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  1. Game is now showing up on Fox Sports Carolina 50.
  2. It states on the Hurricane's web site that the game will be on FSC HD which is channel 272. When you look at the cable guide at 8PM is shows SIGNED OFF. Hopefully come game time that will change, otherwise, sports bar here I come!!! I'm surpirsed it is not on FS 50.
  3. We are STH lower level and during the 2006 7th game of Canes vs Oilers everyone in the lower bowl was standing for the entire game. I am not sure what was going on in the 2nd and 3rd levels. It was incredible!!
  4. EVERYONE WEAR RED!!! Stand the whole game, be loud and proud. Let's bring the house down and show the boy's what a 7TH MAN is all about. WHATEVER IT TAKES!! GO CANES!!
  5. CALLING ALL CANIACS!!! We have to be the 7th Man. Be loud and proud tonight. Help pull these guys through. GO CANES!!!!
  6. Sell out crowd. Think back to game 7 against Edmonton for the Stanley Cup win. Loudest house in the NHL and fans stood the whole game!!! We can do it. GO CANES!
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