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  1. yes, it is one of our claims to fame...... the pens and detroit are the only two teams to ever give up a 3-0 lead. and you cant seriously tell me you have tried penguin before???
  2. im thinking the linesman would have been ok :-)
  3. i think the respect is still there..... just not during play. you rarely see a$$-clownery when the series is decided. but up until then, its war.
  4. oh it is by far the worst officiated professional sport. but it is also the fastest thus more difficult to officiate
  5. i agree mostly. but every player on every team face washes and hits after the linesman have stepped in. to single out malkin is just silly. i am having fun watching this series though........... like how both teams never stop
  6. he has already been removed from the site
  7. not sure which crosscheck you are referring to.... but im sure you saw bayda's crosscheckon letang. as far as malkin punching while the linesman held larose....... i dont recall if he had his gloves off or not. if he had them on, then roughing was all that was warranted.
  8. kind of like the weird uncle you only bring out at family reunions
  9. on behalf of pittsburgh.. i apologize for him
  10. i hope you were talking about rude barrasso and not me :-) i have not, nor will i be rude :-)
  11. i assure you i was not starting anything. i just defended malkin's actions.
  12. not gloating at all sir....... just dont whine about malkin sticking up for himself.
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