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  1. Since I just got notice that our December payment is being deferred, I’d say no. Ar present I think we don’t finish paying for this season until April.
  2. For sale: wide variety of new hats from circa 2002 to present. All new/unworn. Most Were promos but there are some I purchased and never wore. Please DM on the forum with offers. i probably have others if you’re looking for something else, my Hurricane closet is stuffed!
  3. FS: wide variety of Hurricanes tees, SS unless noted, All New*, some with tags. Sizes below. I’d prefer PayPal and To send via USPS priority due to COVID but can discuss contactless local options. DM me on the forum or email elleaj13 at gmail dot com if interested and make an offer On the shirts you want. I’ll also be posting a wide variety of other memorabilia. If there is something in particular you’re looking for, let me know. Picks, pins, posters going back all the way to 2000 season, many stored flat, others rolled. DM if you’re looking for something in particular and a price as I have too much to photograph it all. A. Red Hurricanes LTD Homegrown shirt, XL New B. Grey Home of the Canes LTD Homegrown shirt, XL New C. Black vneck Carolina Hurricanes women’s xxl new with tags D. Dark grey 2019 playoffs, XL New with tags E. Light grey 2019 playoffs, XL New F. Red 2006 One Team SCP shirt, XL *may have been worn once during the cup run in 2006 but appears new G. Black 2006 cup final shirt, XL New H. Red Our Team, Our Tradition (circa 2007 or 2008?), eye car associates promo, M New I. Red logo front/Cole reverse, XL New J. 2006 Quest Fulfilled, XL New/still in original packaging K. Grey 2006 Francis retirement long sleeve, XL New L. Grey 2011 ASG/Skinner Reverse New with Tags
  4. ND saying that they’ll allow infected healthcare workers to continue to work tells me that we are already desperately short of people to fight this. It’s going to make all the news from last spring look positively cheery by comparison.
  5. Agreed, that said my answers to them indicated that I don’t expect to feel safe attending in the current circumstances.
  6. NHL just released a story indicating they’re looking at alternate options to A. Normal season and B. Bubble, including hub cities and temporary realignment.
  7. Has anyone completed the recent STH survey on your comfort level re: attending games? Definitely not comfortable from a health standpoint and not really comfortable with paying the same amount for what would be lesser seats. Health is my overwhelming concern though and for that I don’t see how they get us to attend without it being a massive health risk with numbers on the rise.
  8. The latest word on potential vaccines is that they likely wouldn’t prevent covid, just lessen the severity of/when you contracted it. I’m not sure how comfortable people would be in that scenario.
  9. Given that one hit by an AHLer during that time could end your career (and did for a guy) I didn’t think it was a bad decision to opt out.
  10. Will this be the start of a new role for Forslund? https://www.nhl.com/news/broadcaster-doc-emrick-retires-from-nhl-broadcasts/c-319475172 https://russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2020/10/19/mike-emrick-announces-retirement-after-47-seasons/
  11. Today I received an email about the Canes skipping the November payment and picking back up in December. Hedging bets against season starting with fans? I’m not sure how far that takes us for the final payment? March perhaps?
  12. First I’ve heard about a pause and I had spoken with my rep recently because they called for a new CC expiration date. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  13. Kraken have hired their play-by-play man. It’s not Forslund: https://www.nhl.com/news/everett-fitzhugh-named-seattle-kraken-play-by-play-broadcaster/c-318301588?tid=306702280
  14. It’s an iconic part of their skyline, tallest or not.
  15. Agree, though would add Boston as his other non national gig option if it were open.
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