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  1. Wait wait wait...You mean to tell me that a guy who has been involved with Hockey his entire career and has been a GM for all these years actually knows better than a fan? Can't believe it. In all seriousness, JR has a great track record of being right way more than he is wrong. For every mess up - "man, we probably shouldn't have given up on Ladd" there are 5 "ha, can you believe that Buffalo actually let Sekera go for McBain?" type examples. Why our fanbase doesn't trust this guy is without a doubt the most annoying thing about our fanbase.
  2. Canes radio host for pre game, post game and things like that. Def. a relible source.
  3. Mike Maniscalco ‏@mikemaniscalco 14s For people wondering about UFA Jaromir Jagr, I have been told by team sources that the #Canes are not actively pursuing Jagr at this time.
  4. I'm not saying it is or isn't true, just posting info. Chip tweeted that we signed him? Or who did?
  5. Chip Alexander tweeted that the Jagr rumor wasn't true.
  6. Eklund is reporting we are the front runners: "Jagr is back talking to Montreal, but Carolina still is the team to beat...Philly isn't an impossibility if a trade (Cobourn) can be made I was told. Giroux is a HUGE supporter of bringing in Jags." http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Eklund/To-avoid-criticism-say-nothingdo-nothingbe-nothing-BuzzCast-and-Rumors/1/52683
  7. For every example of a bad draft decision, there are good ones as well. Staal, Ward, Skinner and Faulk have all been drafted by us and are major parts of our team. Andrew Laad was drafted by us as well. Jack Johnson. Erik Cole. Niclas Wallin. Shane Willis. Lots of impactful players (Some cut short by injury, but that's not a drafting issue). Have you seen the list of players drafted by the Red Wings, who everyone raves about their drafting? Draft Num. Round Player 2013 Entry 20 1 Anthony Mantha 2013 Entry 48 2 Zach Nastasiuk 2013 Entry 58 2 Tyler Bertuzzi 2013 Entry 79 3 Mattias Janmark-Nylen 2013 Entry 109 4 David Pope 2013 Entry 139 5 Mitch Wheaton 2013 Entry 169 6 Marc McNulty 2013 Entry 199 7 Hampus Melen 0 0 2012 Entry Draft Num. Round Player 2012 Entry 49 2 Martin Frk 2012 Entry 80 3 Jake Paterson 2012 Entry 110 4 Andreas Athanasiou 2012 Entry 140 5 Mike McKee 2012 Entry 170 6 James De Haas 2012 Entry 200 7 Rasmus Bodin 0 0 2011 Entry Draft Num. Round Player 2011 Entry 35 2 Tomas Jurco 2011 Entry 48 2 Xavier Ouellet 2011 Entry 55 2 Ryan Sproul 2011 Entry 85 3 Alan Quine 2011 Entry 115 4 Marek Tvrdon 2011 Entry 145 5 Philippe Hudon 2011 Entry 146 5 Mattias Backman 2011 Entry 175 6 Richard Nedomlel 2011 Entry 205 7 Alexei Marchenko 0 0 2010 Entry Draft Num. Round Player 2010 Entry 21 1 Riley Sheahan 2010 Entry 51 2 Calle Jarnkrok 2010 Entry 81 3 Louis-Marc Aubry 2010 Entry 111 4 Teemu Pulkkinen 2010 Entry 141 5 Petr Mrazek 2010 Entry 171 6 Brooks Macek 2010 Entry 201 7 Ben Marshall 0 0 2009 Entry Draft Num. Round Player 2009 Entry 32 2 Landon Ferraro 2009 Entry 60 2 Tomas Tatar 2009 Entry 75 3 Andrej Nestrasil 2009 Entry 90 3 Gleason Fournier 2009 Entry 150 5 Nick Jensen 2009 Entry 180 6 Mitch Callahan 2009 Entry 210 7 Adam Almquist 0 0 2008 Entry Draft Num. Round Player 2008 Entry 30 1 Thomas McCollum 2008 Entry 91 3 Max Nicastro 2008 Entry 121 4 Gustav Nyquist 2008 Entry 151 5 Julien Cayer 2008 Entry 181 6 Stephen Johnston 2008 Entry 211 7 Jesper Samuelsson 0 0 2007 Entry Draft