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  1. It is what it is but honestly, policies like this do not make people safer. It just gives the illusion of enhanced security. Things within the clear bag are going to be in non clear bags.
  2. I have no idea where to stick this but new “clear bag” policy implemented at PNC for all events: https://www.pncarena.com/Policies?elqTrackId=2a785d3c56f64bb4965ecae3471d5723&elq=a4d0b2eab1ba4448a0f53c40e02561bc&elqaid=2219&elqat=1&elqCampaignId=1833
  3. Not sure where to put this. Just starting on SiriusXM channel 91...
  4. Right. If you are going to risk a spot on a guy with his injury record, it’d have to be at a vastly reduced rate or on a one year show me contract.
  5. With as often as he is injured, not terribly surprised that no one is biting.
  6. We’Ve now let every other impending RFA know they can use the same tactic when their time comes.
  7. If he really wanted to be here, he would’ve continued over signing the offer sheet. Actions speak louder than words.
  8. This has shown him to be exactly the player I thought he was. I agree with sign him, then trade him to the NHL equivalent of Siberia as quickly as we are able to do so within the terms of his contract.
  9. I still maintain in all of this that TD has wanted to make things so miserable here for players, staff, and fans that he’d be able to get the league to agree to relocate the team to Houston. Us making the playoffs and making a nice run leading to an increase in season ticket sales wouldn’t have been in his master plan.
  10. How I wish a sign and trade to the hockey wasteland of Ottawa was a viable option instead of a fantasy scenario. 😂
  11. Understatement. It’s just a big, expensive hobby for TD.
  12. I think we cannot match. Locker room poison at that point.
  13. Didn’t like Aho from day 1 and couldn’t understand how I was in the vast minority who thought we weren’t screwing ourselves by making him out to be a great standup team guy/leader over the past year. It looks embarrassing because it is. Dundon and Waddell got outwitted big time.
  14. The tide has gone out on the storm surge. Guys want to play in big markets and where the organization isn’t a running joke. We couldn’t attract talent even when we’d just won the Cup. Aho never seemed invested in being here, IMO. Now we’re stuck as if he’s really agreed to the Habs offer, he’s going to be ****** if we match it and force him back here. All that aside, I called this one before we even traded Lindy, Hanifn, and Skinner. I couldn’t figure out why people were clamoring for him to be our next leader when it was clear he wasn’t even invested in being here.
  15. Coming off a season ending injury that occurred early in the season) and learning a new system, I’m not convinced that Haula comes out blazing. He’ll be needing to shake off a lot of rust.
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