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  1. For the life of me I will never understand their decision to close EMR on major gamedays. Massive clusterbleep rerouting everyone to blue ridge.
  2. In the event we are not around for the ECF, I’m hoping it’s Leafs and Isles. I’d love to see Pajama Boy get sent packing by his ex.
  3. No matter how our series shakes out, at least we weren’t swept like the Bolts and Pens.
  4. Canes win and I got to bring home a little something extra that made its way over the glass...
  5. Heard the Jackets have called up Zac Dalpe for game 4.
  6. I said I thought 98 would be the number teams would need. It’s crazy, especially compared to the numbers in the West this year.
  7. I want to believe it, but unless we win out, I just don’t feel confident. I think 98 is the magic number in the east this year, if lucky 97. I don’t see below that the way everyone has played of late. Currently hoping Caps don’t perform against the Habs like the Bolts did the other night.
  8. By comparing it with tech companies I meant that he may well have made the acquisition solely to get access to the app and/or business connections. Of course, in tech, reputable companies often put in a freeze with regards to eliminating staff from acquired company for a set amount of time. Based on his tenure here, I don’t think he looks at anything other than how it affects him, so not surprised how people were treated.
  9. Tech acquires companies all the time. Partially for its assets (physical and human), but largely for the preferred contacts/contracts.
  10. That’s just occurring to people now? I predicted the day he bought us that he was playing a long game, Target Houston.
  11. I figured Tampa would shut down after getting W #60. They really have nothing to play for until next week.
  12. He finally got #38 tonight. If I’m him though, I’d be looking at a contender (or Pittsburgh, you know that GM lives to recycle)!
  13. It’d be nice if the Bolts weren’t content with that 60th win...
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