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  1. I have two A vouchers left to trade in for any of the three games mentioned in header. Seats would be in LLN. DM me if interested with which game and I can see where the seats are.
  2. I didn’t think/say he had a brilliant hockey mind. Someone else quoted Brindy as saying it. My point was brilliance, talent, etc. or lack therefore has no standing as to whether a person is decent or not. I loathed BP and thought his hockey IQ was in single digits. Two captains, Skinner handling, etc.
  3. You can have a brilliant hockey mind and still be a PoS.
  4. Good on Rod to speak to the issue without a lot of doublespeak.
  5. Rod on NHL radio network says incidents being reported in Carolina here are true, that it was taken to leadership and addressed somehow internally (clearly not well since we didn’t fire BP).
  6. It’s hard to speak up against someone in a position of power who could make or break your career. According to Jordan’s tweet, he did repor the incident to his agent at the time but worried about his career so they didn’t report outward.
  7. Doubt he’d say anything but it makes me wonder what Skinner stood up to Peters over to get buried on the third line with the rotating bunch of AHLers.
  8. Apparently teammates from the time in question confirm what was reported was accurate.
  9. Are you current STH (at any level), former, neither? I got the questions the: social zone and luxury boxes but not the ones they did that mentioned actuaL dollar amounts.
  10. Friends who are former STH survey asked the same question about the social zone and when they said no interest, they were asked to indicate where they would consider sitting. They picked our section (111). Follow up question asked if they would be willing to spend $8,500/seat, including food. When they said no, they were asked what about for $8,000, third and last time after no, $7,500. Our seats are currently around $3,000 ea. So nearly triple?! We don’t often eat at the arena and we do not drink. If this is their go forward reality, we’ll be former STH after 20 years as we won’t move sections. One more check mark in the ownership is positioning us for a move. I cannot see our market supporting that sort of price increase. On the plus side, when my mom got her survey (non STH version), she was able to rail against no cup holders in my section again.
  11. Not finding a thread and not sure where to ask. Has anyone gotten/taken the arena improvement survey. I was interested to learn my survey as a STH was different than friends who no longer own Tix and my mom who just uses one of mine when they are available.
  12. Yes, my mom and her flip phone was stopped every blipping game. The last straw was when someone pushed between us at the section for a second time and I was halfway to our seats before I realized she was no longer with me. I finally convinced the club to give us printed tickets so she can come and go as she pleases because she isn’t about to get a smartphone.
  13. Good win! Watson on the house today...
  14. The better start these past two years shows that having at lleast some home games in October do make a difference. I also really like that the playoff run seems to have carried over to an improved our mental game.
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