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  1. They also got another player named Ryan Dingle in that trade. I saw him listed as a Center and a right wing, not sure which position he plays. He played with their AHL team this year.
  2. I think mine is fairly obvious. I consider myself Justin Williams #1 fan. I have been a fan of his since Philly, he was my favorite on the Flyers and I was very upset when he was traded to Carolina . But I followed him here and became a fan of the Canes, now I will follow him to LA. I hope to be able to get some news about him now that he is so far away. I don't like their message boards and he is new there and they haven't been real kind. But I still consider myself a Canes fan, the team just grew on me. Unless they are playing the Flyers
  3. OMG!! The Pittsburgh players are losing it. Malkin, Kunitz and Crosby are all dirty players. What big babies, they can't stand to lose. Where's Bettman and Colin Campbell now?
  4. Bettman put the call into the refs and said the game was too close. He said the Pens needed to get back into the series, so they needed to call a penalty on Detroit to help accomplish that. As everyone else has said, the first interference call of the whole series, and a weak one at that, Pittsburgh scores and now we have a series. Way to go Refguins, way to miss that too many men on the ice too. What a joke!!
  5. I found this on another message board if anyone wants to read it. Yea, i know it's long but it's funny. Pretty good point of view from writer Jeff Passan. QUOTE DETROIT – The National Hockey League rule book spells out 87 rules and hundreds of sub-rules that govern its game. There is an 88th rule that goes unwritten: The league’s braintrust can invalidate any of the others, so long as it behooves their short-sighted and selfish interests. No group of management has so mangled its sport as the NHL, and its never-ending quest for redemption and relevance turned laughable again Sunday night following Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals at Joe Louis Arena. The league overturned an automatic one-game suspension handed down to Pittsburgh star Evgeni Malkin(notes), whose post-whistle elbow and subsequent fight with Detroit’s Henrik Zetterberg(notes) earned him an instigator penalty. Because Malkin’s antics came with 19 seconds remaining in the Penguins’ 3-1 loss that left them facing a 2-0 series deficit, it triggered Rule 47.22, which hands down the one-game ban to players who instigate a fight in the game’s final five minutes. It is a rule to prevent the kind of thuggery and frustration spilling that Malkin displayed. The punishment fits. Except in the NHL, which includes out clauses with its rules. This suspension can be reviewed by Colin Campbell, the NHL’s executive vice president and director of hockey operations, who certainly doesn’t have anything riding on Malkin, the potential MVP, no, sir, and wouldn’t at all let his decision be compromised by the quality of the player involved, no way, no how, because he is a fair and impartial jury of one, yes, indeed. And Campbell did review the incident. With the precision of an electron microscope, assuredly. The rule allows him to rescind the suspension based on “the score, previous incidents, etc.” Campbell determined that “none of the criteria in this rule applied to this situation,” and he went on to explain how. “Suspensions,” Campbell began in his prepared release, “are applied under this rule when a team attempts to send a message in the last five minutes by having a player instigate a fight.” And that, Campbell said, was not the case Sunday. Oh, what delicious wording. The Penguins may not have wanted to send a message to the Red Wings, who manhandled them with two season-long minor leaguers and a third-line center tallying their goals. Malkin did. His frustration boiled. The entire point of the fight was to send a message – that the Penguins were still around, and that they still had some fight in them, and that he was going to show it by beefing with a guy 4 inches shorter. In his first three years, Malkin has not once gotten a five-minute penalty for fighting. This was Zetterberg’s first fight in his six NHL seasons. These are two of the best players in the league, and even if it wasn’t a sucker punch like Scott Walker’s(notes) fist introducing itself to Aaron Ward’s(notes) face in the Carolina-Boston series – which, by the way, was overturned by Chief Justice Campbell, ever wise he – the rule is in plain language. Now, certainly the rule itself is questionable. That’s not the point. The worst kinds of rules aren’t the ones that make little sense. They are the ones levied willy-nilly, or even worse, enforced with favoritism. The NHL believes it cannot afford to lose Malkin, even for a game. Pittsburgh staying competitive is good for the league, which wants a long series and surely wouldn’t mind watching Sidney Crosby(notes) skate around the ice with the Cup hoisted above his head. Those versed in NHL justice consider this such a non-issue that they simply scoff at it, so familiar are they with those in charge of the league treating their own bylaws like some burden. It’s not cynicism if it’s true. Thirty minutes before Campbell’s ruling, Detroit coach Mike Babcock was asked about the potential of Malkin missing Game 3, and he said: “I don’t think anything will happen.” So that is how it works in the NHL. Face a penalty. Get bailed out. Everyone goes on with their merry day. The players know the rule because of its severity, and still, Malkin had no problem instigating. The scrum started around Detroit’s net after Pittsburgh center Max Talbot(notes) poked goalie Chris Osgood(notes), who had made a save. The Red Wings did not take kindly to it and surrounded Talbot. Malkin swerved behind the goal, laid into Zetterberg with a left elbow and kept goading him until the gloves came off and punches went in both directions. And he did this knowing that the league would never, ever suspend him. Players realize the NHL is weak in mind and spirit. It could, ironically, learn something about toughness from them. So they’re going to continue to flout the rule until Campbell or commissioner Gary Bettman or someone else steps in and abolishes it or enforces it. The league must make up its mind. If it agrees with the principle of the rule, live with its consequences. Otherwise, get rid of it and mete out punishment in its usual manner: devoid of logic and consistency. Next thing you know, the players will look at the book and wonder what other rules they can break. In fact, that happened Sunday. At the end of Campbell’s statement, the NHL made sure to include this chestnut: “NHL Hockey Operations also determined that Malkin should have been assessed a game misconduct for not having his jersey tied down.” Well, that’s grand. An unnecessary elbow. A few good punches. And the NHL is worried about Evgeni Malkin’s clothing. Like you’d expect anything different. http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news;_ylt=Aq1r...o&type=lgns
  6. I came on here to see what everyone's opinion was of the game last night and the non suspension on Malkin. You see, I am a Flyers/Canes fan and since both our teams played the Penguins and had to deal with the league bias, I thought I'd see if any Canes fans agreed with what the Flyers fans were saying. Well the consensus is "Yes" we do agree. When the Canes, who are the least penalized team in the NHL, got more penalties in their series than the Pens, I knew that this league turned into a joke. I love watching hockey but this league and Gary Bettman and his cronies are terrible.I agree with everthing in the above post and would love for Detroit to sweep the Penguins. I'm not even a big Detroit fan, I just can't stand the Penguins, i'm so tired of seeing their faces and all the constant talk about how they need to step it up and Crosby has no points and blah, blah, blah. "JUST SHUT UP" you stupid announcers!
  7. Doc and Edzo called todays(Wings/Hawks) game, with Pierre between the benches. So who will call the other series?
  8. I love the NHL dress code. The guys are so hot in their suits...lol. The NFL isn't bad, I don't think they need to wear ties but I see them in sport coats and nice sweaters. Now the NBA initiated a dress code a few years back and I think a lot of players balked at it at first.
  9. Harry Kalas died yesterday. He was the longtime broadcaster for the Phillies and also NFL Films. He collapsed in the broadcast booth before the Phillies game against the Washington Nationals. He died doing what he loved best. He was 73 yrs. old.
  10. Wow, it's great that the Carolina organization recognizes all season ticket holders. I am an 11 game plan holder with the Flyers and only the FULL STH get any perks, gifts, meet and greets, etc. We get nothing, no discount parking passes no gifts, no invites to anything.
  11. I know this post was a long time ago but my son is a car mechanic and went to Universal Technical Institute after high school. They have campuses in Exton, Pennsylvania(where he went), Orlando, Houston, I believe North Carolina, to specialize in Nascar, Phoenix, just to name a few. But who is supposed to work on your car if they are not trained properly. Cars are so complex nowadays that they need to know a lot more now than they did in years past. His friend went to Orlando for 6 months more of schooling just to specialize in working on BMW's. He now works at a BMW dealership and makes great money. Oh, and my son LOVES the Florida Gators and never went there and doesn't know anyone who did. It must be that national coverage of teams that gets them to be fans.
  12. Some people want to root for their team but don't want to jinx a certain player(trade) when they put their name on the back of the jersey. My son has 4 football jerseys and won't wear them when they player gets traded. That gets to be expensive. I have a friend that has bought two different players jerseys and both players ended up getting traded. Would you wear the jersey still if the player got traded?
  13. Justin did wear #14 for the Flyers but that does not look like him. His nose is different. I have followed him since his Flyers days, he is the reason I am a Carolina fan. I go to see him everytime they come to Philly. IMO, I don't think it's him, but I could be wrong. He wasn't the only one to wear that number.
  14. That sucks because I'm a fan from Philly who really can't afford Center Ice and would love to see more Canes games on TV. Even I can't believe all the Philly games. It looks like repeat, repeat, repeat with the same teams.
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