Num. Round Player 2007 Entry 27 1 Brendan Smith 2007 Entry 88 3 Joakim Andersson 2007 Entry 148 5 Randy Cameron 2007 Entry 178 6 Zack Torquato 2007 Entry 208 7 Bryan Rufenach 0 0 2006 Entry Draft Num. Round Player 2006 Entry 41 2 Cory Emmerton 2006 Entry 47 2 Shawn Matthias 2006 Entry 62 2 *edit* Axelsson 2006 Entry 92 3 Daniel Larsson 2006 Entry 182 6 Jan Mursak 2006 Entry 191 7 Nick Oslund 2006 Entry 212 7 Logan Pyett 0 0 2005 Entry Draft Num. Round Player 2005 Entry 19 1 Jakub Kindl 2005 Entry 42 2 Justin Abdelkader 2005 Entry 80 3 Christofer Lofberg 2005 Entry 103 4 Mattias Ritola 2005 Entry 132 5 Darren Helm 2005 Entry 137 5 Johan Ryno 2005 Entry 151 5 Jeff May 2005 Entry 175 6 Juho Mielonen 2005 Entry 214 7 Bretton Stamler 0 0 2004 Entry Draft Num. Round Player 2004 Entry 97 3 Johan Franzen 2004 Entry 128 4 Evan McGrath 2004 Entry 151 5 Sergei Kolosov 2004 Entry 162 5 Tyler Haskins 2004 Entry 192 6 Anton Axelsson 2004 Entry 226 7 Steve Covington 2004 Entry 257 8 Gennady Stolyarov 2004 Entry 290 9 Nils Backstrom 0 0 2003 Entry Draft Num. Round Player 2003 Entry 64 2 Jim Howard 2003 Entry 132 4 Kyle Quincey 2003 Entry 164 5 Ryan Oulahen 2003 Entry 170 6 Andreas Sundin 2003 Entry 194 6 Stefan Blom 2003 Entry 226 7 Tomas Kollar 2003 Entry 258 8 Vladimir Kutny 2003 Entry 289 9 Mikael Johansson 0 0 2002 Entry Draft Num. Round Player 2002 Entry 58 2 Jiri Hudler 2002 Entry 63 2 Tomas Fleischmann 2002 Entry 95 3 Valtteri Filppula 2002 Entry 131 4 Johan Berggren 2002 Entry 166 5 Logan Koopmans 2002 Entry 197 6 Jimmy Cuddihy 2002 Entry 229 7 Derek Meech 2002 Entry 260 8 Pierre-Olivier Beaulieu 2002 Entry 262 9 Christian Soderstrom 2002 Entry 291 9 Jonathan Ericsson 0 0 2001 Entry Draft Num. Round Player 2001 Entry 62 2 Igor Grigorenko 2001 Entry 121 4 Drew MacIntyre 2001 Entry 129 4 Miroslav Blatak 2001 Entry 157 5 Andreas Jamtin 2001 Entry 195 6 Nick Pannoni 2001 Entry 258 8 Dmitry Bykov 2001 Entry 288 9 Francois Senez 0 0 2000 Entry Draft Num. Round Player 2000 Entry 29 1 Niklas Kronwall 2000 Entry 38 2 Tomas Kopecky 2000 Entry 102 4 Stefan Liv 2000 Entry 127 4 Dmitri Semenov 2000 Entry 128 4 Alexander Seluyanov 2000 Entry 130 4 Aaron Van Leusen 2000 Entry 187 6 Par Backer 2000 Entry 196 6 Paul Ballantyne 2000 Entry 228 7 Jimmie Svensson 2000 Entry 251 8 Todd Jackson 2000 Entry 260 8 Evgeni Bumagin A few wows in there - notably what they did in 2002, but overall. this isn't that much different that what we do each year. Lots of never made its and a few "oh wow, thats cool" mixed in there. And being a GM obviously has a lot more roles than just drafting. The overall trade record for JR is outstanding. Just off the top of my head... Keith Premieu for Rod Brind'Amor Danny Richmond for Justin Williams Kevyn Adams for Denis Sidenberg Wade Brookbank and Josef Melichar for Jussi Jokinen Philippe Paradis for Juri Tlusty Singing Free agents - over the last 10 years, there has only been one where JR clearly messed up and that was Tomas Kaberle. Look at some of the signings that just happened - 7 years for Nathan Horton?!?! - and think that in all the time here, JR may have made some mistakes, but only one stands out in your mind as a "wow that was bad" signing. And then think about some of the moves Toronto has made. Montreal. And so on. I'm stoked to have JR. It's a job that mistakes seem to stand out more than success and honestly, I think of his successes well before his mistakes and that is rare for a GM.
