends and I was wondering what you guys think of this roster? C Sidney Crosby C Pavel Datsyuk LW Zach Parise LW Scott Hartnell RW Corey Perry RW Jamie Langenbrunner D Shea Weber D Rob Blake D Joni Pitkanen D Paul Martin G Evgeni Nabokov G Henrik Lundqvist BN Nicklas Backstrom (Was - C) BN Alex Burrows (Van - LW) BN Mike Knuble (Was - RW) BN Shane O'Brien (Van - D) I am also in the process of dropping Knuble/ O'Brien and picking up Erik Johnson, and Marian Gaborik. My thoughts are that I am a little weak defensively, but overall I'm strong pretty much everywhere else.
  5. Quick Question here about the roster changing your rosters. In the middle of the week can you change your rosters to put different players in? I'm asking because I have 3 very good centers in another league I'm doing, and I want to know if I can put one in if the one of the others isn't playing that night.
  6. I recall us being at least 9-3 on the 2nd game of back to backs, and Cam has actually said he likes playing two in a row. I would say put Leighton in 2 games before the B2B so Cam can have 1 game to get his rhythm back if he needs it, and then he can play his 2 in a row. All in all, I would say let Cam play as much as he wants. I feel he can give us a chance to win every single night, and if he feels able to play 70 games I wouldn't object. It does really stink for Leighton that this is the situation, hopefully he can eventually find a new team with poor goaltending and try to prove himself because I think he could actually be a good goalie.
  7. From what I understand so far, there will be no TV coverage. I also haven't found any online feeds to the games. The best I've got is that HockeysFuture will be doing twitter updates in the intermissions, and could have highlights of the game up afterwards.
  8. Does anybody know if they will release info on the times of those who ran, both individuals and Canes players? I run cross country, and I'm interested in knowing how I wouldve fared in the race and also what kind of times the Canes can run.
  9. I just came off of 3 Norris/Cup winning seasons in my offensive D BAP, and signed a near deal worth 8 mil a year to go to Edmonton. My first line has Crosby AND Ovechkin.
  10. Great name! Neigh, Neigh, whatta ya say would've been funny, but its not a realistic name because its too long.
  11. Yeah, they got rid of the speed boost effect that the RB gave you. You can still push the puck forward but it does nothing now. I agree that passing does seem a little off, but I can get used to it. Has anybody else tried Hardcore mode? I tried 1 game of it and it is really hard. It's supposed to make the game more realistic which it does, but its so hard to pass the puck. I think it is supposed to take away aim for you checks, and make you have to aim AND determine the speed for your pass which is what makes it so hard.
  12. I was just drafted 1st overall, as an offensive defenseman. My team won 3-0 in the prospects game, but I didn't get any points. In the Cup Mode, I (Detroit) tied up the game with 1 SECOND LEFT! I then won it in the 2nd OT on a shorthanded goal. Pretty fun so far, IMO.
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