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  1. My quickly how we all forget a couple years ago.... Bubba was one of the equipment guys and filled in as a practice goalie for Camp Brindy and during the season as needed. You would always see him behind the bench at home games.
  2. I thought Justin had an Aston Martin and Ferrari. Bubba has the Black Lambo - No?
  3. They usually sell used equipment at the Carnival and sometimes have a sale at the Reczone. If you happen to see Wally at the Reczone - ask him. He'll let you know if and when they will have a sale. If you are looking for something specific - tell him and he'll let you know if they'll have any at the sale.
  4. I've got 3 LCD's - a 37" Polaroid in my bedroom which I love - the picture is great. I've got a 50" HP in my bonus room with the whole surround sound thing going for the movies. The HP was a deal of a lifetime - got it for under $2500 and it will hook up to my HP laptop. Picture is great as well. I have to say that my favorite is my 60" Pioneer in the living room. Of all the TV's that we looked at, this was the best picture, and I can honestly say I still feel the same. I love the TV. We looked at the Westinghouse TV's before we bought the Polaroid - just so happens I liked the Polaroid better. Westinghouse is a great TV - BTW.
  5. Usually at the end of the season Wally has a large equipment sale at the RecZone. You can find everything at the sale from skates, to sticks to goalie equipment. If you go over to the RecZone during the day you can find Wally there sharpening skates for people. You might want to ask him when the next sale is.
  6. First post here!! Last season I saw a black Lamborghini. Who does that belong to? Also, I saw Whitney leaving in a black H2. I thought I heard that Stillman had a Bentley (courtesy of his 2004 cup bonus) - does anyone know if that is true? I remember thinking that Markov had the best car when he was here - a G500 (Mercedes) One other thing - I remember that O'Neill bought an old beat up Bronco one year after he couldn't go anywhere in his Mercedes after it snowed. Makes sense since it snows SOOO much here! (Hockey player logic)
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