  8. Just saw this.... "Forslund said hypothetically, if the Hurricanes wanted (Seth) Jones, they would have had to trade Jeff Skinner and the fifth pick in exchange for the Tampa Bay Lightning’s third pick." That's A LOT to give up. Personally, I'm happier with Skinner Sekera and Lindholm than Jones McBain and whomever we get at 35.
  9. The only NHL ready d-man in this draft was Seth Jones. Even if a few others, like Nurse, are NHL ready as well, no one in the 3rd round is. Only about 12% of 3rd round picks and beyond even make it to the league at any point. There is literally no chance he plays now.
  10. On signing LaRose, I think I can sum it up. If he takes under a million, you get him. He's a guy that the team likes and the fans generally like. He grinds and has been loyal to this team, especially at his last contract. But he needs to score to make over a million. You let him walk for any 7 figure offer he makes.
  11. Mueller has had basically just one season as a head coach. You almost NEVER fire a guy after 1 season. I don't buy the training camp excuse, but you have to give a guy at least 2 - 3 seasons.
  12. I love threads like this because of the unrational things people say - and it's not unrational because of the idea, just that it would never happen. Getting rid of Skinner? ha. Now THAT'S funny. We have seen Skinner healthy for two periods of time in his career - his rookie year and the start of this season. And both times he was amazing. There is no way you trade a 20 year old with that proven track record. Even if he was 100% healthy, he still would be on pace for almost a 30 goal season. This team doesn't have the money to bring in the type of defenseman they need. Remember, next season J. Staal and Skinner's new contracts start. This team has over 38 million tied up in Staal, Staal, Semin, Ruutu, Skinner and Ward alone next season. Then another 8.5 million in Gleason and Pitkanen. And while Tlusty is only make 1.6 million, his contract is over next year. Another year like this one, he will need a pay increase. So you are talking in two years, 9 players basically taking 50 million of your payroll. And we aren't even talking about the needed increase for Faulk after next year as well. What does that mean? in reality, this means one of these guys has to go in order for something to happen. And when you determine who has to go on these types of lists, you start with who won't go. Eric Staal will not be traded. Jordan Staal will not be traded. Alex Semin will not be traded. Skinner will not be traded. Ward will not be traded. Tlusty might be, but not until next year on a rental situation if the season goes bad. So this comes down Ruutu, Gleason and Pitkanen. One of these three guys will be traded either for basically nothing (then his money goes to a free agent D man) or for a stud defensemen straight up with some pieces thrown in. I think Ruutu is the most likely to go, to be honest. There is a huge difference in these discussion between what we want and what will happen. Do I want Ruutu trade? Nope. But when you look at the numbers and situation, he really is the most logical player to be moved.
  13. Do you think the canes have been better or worse than you expected? This is about what I expected. Lots of goals, but lots of goals given up. This of course has led to ugly losses and great dominating wins. Who has been your MVP? Eric Staal has come alive. You can argue that it's because his line is on fire, but he is having the best season of his career - if this was a full season, it would be interesting to see if he got to 100 again. Who has been your Surprise player to the upside? and why Tlusty. Not that we didn't see it possibly coming, but for him to come out and score like he has has been huge. Who has been your Dissapointment and why? Jokinen hasn't put up numbers this year. His faceoffs have been great, but if he could have added scoring on the third line, this team would have been super dangerous. He also has been invisible on the PP. Where do you think the Canes will end year? Position and points 1st in the SE, 57 points.
  14. He has been better this year, but he messed up Thomas Vanek in the first Buffalo game (Thomas Va-Neck) was what he said. In the past, I've heard Malkin, Ovechkin, Krechi and about 15 - 20 others messed up. At one point it was honestly a screw up a week. And don't even get me started on the delays in annoucning goals (at the all star game he was FOUR GOALS BEHIND at one time) or messing up penalties (it's a disaster when a goalie or team gets a penalty and someone serves it for him - I've heard him call the actual player on a bench minor two many men before).
  15. I'm glad people are upset about names and stuff not being said correctly. I've been furious with years with this orginzation for allowing people like this to continue their employment (how Brian Hoyle has a job is beyond me, that guy messes up so many names it's insane). It's downright embarassing. You think that if you would have a mic in your hand, your job should be - especially in a sport like hockey with many foreign names - to get them right. How hard can it be? If there is a worse combination of PA announcer, in game host and "sideline" reporter in pro sports, I'd love to hear them.
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