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  1. I’m out of town until next week so I need to see what I have, but would love to trade something for the Skinner one for my neice. would also be interested in opening night as we ot stick in traffic and issued those. which ones are you looking for?
  2. The better start these past two years shows that having at lleast some home games in October do make a difference. I also really like that the playoff run seems to have carried over to an improved our mental game.
  3. He’ll follow you on any/all social media. Really needs to hang up the skates and take a media gig TBH.
  4. FA: 1 premier parking pass for each game listed in header. Selling for $10 each. All game tickets for these dates are sold. Really wish Ticketmaster let you out oarking with the seats rather than separately. PM me on the forum of interested. Payment via PayPal (personal) with electronic transfer. ill also be having a number of other games at my STH price + parking coming soon for December: Florida 12/21 Washington 12/28 Washington 1/3 Tampa 1/5 Philadelphia 1/7 Thanks!
  5. Made it just before puck drop. What did they have people do with those wristbands?
  6. Left nearly 2 hours ago, still not in parking lot. 🙄
  7. Nope and at last night’s game someone cut between my mom and I on the check in at our section and they wouldn’t let her in. Luckily I was in close enough proximity for them to call me back. This wasn’t well thought out at all.
  8. If nothing else, removes that awkward which co-captain of years past gets the C question.
  9. Didn’t love what I saw from Necas last night. Some lazy/sloppy passes in front of his own net. You might get away with that in the AHL but will get burned more often than not playing that way in the NHL.
  10. I don’t sit in the 200s. We had to show our phone between periods when going up for a drink or to use the restroom. During the game we are in our seats, where ushers come by at times to make sure everyone belongs there. Lucky that your ushers let you do what you want.
  11. Just so people know, we just entered the arena on our eTicket only tix. They are not handing you the little print ticket on scan in the way they did last year with eTix, so if you are with multiple people and do not all have smartphones, you won’t be able to seapate to go out for food, restroom, etc. the person with the phone who has the Tix will need to escort you in/out of your section or you won’t get back inside. Also, best to carry a large power brick so phone doesn’t die during the game I guess..
  12. As long as the bag is see through, they’re good with that! 😂
  13. While I’d love the passion of a player like Martyman wearing the C, I don’t see us giving it to a guy who isn’t fairly high on the star range.
  14. Yes, get a smartphone was the answer they gave her. TBH it’s an argument I’ve had with my mom for years, so it is ALMOST worth it if this forces her to get one. Still I wouldn’t lay bets in her caving.
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