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  1. Updated: both pairs bve now sold. For Sale: pair for Game 3 on Tuesday, 14 May 19 and pair for game 4 on Thursday, 16 May 19. Section 111, row E, seats 6-7. Selling here for my STH cost of $252 per pair (126 per seat for each game). No parking available this time. View from my seats, IMO the best in the house. It’s killing me that I cannot make it. DM me in the forum if interested. I’d prefer to sell here to a Caniac, but hedging my bets by xpost via arena resale. I really don’t want Bruins fans sitting here!
  2. In 06 we had BBQ smoked links from the Q-Shack every game day. I was in NY for game 6 and it was nearly impossible to find BBQ let alone hot links. We all know the result. Despite making it home with barely any time before game 7, I made us detour to pick up the links. The rest is history.
  3. A team that won its division and is on the ups and a team still fighting for the Cup that he could potentially play on immediately since we are overrun with injuries weren’t good enough for him. Happy he is ok playing on a team that is at the very early start of a rebuild in an awesome, albeit astronomically expense city where his rookie contract won’t go far. Luckily he’s from the Island, so he can move into his childhood home to save some $$$ this is clearly more about playing for the name on the sweater than on a good team. 😂
  4. My feeling too. Hope it turns out just as well for Fox as it did for JJ. Rangers are on the early side of a rebuild.
  5. My wish is that the Canes win the cup and Fox becomes Jack Johnson 2.0. I think it sets a terrible precedent for guys who don’t like their drafted team to pressure trades, especially the college route guys. Best we got something for him but part of me wishes we’d made him dig in and return to Harvard for his final year.
  6. Adam Fox is now a former Cane (prospect). It was Rangers or bust, I’m not sure who he fooled with his previous comments. We get 2nd rounder and conditional 3rd round, could go to second. While I wish we’d made him go back to school, a pair of decent picks outweighs that. https://www.tsn.ca/report-hurricanes-trade-prospect-fox-to-rangers-1.1298714
  7. I want to believe it, but unless we win out, I just don’t feel confident. I think 98 is the magic number in the east this year, if lucky 97. I don’t see below that the way everyone has played of late. Currently hoping Caps don’t perform against the Habs like the Bolts did the other night.
  8. By comparing it with tech companies I meant that he may well have made the acquisition solely to get access to the app and/or business connections. Of course, in tech, reputable companies often put in a freeze with regards to eliminating staff from acquired company for a set amount of time. Based on his tenure here, I don’t think he looks at anything other than how it affects him, so not surprised how people were treated.
  9. Tech acquires companies all the time. Partially for its assets (physical and human), but largely for the preferred contacts/contracts.
  10. That’s just occurring to people now? I predicted the day he bought us that he was playing a long game, Target Houston.
  11. He finally got #38 tonight. If I’m him though, I’d be looking at a contender (or Pittsburgh, you know that GM lives to recycle)!
  12. I don’t begrudge any kid who wants to prioritize his education over a year earlier in the NHL. I do begrudge any kid that says he wants to prioritize joining the league but only with certain teams. I get that being a rookie sucks when it comes to having little to no say in where you go your first few years. It’s the system though and unless it’s Ottawa or Edmonton (who cannot win even with ALL the #1 picks) there is little to complain about wherever you land. So, for Fox, four upsides of Carolina: Team is improving, yet have room for you to grow without being buried forever in the AHL. Weather is decent your entire season, even if you win the cup. Lower cost of living makes those rookie dollars go farther. Average person on the street won’t recognize you, meaning a life outside your on ice job.
  13. Columbus can clinch tonight if they win and Montreal loses.
  14. Guess Skinner’s doesn’t count as OT as his was a shootout winner on the Finland trip his rookie year. Wonder how many guys get a game winner as their first goal without it actually being counted as a goal.
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