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  1. If you have Picard and Carson on the roster, with McBain, Pitkanen, Gleason, Babchuck, Harrison. What are your two pk pairs? And that doesn't even take into consideration that its probably Gleason or Pitkanen in the box.
  2. re Skinner needing to grow: 5'10" 195 is not a small frame. Mark Recchi is listed at exactly 5'10", 195. Guys like Larose are weighing in at 180.
  3. The Canes did not 'fail to resign Whitney'. This is usually what happens in the trade or get nothing situations we see in florida and atlanta every year. They try to sign the player, and the player isn't interested. So they have to trade them or get nothing. This is not the same situation with a guy who appears to want to play in Carolina. Also, Ray is not Nic Wallin or Joe Corvo. If we lose Ray, that's a gaping hole in the lineup. He's in his late 30's, but he was 23rd in the league in scoring last year, and he's 48th this year. He's a top line winger you can count on for 70 points. So jeopardizing keeping him for a 2nd round pick and a prospect doesn't seem as sweet a deal.
  4. If JR trades Whitney to some other team, then Ray has to sit on his hands and pass on any extension offers until the FA period starts, and then hope that the Canes offer him something if he wants to play in Carolina next year. That's not exactly the ideal position to be in. Now, the canes will have his rights after the season, and will be free to add a year or two to the contract before the FA period. Stability, and an increased likelihood of playing where you want to play probably means a lot to him. If the Canes resign whitney for say 2 years, then the question becomes: would you rather have Ray for two years or a late second rounder and a prospect? Considering a team was willing to pay a 2nd rounder and a prospect to Ray for 2 months, and Ray's play has not been deteriorating, I think this could work out fine. The rest of the stuff is great. Plenty of guys who can be replaced or sometimes were even a burden being traded for decent picks.
  5. JR clearly agrees with Canes-in-7. He wants the team to go out there and play their best and hopefully win. But at the same time, he's shipping out Cullen, Whitney, Wallin, maybe Corvo. Because he wants to win next year and the years after more than he wants to win for the rest of this season . And while I'm sure he loves seeing the team pull together and run off a streak, if they were to start losing and get the Canes a better pick to help out in the future, that's okay too. Because the goal of moving from 14th to 10th pales in comparison to the goal of running deep in the playoffs. And the draft has become particularly exciting with the recent scouting abilities of the Canes. A lot of the moves involving guys under 25 have paid off extremely well for the team. Ruutuu for Ladd, Justin Williams for Danny Markov, Dennis Seidenberg for Kevyn Adams, Samsonav off waivers, Jokinen for a 4th rounder, Gleason for Jack Johnson. Pitkanen for Cole. With Sutter, Boychuck, Bowman, Tlusty, and McBain being the products of the last 3 drafts that are all NHL or near NHL ready already. Good things are happening as of late, and the prospect of giving more chips for JR to play with is an exciting one the way things have been going.
  6. The draftpick probably won't be a Cane next year. However, the team and hopefully the fans will be around longer than 1 more year. On top of which he has no real value to the canes the rest of the season as they are out of the playoffs, and there is no certainty that he will accept a deal from the Canes. So its keep him now and enjoy him for the rest of the season for show, or try to get something in return. I'm hoping Whitney was demanding the contract from the kings, because the kings aren't really a 'real' cup contender, and its across the country, and a pain in his +#% to have to go play there. But if Pittsburgh wanted him as a rental, a team that is one of the favorites to win the cup, and its not to far from his home, and then he can just be a FA after and hopefully find his way back into a canes uniform, its the best of both worlds. That's what I think JR is planning to try and do with Cullen. Rent him out for the rest of the season, and then bring him back to Carolina next year. Essentially getting a pick and a player for literally no cost to the organization.
  7. The team has been playing great in front of Peters in his first two, so that he hasn't had to make any saves he shouldn't have to make. That's the difference between Cam and Legace/Peters. Cam can bail out the defense going post to post or making glove saves on the forward who was left alone about 4 feet in front of the crease because Aaron Ward was off chasing a butterfly in the corner. Playing the backup more seems like a good idea, especially with Cam's newfound back problems. It would help if the canes could just be solidly in the playoffs some year rather than this endless ordeal of trying to squeeze in with a 20-8 finish to the season like last year. You want to rest your goalie, but they always seem to be in a position that every game is more or less a playoff game in importance starting in January. Back to peters though, the kid is big. And pretty mobile for his size. There just isn't anything to shoot at when he is square to the shooter. Hopefully we see a lot of him the rest of this year, and maybe he'll be the guy behind the Cam. Legace on the other hand looks a little too slow and he's only going to get older. I wouldn't want to rely on him to play 25-30 games.
  8. Joni plays 27 minutes a night. Ruutuu for example, plays 16 minutes a night. That accounts for a lot of the extra penalty minutes. And if you like Jussi Jokkinen scoring goals, you better like Joni Pitkanen, because he has an assist on just about all of them. It is crazy though that he can slap pass the puck tape to tape across the ice, but his actual shot goes all over the place.
  9. A big part of it is who's on his line. I think he was playing with Dwyer at C and kostopolous on the other wing last time around and he was invisible. Skilled wingers on a grinding line just doesn't work.
  10. Pitkanen and Gleason missed 9 and 8 games respectively I believe. Wallin missed 8 in there somewhere too. On a team with very shallow depth defensively, that is bad news. The 4 game run, we got samsonav and larose back and Staal back to 100% which meant we had 8 top 9 guys on our top 3 lines, which allowed for some scoring balance. We also played at home 3 of the 4 which helps a lot. As for the generic "Every team deals with injuries". Look at the other top teams last year who have their best players hurt. Boston? Savard, Lucic, Bergeron, Chara have all been hurt or out. The top team in the east last year is now out of a playoff spot. Zetteberg, Fillupa, Kromwall, Franzen, Holmstrum has Detroit in 9th instead going back to the cup finals.
  11. Staal was battling healthiness which led to his first missed games in years due to excessive health. Gleason missed 5 games in a row at the end of October. Pitkanen missed the beginning of October. Cole missed October. Ward missed November. Larose was playing banged up.
  12. I find it hard to believe anyone who watches a lot of hockey doesn't blame the resurgence on finally having Staal, Pitkanen, and Ward all finally playing and healthy at the same time. And when Larose, Ruutuu, Cole, and Corvo get back they are going to be even better. And if they trade away Whitney and Cullen, it will probably get worse. Its almost like having your best players healthy and on the ice is in some way related to the outcome of the games.
  13. remember when everyone was saying how "staal should have been on the wing all along." Don't forget that nugget of widely propagated wisdom.
  14. wallym


    Old man has looked pretty good the last 4 games. edit: Seems you made the same point much better simultaneously.
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