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  1. If it kills you the first time, it really doesn’t matter. I don’t want to spin the wheel and see if I’m in the 5-7 percent that doesn’t get to find out if I develop immunity post infection. Also, the possibly permanent damage a lot of “survivors” are seeing doesn’t look appealing either. YMMV
  2. There are already cases of reoccurrence, so it’s looking like herd immunity is wishful thinking, especially as it continues to morph into various strains. Aside from my (or any fans health) I find it grossly unfair that we would expect to have players put their health, their family’s health, etc. at risk and to expect them to separately live from their families in the name of entertainment. I love hockey and I understand there are risks in professional sports but this is not one anybody signed up for when they chose to pursue this career.
  3. I don’t see how they’d logistically figure out reduced seating given they have STHs. How would they determine which fans go and where they sit with social distancing? If they did some sort of blind lottery to determine that could you opt out of the rest of the season without risking your current status/seats? If you have known increased risk factor(s) at the moment I do not see a path that would be *safe enough*.
  4. I’m taking this opportunity to start shifting through my approximately 500k+ photos that I’ve taken since I began photography back in HS. I’ve always joked that taking photos and doing something with them are two different pastimes. I’m great with the former, not so much the latter. I’m expecting to have a large number of Hurricanes photos dating back to the 2000 season when I moved here and got tix. Just came across some from Ron and Mario - was still shooting film back then.
  5. Has anyone been able to get the announced fox sports replay of the Toronto game for tonight? Despite location services being on, app tells me it can not determine that I am in the US and won’t play it.
  6. I have no kids but my mom is feeling pretty good about all those years she took extra napkins with take out. 🤣
  7. Yep. I knew it was coming today but hoped against hope they’d admit the season is toast and use what was left. if nothing else, it missed my card closing so I won’t need to pay for it until May.
  8. Wondering what this means for our season renewals that are due to process tomorrow. Will they go ahead, use out money on account? I suspect they go through as normal...
  9. I have two A vouchers left to trade in for any of the three games mentioned in header. Seats would be in LLN. DM me if interested with which game and I can see where the seats are.
  10. I didn’t think/say he had a brilliant hockey mind. Someone else quoted Brindy as saying it. My point was brilliance, talent, etc. or lack therefore has no standing as to whether a person is decent or not. I loathed BP and thought his hockey IQ was in single digits. Two captains, Skinner handling, etc.
  11. You can have a brilliant hockey mind and still be a PoS.
  12. Good on Rod to speak to the issue without a lot of doublespeak.
  13. Rod on NHL radio network says incidents being reported in Carolina here are true, that it was taken to leadership and addressed somehow internally (clearly not well since we didn’t fire BP).
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