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  1. I was just about to post those stats. I'm surprised Carolina isn't higher up on the list. Monday nights are usually always somewhat dead, no matter what venue you're at.
  2. Hahaha, I hate to see the Rags winning. But then again...they're in the Flyers conference Yeah, someone from the Philly board hooked me up with that link and it's amazing. He actually watches the feed in Sweden, I believe.
  3. http://myp2p.eu/''>http://myp2p.eu/' target="_blank">http://myp2p.eu/[/post]
  4. Since it's not on here, I found a place where you can watch Philadelphia's CSN feed from a live sports streaming website... (or any game, really)
  5. Will Lindros himself even remember? That's the real question here.
  6. I just moved here a year ago, but before that, I had been following Brind'Amour's career since I'm a Philly fan, and used to be in love with Justin Williams as a teenage girl (the thought of that makes me lulz). It seemed like a bunch of our guys ended up here and then I got into the Cup run, and was so thrilled when they won.
  7. Ah...I had uploaded it from my computer instead of using a link. Does that matter?
  8. What about a disappearing userpic in my information? It's under 50kb and I uploaded it when I first signed up...but poof, now it's gone.
  9. I'd love to take one but I don't wanna feel like a creepster going alone...
  10. If it doesn't work out you can always go to Logan's Roadhouse They have the best big bowls of chili.
  11. I moved here about a year ago too! I'm from Delaware/the Philly area and my stepdad's from Johnstown and is obsessed with the Steelers.
  12. Hello! I'm Ashe or Ashley. I enjoy hockey, football, animals, a good cup of tea, discussing politics, cities, and good friends...maybe a drink or two. I can't say I'm an active canes fan (though they've always have been my 2nd favorite) but I'd like to become one. I try to stay interested in the team- probably because I'm from Philadelphia and grew up a flyers fan and that's where Brindy ended up. Anyway, I feel like this is way too long for a picture thread so...there ya go! Also, I just recently moved here and don't have anyone to hang out with. Which sounds kind of pathetic! Anyway, it's also just nice to chat with new people :]
  13. Hey there! I've been lurking for a little while now...but I guess it's time I start actively posting. eta: moved my little intro to the introduction thread :]
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