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  1. We knocked the Rangers into the first overall pick in the draft. 🤦‍♀️ #atleastitsnotedmonton
  2. Somehow it feels inevitable that it will either end up Pittsburgh or Edmonton. 🤦‍♀️
  3. Kraken have hired their play-by-play man. It’s not Forslund: https://www.nhl.com/news/everett-fitzhugh-named-seattle-kraken-play-by-play-broadcaster/c-318301588?tid=306702280
  4. Finally found one for the game. May need options moving forward.
  5. Hockey is back and cannot watch because of local blackout. 🤦‍♀️ No, I do not have a TV, so FS isn’t an option
  6. It’s an iconic part of their skyline, tallest or not.
  7. Agree, though would add Boston as his other non national gig option if it were open.
  8. News this morning leaves me hoping our bubble is stronger than MLB’s.
  9. Seattle name and logo finally revealed: https://www.nhl.com/news/c-317588092 Seattle is beautiful. May be a great move for John Forslund as an announcer.
  10. In addition to being able to see the on ice action in full or in lieu of? I can’t tell if it obstructs the ice other than from my own seats, where it does not. I have to consciously not look up though bc I find it distracting.
  11. I think it will look like the club continuing to take the $ for the upcoming season and then kicking those funds to 21-22. I don’t see how they distance, it’s not like they’d easily say, you get to attend every third game or too many people in the section you’ve sat in for 20, years so you’ll need to move for social distancing purposes (seat likely worse).* I’m likely to be looking to sell until a vaccine is available and shown to work. I value mine and my family’s health too much. *Given that TDS specialty is thinking out of the box in ways to **** off STHers, either of those options might be on the table for him.
  12. TBH, I find that new scoreboard to be a massive eyesore. I’m luckily below it’s sight line but have to wonder how much does it obstruct views from certain parts of the arena. if I wanted to watch the games on a screen, I’d go back to owning a TV.
  13. Waking up to the news of Edmonton flooding and what is being called minor water damage at Rodgers. That appears to be an awful lot of water to be considered minor.
  14. Upper body since it largely affects lungs in most people with issues I’d guess.
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