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  1. All of you with your pitchforks out directed at the player are eating right out of the billionaires' hands. To think you wouldn't do anything to maximize the amount of money you earn on your short time on earth is downright silly. "It's a business" works fine when we trade players away, but not when players want to get more? Silly.
  2. I had the same thought about the puck tracking, Rem. Although all of us are hardcore viewers, so we're used to following the play. I wonder if it would be helpful for any newer viewers who don't have a clue what's going on initially. I did opine about it being distracting for me, though.
  3. Fair enough, it's definitely not your typical writing style. I was just excited to get some coverage outside of local media.
  4. One tweet defines your whole Sara Civ experience? Yikes. That's unfortunate for you. Her articles are great imo. If you enjoy something different, you should definitely subscribe.
  5. I thought you were done with our loss to Pittsburgh....
  6. Darling cleared, as expected. Zykov did not. Headed to Edmonton.
  7. Surprised to see so many Brian Burke burner accounts on these boards. Fun is fun. Winning is fun. Crowd loves it. What's to dislike?
  8. We have so many guys who you could make a legitimate argument for keeping in Raleigh on both offense and defense. What a great problem to have.
  9. He looked sound and he was huge. Took a couple of penalties, one of which was a freak play where he tried to glove the puck and batted it over the glass in our end. But the announcers said his name a lot, and not in a "he got burned" way.
  10. I'll definitely be interested to see if the effort level can be matched tonight by the vets. Last night's squad featured guys trying to prove a point and make a team, so the energy level was nice, but expected. We'll see if the "old men" decide to match and see what Brindy hockey is really all about! Ha...Rem beat me to it. What he said.
  11. Mike Forman cleared up the voting totals discrepancy noted by Rem...according to Forman on the Sec 328 podcast, the fan vote will count for about a third of the decision. The remaining two-thirds will be the marketing staff, as well as Dundon/DW's input.
  12. If you're going where I think you're going with this, hopefully appropriate action is taken by the mods. This is grade-A bush league.
  13. Count me in the camp who was skeptical about the Brindy hiring, but after hearing the presser, am more on board than not. He sold me his goods, and I liked what I heard. Getting rid of co-captains is a great step 1. Just when I thought I was out...
  14. Great post, Hag. The league is full of copycats. When LA was winning with their big, grinding, defensive style, everyone wanted to be like them. What have we seen more recently? Pittsburgh's speed. I think we finally built the team we wanted to build...in 2013. Evolving to the game is all part of being a good coach. I'm afraid there's no evolution to be seen with this group.
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